My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


13. BoyFriend

Taylors POV:


When I got back home, I changed because Justin told me he got me a modeling appointment. Man I love him!! WAIT!!! Do I love Justin?? No thats crazy!!! While I was getting dressed I must have pressed a button on the computer because when I was taking my shirt off I herd Harry whistle!!


"OH GOSH HARRY!!" Good thing it was just him but then he yelled "BOYS SHE CALLED!!" They were all there in 2 seconds. "Soooo Tay what r u doing thats sooooo important that you called me while u were undressing??" "It was an accident and Justin got me a modeling thing and the music video is great." "Cool what do u have to do??" "I half to act like his girlfriend or like a girl hes trying to get." "Uh cool so what r u modeling??" "I don't know actually but i need to get dressed. " "Ok then get dressed, you don't have to b afraid to change infront of us, 3 of us have already seen u naked anyway." "Bye Harry I love yall bye." I ended it and got ready. Right when I finished Justin came He brought me to Victoria Secret. He keeps acting weird like he keeps flirting and doing things for me, does he like me?? Do I like him back?? No I don't I like Harry!! They told me I would b in a commercial and I was so happy. They had wind blowing on me and I had to walk out. I got it right on the first try. "Good thank you very much, we will call you when you need to come down here to the studio!!" "Ok thanks!!" I was soo happy, until I ran into Austin there. "Hey Austin""Hey when did you start modeling you're to ugly for it you know." "Oh im sorry big head I didn't relize you and your fat ass would b here since your so fucked up, you can't ever find your keys in your poket.""Wait where r they??" He started freaking out until I held them up. "Your to easy." I walked off to change, man since that big fight we hated each other. I got into Justins car and he drove me to 6 flags!! "Why r we here??" "Duhh I wanted to treat u to a 6 flags afternoon." It was all fine til the camras started flashing.



We were on a rollercoaser when I saw the Prazzi (I like calling it that) . I was scared to death so I was huging Justin. When he brought me home he hung out and we watched E News and the announcer said "You won't believe who we saw with justin at 6 flags today cuddling on a roller coaster, Victoria Secrets newest modle, Taylor. They have dated before but didnt work out could she be giving him another chance. She has dated Harry but that was a while back but apperantly they all r friends again." I started to cry!!! "I have an interview with them tomorrow and tell them we r just friends K??""PLEASE!! Hey also tell them I have a BoyFriend."

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