niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)


14. I hate this part!!


Zayn's POV:

"We were in the van, on the way to the JohnCarloShow" we drove past Vanessa and Ebony's school. I was looking out the window when Louis shouted. "Is that Ebony!?." I looked out the window searching for her when all the boys started laughing. "I made you look". Louis joked. "It's not funny." I frowned and got out my phone. "Zayn its really Vanessa and Ebony!" Niall screamed "PAUL STOP!!!" paul stopped the car Niall rolled down the window. "Vanessa! Ebony!" Me and Niall stock our heads out the window and waved to all the beautiful, crying,and screaming faces. I put up the call signal and put it to my face. "Zayn and Niall! get back in your seats were gonna be late!" paul yelled at me and niall. I looked at niall and he rolled up the window. I picked up my phone off the floor and texted Ebony. 

Ebony's POV:

"Did that really just happen? or am i just having zayn withdrawl?" i asked vanessa. "yes, cuz i just saw niall with zayn" she said whilst she got in the car. "oh." i said  "you said you wouldn't be such a badass when we moved." I told vanessa confused "some things are hard to change..sorry." 


I finished my homework, and changed my clothes. "Vane!!" I screamed to vanessa "what?!' she screamed back. "where's the laptop?" "I have it" she said, I ran down the hall to vanessa's room. I jumped on her bed and looked at her and smiled. "So at the mall.... You and Niall in the car, how was it.?" I said poking her cheek. She turned and looked at me. "Are you asking me about my sex life?" "Yes! I am! I'll tell you about me and Zayn.... Please!" She started laughing. "'s was awesome, we were in the store and i guess i turned him on cuz he came up to me and through me on his shoulder and brought me to his car, and we... did... it."  my jaw dropped. "he must be huge! she looked at the computer and back at me. "your nasty! and why would you think that?" she asked awkwardly. "you couldn't walk, that's why." she started laughing again. "He is... but i couldn't walk cuz, we did the shower too." I looked at her disgusted. "Go clean the shower!!!" "ok damn" she left. I got my phone and called Zayn. "are you guys there yet?" "yeah we'll be on in a little bit." "Kay" "bye" "bye". I hung up the phone, and started scrolling through twitter  when i saw a tweet that said "damn #viall." with a link, i clicked the link and a picture of niall eating vanessa through his car window popped up. "Ew Ew Ew Ewwww!' I scramed, as i snap shot the picture, and loged out of twitter. I turned on the tv and changed it to channel 5. "five boys,you all love them... One Direction!" the host said as the boy's walked in and sat down. "how are you guys?" "Great, happy to be here." Louis said smiling. they talked for a while about tour and fans. "so you all have girlfriend's right?" John carlo asked. "no, im single" harry said raising his hand. John carlo started laughing. "your kidding right?" "No" harry said awkwardly. "oh" he paused "well are you crushing on anyone?"harry smiled "yeah" "who?" liam said confused. "i won't say her name but she's watching this." he looked at the camera and winked, john looked at zayn. "is this your girlfriend?" he said pointing to the picture of me. Zayn smiled. "Yes it is, her name is ebony" she's a hot one!" all the boys started laughing except Zayn. "now niall is this your girlfriend, this is her?....Yes? No?" he said looking up at the picture of vanessa eating ice cream niall smiled "yeah. she's the love my dreams." Everyone in the crowed "awwed'. "how cute" harry said clapping. "what's her name?" john asked. "vanessa" niall smiled  "they fell inlove insistently! it's funny cuz we caught them in the car, all the boys were high-fiving him! "liam said laughing. "NIALL!" john paused 'why in the car?" "urmm?" niall started blushing. *** They sand kiss you, then the show ended vanessa walked out the bathroom and sat down "done,did they come on yet?" she asked me as i looked at her even more disgusted then before. "why are you looking at me like that!" I pulled out my phone. "i found a new screen saver, it's vary interesting picture, wanna see?" she looked at me confused i showed her the picture of her and niall in the car. "WHAT THE FUCK EBONY!!!!" she screamed at me. It's not my fault i found it on twitter! yeah they call you and niall viall. interesting huh?" vanessa's face turned red, she stormed out of the room. i heard the house phone ring i ran to the kitchen and picked it up. "hello" i said way to perky. "wow someone's happy to hear from me!. i heard a deep raspy voice "who the fuck is this!?" "calm down ebony, it's Ian." i screamed "oh my god Ian why are you talking like that? and how did you get my number?" i sat on the couch. "mum gave it to me,it to me, when are you coming back to london?" i rolled my eyes. "Never! i hate it there i don't ever wanna go back!" tears fell down my face remembering all the horrible things that happened. "ebony mums really sick.." i got up and started walking to the kitchen counter. "oh... ill talk to her, but im not coming back.sorry."the sound of him crying hurt me,but i just can't go back. "I-Iam sorry for bothering you" "w-" I got cut of by him hanging up on me. I got up and put the phone down. I walked into my room and grabbed my old boxing gloves. i grabbed the keys from the top of the tv. I opened the door and slammed it behind me! 


"Ebony! Your back, you haven't been here in like forever!" (Y/N) said passing me on a helmet. "here to fight?" she said smiling, i nodded. she passed me the the key to my locker. I walked to my locker,to change into my a sports bra and basketball shorts,I put my mouth guard in. I punched my left glove then my right to make sure they wont fall off. I thought i was winning. But once her cold boxing glove hit my face and I fell to the ground,I realized I wasn't undefeated anymore, but what will everyone think? as I drifted away i could hear everyone "oh my goding."


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