niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)


7. up all night(WARNING SEX SCENE)

Zayn's POV

"Zayn i wanna go to the club" "why?" "to get drunk, have fun, do stuff ive never done." she said whilst winking at me and bitting her lip. "Ok lets bring the boys and vanessa" " ill call them well her then she can tell Niall and then he can tell the boys" " or we can just go back to the flat because your not in club type clothes" "true ok lets go but ill text Vanessa cause i dont know where shes at but shes with Niall"

she came out the bathroom with a skin tight red dress with black pumps. "you look... there arn't even words to explain "Thank you Zayn, you look good too" she sat down next to me and grabed my hand. I looked at her and smiled "WHOOT LOVE BIRDS!!!!!" louis screams from the other end of the couch. she laughed and kissed me roughly. "OK NOW ITS GROSS GET A ROOM!!!"

Harry's POV

What he has is what i need. I want Ebony bad shes so butiful. her hair the way her curves look in that dress. I NEED HER.

Ebony's POV

We got to the club and the smell of weed, achol, and smoke filled the room. I drank a sex on the beach lux. And grabed Zayn and pulled him to the dance floor. Sweet love by Chris Brown came on I started grinding on him and he grabed my waist.

**1 hour later**

"Babe im going to bed" i said winking at him so he knew what i ment. I grabbed my shoes off the floor them my phone and my purse and went to Zayn's room and turned to look at him "yeah me too" I smiled and walked in the room and bolted the door behind me. and walked toward Zayn. "I want to feel your Mega Malik in me" "Ebony your still young it will be to much for you" "Zayn, ha ha you are so cute, im a big girl now " i say sarcasticly and make a kissey face. i backed him into the wall and droped down to the floor. i pulled down his trousers and palmed his mega malik through his boxers. he let out a moan that made a smile dance on my lips. I pulled down his boxers and his huge erection slapped up to his chest.i took his length in my mouth he let out a groan. "Now its my turn" he picked me up off the floor and carried me bridal style. he helped me take off my dress he took of my under garment and stopped to admire my body. he kissed my chest my stomach and went down. he stuck to fingers in and i let out a soft moan. i saw a smile apper on his lips.he started to gain speed, i moaned his name. he licked my clit and got even faster and i said his name even louder. i bit my lip to keep it in."dont coverv it up i want everyone to know who makes you feel this good." "ZAYN!!!... I WANT ALL OF YOU IN ME NOW!!" he pulled out slowly and put his tip at my entrace  "Fucking tease" he let out a little chuckle and fast plunged into me."ZAYN!!!!" "FUCK EBONY YOUR SO TIGHT" he thrust in and out in and out after a while hes thrust got sloppyer and slower  "ZAYN IM GONNA CU-" he let out a groan and rolled off. he held me in his arms. and i put my arms around his waist." i love you Ebony." "i love you too Zayn. 

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