My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


8. I Love You

Taylors POV:

I was brought back to reality when Louis shook me. "Taylor, what were u going to tell me once you brought me over here, you zoned out!! Who r the tatoos about?" "Oh um yeah um itisaboutharrycuzistillluvhim." "Wait did you say Harry??" he turned around and looked at all the boys and turned back to me. "You know he loves you too!!" He said loud enough for them to hear. They all except Louis looked at Harry and he looked at me. "LOUIS!!" I screamed in him face "Oh sorry did I say that out loud love, well I know he loves you and you love him!!" He turned around and went back to the boys and Harry walked over here. "Is it me??" "Harry its always been you I have always loved you and always will!!" "I feel the same way!!" "Harry!!!! Just kiss me already!!" I whispered and he went for the kiss. When we kissed there were no Sparks........THERE WERE FIREWORKS!!! When we finally pulled away all the boys were there except Louis. "WHERES LOUIS??!?!" "He left, something about true love waiting and ruined." "What??" "Taylor." "What Harry??" "Louis H.........H......He.....He likes you to." "AND NOBODY BOTHERED TO SAY ANYTHING TO ME, THAT'S MY BESTFRIEND, HE'S BEEN THERE FOR ME, WE KISSED BEFORE, HE HAVE MAD EVEN FUCKING LOVE BEFORE AND NIALL YOU NEVER BOTHER TO FUCKING TELL ME OUT OF ALL PEOPLE!! WHERE THE FUCK IS HE AND YOU BETTER TELL ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!" "He went to the bus!!" I ran and ran to the airport and when I got there I saw Louis by the tour bus crying. "Louis, please talk to me, they told me everything." "Do you love me??" "What do you mean??" "Taylor Alexis Horan, I love you, do you love me too???" "yes I do" I walked closer to him. "I Love You!!"
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