My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


4. I Love You

Taylors POV:


"Louis maybe we shouldn't be doing this, I should atleast break up with Harry first but I love both of you but I.....I........I don't know who I love more, I need to go talk to Harry." "Ok love." I walk out and walk over to Harry's when I hear kissing and giggling. I barge in and see Harry with another girl. "So Harry, is this what you have been doing while I wait to share a room with you again. Harry I Love You. OR ATLEAST I LOVED YOU. ITS OVER!!" "Its not what it looks li..." "IS THAT ELEANOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOUIS WON'T WANT TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!" By that time I could tell all the boys we're behind me because I could hear all them gasp and Louis crying. "ELEANOR ITS. OVER." (I love Eleanor, but my friend told me to do her so like Louis can be single to ya know but I love Eleanor and Louis together) Louis runs off in the direction of our room and forgot the key so hit himself against the door and slips down to the ground. Niall and Zayn go to comfort him and me and Liam stay there in shock by Harry. I pull Liam over by the other door and talk to him. "Liam you we're the only 1 NOT surprised by this, did u already know??" "I I I yes." "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!" I whisper yelled. "Because I din't want to hurt you." "Why I need to know this stuff!!" I looked around and nobody was in the hallway anymore. "Because Taylor, I love you, I have loved you since I first saw you on the beach, I have wanted to b with you, and seeing you get hurt by something I told you, just would hurt me to much." "Oh Liam thats so sweet!" I found us bith leaning in for a kiss but I did't stop. Im single, me and Louis aren't official yet so I dont give a shit! Then our lips touched. Our lips moved in perfect rythem. Sparks flew. It was amazing. We kissed for a while then we heard a door open and pulled away like nothing happened. "Im glad I have a friend I can talk to about this!!" Then I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. I walked over to me and Louis room "Hi Niall!!" He must of been the 1 we heard. "Hey Tay Harry told me to tell you hes sorry about everything and to say he wants second chance." He had just walked out of Harry's room. I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek "Tell him that I said its never going to happen, I have moved on!!" I yelled. "Sorry for yelling at you, I never ment to!!" "I ran off to me and Louis room. When I went in I saw Louis in his bed watching The Last Song. "Louis why are you watching this??" "I would like to watch a movie where somebody gets happy ending!!" "OK well can I watch it with you!!""Yeah but and you lay in your bed, I'm not in the mood to cuddle!!" "Sure"

A Week Later:


"Hey Taylor want to go to dinner!!" "I would love to Liam!!" Me and Harry haven't talked since and I don't want to talk to him, Harry trys to talk to me though!! Me and Liam are kinda going out now and me and Louis are just friends even though we have feelings for each other. "Hey Taylor, Liam , Wanna go to that new club downtown??" "We we're in houston right now and it seems pretty cool. We just got there, we came from Dallas> "Sure!! Liam can we go there insteade. Please??" "Sure y not." All they boys and me went. It was Liam driving who was next to Zayn, Niall in the middle seats next to Louis, and of course im in the very back next to Harry!!! "Tay can you please talk to me, I never wanted to hurt you, love please!!" "Louis can I have some gum??" "Sure Tay, wait I forgot it." All of a sudden Harry starts sing She's not afraid . and soon we are at the club

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