niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)


5. hair cut





Zayn's POV

We got to the beach and i got serounded by girls i looked to my left and then my right but i didnt see Ebony. After an hour i got away fom all the fans to see the bored, Butifull face of Ebony. I bit my lip and walked up to her. " Hello Butiful " she turned around fast and smiled "Hey"  her smile turned into a frown and she looked down. i put a finger on her chin and lifted her face up to look at me. i bent over a little bit and kissed her but she still had a frown on her face. " Zayn, what if your fans want to break us up, will u still stay with me? " " why wouldnt i? " " because you left me for an hour with your fans. " she said and looked at the water. " Ebony, look at me " i said whilst running my finges through my hair as she turned around to look at me. " I love you " she looked at my and a smile danced on her lips " i love you too, its just my mum said that your fame would get inbetween our relationship i have always tried to make my whole life the way she wanted it my clothes my boyfriends my friends. and my hair honestly i dont even like my hair like this but its the way she wanted it. i want to get it cut, well shaved but theres to much on my shoulders i have to much stuff to do i dont ever have free time because i have to work, clean, shop, and im still in school. "

" EBONY YOU HAVE TIME RIGHT NOW LETS GO GET YOUR HAIR CUT!!!!! " " But Zayn we're on a date we an do it tom-" " Well can finish our date at the hair cutty place thing " " Ha ha ha ok lets go " **SO C- C- COME ON YOU GOT IT WRON-**

Ebony: " Hello"

Vanessa: "Ebony are u still at the beach"

Ebony:" no we're just about to leave right now "

Vanessa: " TO "

Ebony:"  to get my hair cut well shaved kinda "


Ebony: " I dont care im 17 i can take care of myself i have my own flat i have a job i paid for school i dont care let her be mad "

Vanessa: " you have a point my mum got mad when i did it but who care's, now where gonna be twins hahaha have fun!"

Ebony:" bye "

Vanessa:" bye "

i hung up and saw a smiley Zayn " what? " " i heard that " " heard what? " this he took his phone out his pocket and dialed a number then looked at my pocket as my phone rang **SO C- C- COME ON YOU GOT IT WRONG TO PROVE IM RIGHT I PUT IT IN A SO-O-ONG I DONT KNOW WHY YOUR BEING SHY** " MMMHUUU " "thats been my ring tone since that song came out "

Ebony's POV

For the rest of the ride to the hair salon we talked about our chilhoods. " HA HA HA " " EBONY ITS NOT FUNNY " " YES IT IS " a frown walked on his lips so i bit my lip to stop from laughing. " sorry " "its ok " " i love you" " i love you too come on" i walked in the hair salon and walked up to the woman and asked if she shves hair and she told me to go to the back so i did as she said.

**15 minuets later**

Zayn's POV

The door swung open and a happy butiful smiley face walked out and ran her fingers through her hair at first i didnt see what she did to it then she pulled it to the side " You look butiful, well you always do but this look really looks good on you " "Thanks babe" she looked so happy. she put her arm around my waist and i put my arm around her shoulder. As we walked to the register for her to pay i heard her whisper " this was the best date ever"

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