My Little 1D

Taylor loves Harry but she also loves Louis but when a secret comes out, will they all fall, or will it be easier to choose who she loves more??


6. 1 Month Later

Taylors POV:

"Hey babe wanna go out sometime hey why don't we go out now" "GET AWAY FROM ME!!" "Come on baby, I can treat you better than this gay band ever will" "I SAID GET AWAY AHHH DON'T TOUCH ME!!" me and the boys r friends now and they were doing a concert while I walked outside for some fresh air and this creep comes up to me and tries to have sex with me!!! Talk about eww!!!! "Baby you know you want me!!" "AHHH DON'T TOUCH ME GET AWAY AHHH AHHH GET AWAY CREEP GET AWAY, PAUL!!!!!!" Nobody came and I was being touched by this weirdo!! "HELP HELP GET AWAY FROM ME!!" Next thing I know he was on the ground. I had stabbed him with my pocket knife and didn't realize it, I just went crazy on him and didn't remember. And dropped the knife and fell to the ground and cried. I cried for a while until I heard the back stage door opened. I knew it was them but I didn't bother to look up. When I finally looked up the guy was gone and so was the knife and there was no blood on the floor at all!! Am I going crazy?? They all came rushing towards me and Harry got to me first. "What's wrong!!" "The man, he was dead, blood, a knife, he was trying to, he was right there, D D D DEAD!!" "What, what r u talking about??" "LOU, I was standing there and a guy came up and was trying to mess with me and next thing you know I stabbed him and he was dead, RIGHT THERE, but now he's GONE!!!!"

********************************************2 weeks later****************************************************
I flew to my dads the next day after that and I am now single again cuz Justin cheated on me with a Victoria secret model and I have been in my room since then. My friend Katherine is always here during the day ans she helps me get through it but the thing is I started smoking and drinking and cutting again because even Katherine does it so we like do that and I ave probably got out of the house once to go get some beer and cigeretts. The boys are flying in tomorrow but I don't want to c them anymore cuz I know what theyr going to say and I'm so tierd of all of them...... But Louis cuz he's hot and I have so many feelings for him
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