niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)


10. the mall

Vanessa's POV

"Niall i thought we were going to the mall?" "Ok get up.... hurry jump go get out walk away" "OK DAMN NIALL WHY ARE YOU IN SUCH A RUSH!!!" i got up and walked to the room and Niall let out a groan. i turned around to see why hes groaning, but he just smiled so i kept on walking. i put on my clothes and did my makeup. "You ready babe?" i heard Niall say from the living room. "yeah!" we got in the car and went to Nando's and met the boys Danielle and Elonor there. "Babe i thought it was just Ebony and Zayn" "I did too" he said whilst walking twords everyone arguing about where their going. "SHUT UP!" Everyone instantly got quiet. "We are going to the mall and thats final... BUT AFTER WE EAT!!" Niall said whilst running into the doors. "how many people are with you?" the man at the stand said table for nine, so well a booth i guess" Niall told the man. the man took us to our table we ordered our food and talked for a while we paid for the food and started leaving to the mall.


Niall's POV

Vanessa and I looked at clothes we got matching shirts. Vanessa's said"You mad bro?" and mine said "I aint even mad thoe". we went into a porn shop. she pointed to a dildo "i wanna try one of these" she said whilst picking it up. "Are you trying to turn me on" i said whilst picking her up brida style. "im not finished with you, you can still walk." "NIALL PUT ME DOWN WHAT ARE YOU TAL-" i cut her off and put my hand over her mouth. we got to the car and i put her in the back seat. i kissed her softly but passionatly. i trailing love bites down her neack. "Tisk tisk tisk, these are gonna have to go" i said whilst pulling at Vanessa's clothes. she nodded to tell me to take them off. i colapsed her bra and sucked her left boob, using my other hand to play with her right boob. i gave the right boob the same treatment as the left. she let out a little moan which made me smirk. i put my hands on her hips and straddled her. i pulled down her pibk lacey underwear to her ankles. i put my tonuge on her clit and looked up at her. "Fucking tease, Niall eat me" she bit her lip and groaned. with that i stuck my tonuge in her. i took my tonuge out and plunged two fingers in her she gasped. i started pumping in and out getting faster and faster. she started groaning violently and buckling her hips. "Niall get in me" i did as i was told. i took off my boxers and plunged into her "NIALL!!" she flipped me over so she was on top now and started to ride me. she kept moaning my name loudly.

Vanessa's POV

i was ridding him and i felt him start to twitch inside me. "Niall im gonna c- c- cumm!!!" "me to babe"  i felt his warn sticky juices fill inside me, and instantly i came. "Shit babe, that was amayzing."i know!!!" Niall pulled on his clothes as did i. he jumped out the car and stared at me. i moved my legs but it was so painfull."OWWW!!!" I screamed and Niall looked at me and smirked. "job well done" he mummbled under his breath. "Huh?" "nothing" he said trying to help me up. "OWWW!!! stop just stop it hurts to much" "ok i can carry you?" he said whilst picking me up and putting me on his back.  he put me on his back. i heard giggling and started to feel the tention bild up. Niall spun around fast almost making me fall off. we saw all the boy plus Danielle, Elenor and Ebony standing by the car giggling and snickering. louis ran up to Niall and whispered in his ear "Good job" Niall gave him a thumbs up and chuckled. "What's all this good jobing and chuckling about!?" i said pulling his ear. "OWWW EH EH STOP THAT HURTS!" "NO, TELL ME NOW!!" "Ok..... You can't walk.." "soooo...." that means i did my job right" "oh... so me being in pain after sex is a good thing?" "Yep" "oh ok. HEY ARE WE LEAVING OR ARE WE GOING BACK IN!?!?!?"." In" Ebony said whilst running to Zayn. Niall walked into the mall tickeling my legs.


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