niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)



Vanessa's POV*    ***NEXT WEEK***

I ran down the hallway trying to get to my class in time. I ran to the class as soon as i got in the door the bell rang. "shit" i mumbled under my breath "your late Ms.Gonzalez!". Mr.McGlorii said as he grabbed a detention slip from the corner of his desk "i know," i played with my hands in a nervous way. Mr.McGlorii handed me the detention slip . "come on Mr.mcGlorii, it's the last week of school." "But not the last day you still have time." he smirked at me evilly. "ASSHOLE" i mumbled under my breath. " what was that? should i make it two hours ?" i sat down in my desk. "No" he went on with the lesson. when the class was over i went to P.E . "the boys have a interview tonight, you gonna watch it?" (Y/N) said to Ebony as they walked up to me. "or do you have front row seats"! (Y/N) joked "actually i might just be appearing on the show" Ebony said very rudely, i know she didn't mean to be rude she just wanted to piss (Y/N) off. we got to P.E and changed Me,Ebony, and (Y/N) were walking when Brianna and her friends came up to me. "OMG! Vanessa i love your shirt" i rolled my eyes knowing that she was just acting to like me cuz she saw the pictures of me, Ebony, and the boys at the mall. "what do you want?" "i just wanna be fri-" i cut her off. "save it bitch!" she looked at me like there were flames in her eyes "I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!" she screamed at me i smiled at her and started laughing. "bitch try me" Brianna's jaw dropped. "oh sweetie, close your mouth you'll catch fly's" Ebony said laughing, we walked away and went to check in, so (Y/N) and Ebony could get a volleyball. While i put the net up. "aye bitch!" Brianna called out from the other volleyball court. I ignored her cuz "bitch" is not my fucken name. She threw, the ball at me and it hit me in the back. "bitch you think you gonna get away with that shit!" "yup" she said smiling "IM GOING TO FUCK.YOU.UP!" Ebony and (Y/N) ran up and grabbed, my fist. "What the hell Brianna" (Y/N) said pullng out her phone. "see this?" she said showing her pictures of me on Niall's back."yea, and?" Brianna said playing with the hair over her sholder. "This Will Ruin You" she said pointing at the phone. 

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