My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


12. Bye Love!!

Taylor's POV:


I could hear people but i couldn't see them. I couldn't pen my eyes. IM IN ACOMA!! I heard the doctor talking to trhe boys so I listened. "I am sorry but the baby is gone." I heard Harry crying and Niall talking so I listened to Niall. "Is she going to be ok??" "Well she is in coma and we don't know when, or if she will ever wake up. She can hear you and feel only her waist up, we numbed her legs because she broke 1 and we need to get going with the surgery so yall need to move!!" I felt the bed moving and heard them talking but when i got to the room I fely tired and blacked out.



I finaly started to hear again and Louis was talking to me. "Harry told me that you and Justin were having a baby and that you told him in the ally but it is gone now and I am soooo sorry but I love you, i always have and even if it means I half to wait a year or even 2 then I will take it just I want you to know that I have always loved you." I heard the door open and Harrys voice in a crying way. "Louis we are leaving now, i don't want to but the tour and we must leave and pack!!" I have had enough it took all the stenght I had but it worked. "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" "TAYLOR!!!" Harry screamed. He ran over and kissed me and I kissed him back but then pulled away. "HARRY WHAT WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!" Then I slapped him and smiled. I noticed that Louis must of left "Sorry Harry!!" He kissed me again and eventually he pulled away. "I am sorry but I half to leave for the tour but its easier to leave knowing that ur ok love." "Ok, go I will be fine and we can video chat every time we can without the boys knowing ok??" "OK luv u bye." He kissed me 1 more time then left.




That week I got out of the Hospital once I got home, I skyped Harry and he answered instantley he answered but all the boys were there "Hello love" they all said together. "Hey so hows the tour so far... Oh sorry let me take this" It was Justin "Hey what!!!.....OMG WHEN......perfect I will b there tomorrow!!!" He asked me if I wanted to be in  his music video and all the 1 after that!! "AHHHHH" I screamed. All the boys looked at me crazy!!! "AHHH IM GOING TO BE IN JUSTINS BOYFRIEND MUSIC VIDEO AHHHH THE MAIN GIRL AHHHH!!" "Good for you Tay" "Well igtg bye Harry luv yall!!!" "Bye Love"

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