My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??



Taylors POV:


"NO YOUR NOT, I was just mad that i wasn't the person you luv and want to b with." He looked soooo sad but I did what i had to do. "Well thanks to you, and with the help of Justin, I decided I am not going to date a guy for a whole year." "Wait u and Justin r talking again??" "Ya we r friends now." "Louis," I turned to Louis who still looked hurt. "I am sorry i hurt you and I don't want me to b the reason yall fight, I want us all to be friends." "Whatever" I saw Austin out of the corner of my ete and looked in that direction (directioner joke) and motioned for him to come when it started raining. When he got here gave me his jacket. "Lets go, we need to catch up" "Bye guys, so Austin, what brings you here??" I looked back and waved at the boys when Austin hooked our arms together and Harry got stiff. "Austin hold on 1 sec." "k" I walked over to Harry and grabed his hands and looked into his eyes and pulled him into an ally where nobody would see us.



When we got there I kissed him so passionatly. "We will be a secret, I just can't stand not being with you!!" I said "Me neither!!" When we walked out we hugged and I said "Ok so thats why its better to stay friends." I ran to Austin and walked off. -2 HOURS LATER-


"Harry you finally came." "Of course so what do you want to do." "You know what I want to do Styles" We kissed and made out for a while and he started to get serious. When I woke up we were both naked in my bed but we had slept a whole day!!! When I got up I fell and twisted my ankle and yelled. Harry got up and rushed tome "Did you break anything??" "No I just wanted to wake you up for this" We made out on the floor and he pushed me against the wall.



I woke up next to the naked Harry Styles like I always do every other day but I didnt feel so well. I ran to the bathroom and got sick 3 times. I got out 5 pregnency test and took them and they all said yes. I told Harry and he yelled at me and I went for a car ride. I see a flash and next thing I know I am upside down and being pulled out of my car.


Harry's POV:


I got a call from the hospital and answered "Hello Mr.Styles' "Yes thats me" "Yes Taylor has been in a bad car accident and we need you to come down here,  she keeps asking for you." I started crying. WHAT ABOUT THE BABY!! "BOYS WE R GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, ITS TAYLOR!!" They rushed down and we went to the hospital. I ran inside and to her room. A doctor was in there "IS THE BABY OK!?!?!?" I asked "Mr.Styles I am sorry but the baby didn't make it." I cried my eyes out and felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Louis, OH NO!!! "What baby, Harry??" OH NO!!!!!

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