niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)



Vanessa POV

"Niall, i want to take a nap!" "Vanessa, look at me, you are drunk it is 12:45 you want to go to sleep" he said whilst pullling up a drunk Vanessa. "Niall i wanna go home can i go home?" "Vanessa just stay here with me you can sleep in my bed" he picked Vanessa up bridal style and caired her to the bed. " You are so good to me" "Well i love you" "I love you too, Niall honey, can you do me a favor?" "Yes love?" "Can I have a shirt to wear to sleep in?" " Oh yeah ermm here" he said whilst pulling one of my shirts out of the drawer. "Thanks babe" i  stripped to my bra and undies and put on his shirt wich was like a dress on me cause he was alot taller then me. he crawlled into the bed and patted thhe spot next to him. i crawlled in the bed next to him he kissed my cheek and i snuggled him. "Good night Niall" "good night Vanessa" and with that we both dozed off.


***NEXT DAY***

"Wake up gourgous!!!!!" Niall shouts whilst brushing his teeth. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE" i said pulling the pillow over my head. "But if you don't you can't go shopping with me Zayn and Ebony."  i sighed and rolled out of bed. Niall just finished brushing his teeth. "Niall can you take me to my flat i have no clothes" "yeah come on" he said whilst grabing his keys.

Nialls POV

We got to Vanessa's flat and she grabbed my hand and ran in. "Slow down" i said whilst holding on to the door nob. "Why?" she asked with a confused look on her face.  "Because you need to take a shower and get your clothes" "But i want you to help." "Vanessa you don't know how to take a shower?" "Oh I know how to take a shower, but i need help picking out my clothes." "Ok come on." i said whilst walking to her room. i opened the door and walked in. she walked to her closet and pulled out four shirts. " wich one?" "Babe we are just going out to eat and then the mall." " Oh ok" she said whilst walking to her dresser. "well the weather is nice today" she said whilst looking out the window. I walked to her dresser and open up the bottom drawer and pulled out a star bucks t-shirt and some shorts. "How about this?" "Yeah but these shorts will look better cause this shirt is really long" she said whilst holding up some high low shorts. "Ok, now go get in the shower"

Vanessa's POV

**KNOCK KNOCK* "COME IN!!" "Babe can i join you?" Niall said whilst stripping. "sure" i said whilst looking at his huge erection slap to his chest. " Well some one's been thinking about me!" i siad whilst laughing. Niall's face turned red, and he picked up his pants and put them in front of his penis. "come on" i said and pulled Niall in the shower and kissed him pasionatly. he cupped his hands around my boobs and started to play with them i let out a small moan and started trailling kisses down his neck and made sure to leave a couple of love bites. he lifted me up by my bum and i rapped my legs around him. he pulled back and thrusted into me and i bit my lip not to let out a moan. "Vanessa no let it out as loud as you can i want everyone to know who makes you feel this good." he said whilst whispering in my ear. he wasnt all the way in me so i buckled my hip to get him all in me "NIALL I WANT ALL OF YOU IN ME!!" and with that he thrusted all the way in " NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!" "FUCK VANESSA!!!!"  His thrust got faster hiting my g-spot every time. 
"NI- NI- NIALL!!!! IM GONNA C- CUM!." "ME TOO HOLD ON" "Niall i can't hold it in, on three, ONE, TWO, THREE!!!!" we both climaxed i unrapped my legs from around him and slid down the wall. we both layed on the shower floor for a while. "Vanessa, i love you." "i love you too"

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