niall finds the girl of his dreams vanessa but her bestfriend ebony gets married with zayn and cheats on him with harry will he find out or will she tell him...? (warning sexual scenes in the story)


1. am i dreaming


its my first book so if its sucks then sorry 


i was at my flat with my best-friend ebony we were just watching one direction on YouTube they are our idols we loved them since they started on the x-factor we will watch them everyday me and ebony just wish to see them at least one day in are lives so we looked for tickets to go see them but they were all sold out so we just sneaked in there concert but in the backstage room they finished singing WMYB and went backstage we go to meet them and talk with them and i fell in love with niall and i can tell that he was flirting with me because he said soo nice and romantic things to me and even he shared his chips with me and he never shares his food but he says if i share food with someone means that i think that their special or i have a crush on them.  

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