Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


1. The Incident


“Take one step closer to me and I’ll shoot her” 

At that point I stopped breathing; I could feel my heartbeat pound faster and louder. The cold metal of his gun dug into my left temple as his right arm loosely hung around my waist restraining me from running.

Less than forty five minutes before I was held hostage, a man came into the Citibank on 1st Avenue he was an average man, tall, light brown hair, pale complexion, and light brown eyes. He wore a beat up brown leather jacket over his plain black shirt matched with worn jeans, construction boots, and his face red from the cold. He smiled as people passed him and they smiled back he looked like the type of man who you would have casual chit-chat with while waiting for a teller, but he wasn’t. I was doing my weekly routine; getting up for school walking two blocks to take out money from the bank for my weekly expenses then I would walk another three blocks to The Brearley School, an all girls private school in Manhattan, New York. I had done this routine every Monday for the past 2 years since I moved to the city and not one day was ever like this one.

I stood in line waiting behind a frail old woman. It was taking longer than usual for a typical Monday morning, the man who was currently at the teller was arguing about some check that had bounced leaving me and the other people in line awkwardly waiting as he continued to raise his voice at the poor woman. That’s when he came. I felt a shadow cast over my body and I turned around to see who the person was that stood behind me.

“Good Moring.” the man said as I turned to face him.

“Moring.”  I replied to him with a half smile.

“Oh you go to Brearley, that’s an excellent school.”

I looked down at my uniform glancing at the schools emblem that was placed over my heart, a shield with an eagle in the middle, I looked back at him “Yea, it is a really good school, I like it a lot.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I’m thinking about sending my daughter there. She’ll be a freshman next year.”

“If she decides to go there she’ll definitely love it, the teachers are really nice and its small each class is only like fifty students. It’s nice”

          “Next in line” the teller said with a sigh of relief

 “It was nice talking” I politely said to the man that was behind me.

“You too, oh wait once sec.” That’s when it all happened. He grabbed my waist, spun me around, and a cold object was then placed at the side of my head, I screamed not knowing what was going on. My screams were followed by the screams of the other thirty people in the bank that morning. He watched as the teller reached for the panic button that lay hidden under the desk, and then shot her. He just shot her! He removed the gun from my head and shot the poor woman in the left shoulder she instantly fell to the ground, his actions were followed by the screams and cries of the people and I just was stood there in shock, the blood was draining from my face, I started shaking.

          “Anyone else makes a move like hers and I’ll do the same to you!” he shouted. “Everyone on the floor in a line! Remove your cell phones, wallets, keys, everything from your pockets and take off your jackets and throw them in front of you!” I stood their motionless as he dragged me with him as he put the piles of the people’s belongings in a pile in the corner and locked the front door. He then dragged me to the ground as he took all the valuables from the pile.

 “Don’t move, or you’ll get a bullet in your head.” He said to me his eyes staring at me as if he could see right through me.

Ten minutes passed and the sound of sirens and helicopters surrounded the bank. I felt a wave of relief that was soon replaced with fear as he dragged me back to my feet and placed the gun in the familiar spot on my temple.

“Shit” he said under his breath. He walked over to a pillar that hid him from the doors but gave him a clear view of the police that were outside.

“ Everyone stand in front of the doors!” The people did as they were told and barricaded the entry doors from the police. He dragged me back to the center of the room and looked out to the people guarding the door. A man stood at the door he reached his hand down and unlocked the door.

    “Now see that stupid move that man made?” he screamed in my ear and caused everyone to turn their head but remained in their position.

“Now because of his selfish move this girl is going to die!” he cocked the gun smiled at me and raised it a few inches from my temple. At this point I didn’t know what to do then besides what I saw from Hawaii Five-0. I closed my eyes and with all the power I had I pushed his arm that was holding the gun from my head back behind me and elbowed him in the stomach. My actions were followed by a loud bang, screams, and the police running in.  I opened my eyes and it seemed like time had stopped then I turned around to see the man that stood behind me was laying motionless on the floor in a pool of blood.




“Mairead sweetie wake up.”


I woke up out of breath and covered in cold sweat.

“Sweat heart did you have that dream again?” my aunt asked as she pulled me into a hug.

“Y-Yes” I stuttered catching my breath.

“it’s okay peanut, he’s dead now he can’t hurt you.” 

She was right he was dead. Three weeks had passed since “the accident”. I still didn’t understand why they called it that I wasn’t in a car crash, I was taken hostage and had a gun held to my head, that was no “accident”. Since then my parents decided that the city wasn’t a safe place, and they moved back to Jersey and they decided that it would be better for me to go live with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, Aaron who were out to visit us for Christmas vacation when “the accident” happened. After Christmas I packed everything and moved to Bradford, England I still had two weeks until I started restarted my senior year at Tong high school with my cousin. In the mean time my uncle got me a job two blocks from our house at a local shop working the cashier, the store was small it had all your necessities along with a morning coffee stand, to-go lunches, and candies. I worked Mondays, Tuesday’s, and Wednesday’s from 3-7. It wasn’t as bad as my last job at the daycare in the city.

I looked at the clock that was next to my bed and it said 8:15 

“it’s 8:15, I’ll be late!” I said as I shot up out of bed grabbing my uniform and heading to the bathroom.

“sweet heart, you have study first you don’t have to be in until after then” She said with a chuckle “but I’m glad your excited.”

“I’m not excited, its school. I just want to get all the stuff I need and know where everything is”

I got dressed, did my hair and makeup, packed my bag and an extra bag that contained my work clothes and waited in the car for my uncle who on the way told me where to go to get the rest of my schedule and locker information. I headed up the school path and into the front office.

“Hi” I said the old woman that was seated at the front desk.

“hello there darling how my I help you?” she replied with a kind smile.

“My name’s Mairead O’Neil I’m just starting. I was told to pick up everything here.”

“ Hello Mairead, welcome to Tong high school, were glad to have you here. My name is Mrs. Zeal if you need anything don’t be shy. Here’s a map of the school to help you with your classes and this is wher-“

She was then interrupted by the principal who opened the door that was followed by a boy with tan skin, jet black hair styled in to a quaff, he had both ears pierced, and his white dress shirt that was underneath his maroon blazer was un-tucked and his khaki pants were slightly wrinkled. 

“ Fight on the first day back to  school and its only 9:15 in the morning, new record Zayn.” He said dryly

The principal noticed we were standing their listening to their conversation and he stopped and introduced himself.

“ Hello you must be Mairead the new transfer student. My name is Mr. Hadley I’m the Vice principal, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Do you need help finding your classes?”  he said with a big smile

“Um I think ill manage but to start me off which way is room 209?” 

“ you know what, Zayn instead of detention today why don’t you show Mairead where her classes are rather than spending the rest of study fighting? Sounds good” he said and we both nodded in agreement. “Great!”

Sweet Jesus was all I could say in my head, this is just fantastic. 





Zayn’s P.O.V

“He called me a fag,” I protested to Mr. Hadley.

“So you shove his head in the toilet and almost drown him?” he said in a firm questioning tone “Instead of taking matters into your own hands, you should have just came to me. That would have been the mature and right way to solve this problem. Zayn you can trust me.”

“Well he called me a fag because he found out I do choir, and I’m pretty sure that’s bullying and it’s probably against the law. Why would I go to you anyway, I would be a snitch? You think being called a fag bad how about a flaming snitch, that’s even worse. I just taught him a lesson, he won’t say anything else, he already apologized and everything’s resolved so I don’t see why I have to be in here.”

“ Oh Zayn, I don’t know what else to tell you besides that what you did was wrong even if he did start it you should know better than to almost drowning a kid in a toilet. Plus it’s very unsanitary he could catch like herpes or whatever other sexual diseases you kids have going around now a day’s” he said with a sigh followed by a small grin.

To be honest I liked Mr. Hadley. He was one of the few people at this school that actually thought I was a good kid. Based on my looks everyone thought I was the school bad ass. Yes my ears were pierced. Yes I had a quiff. Yes I do have three tattoos. And yes I do have an unhealthy smoking habit. But besides the smoking I’m a good kid I’m in all above classes I do mostly well in them, except history, and I’m also in the school choir. People just labeled me based on my looks, which I really didn’t mind it kept people from starting shit with me and leaving me alone.

 I wasn’t a complete loner I had a few friends but only one really close friend, Aaron. He moved here from Omaha, Ireland first year at Tong High. We instantly became best friends since he moved a few houses down from me and we were placed in most of the same classes. Once we started spending most of our time together our parents meet and they became good friends. Ever since first year we have been inseparable.

 “Well Zayn,” Mr. Hadley said opening the door and motioning me to get up “you know the protocol, detention in room 201 after school.”


“Yes really, you’re lucky that’s all I’m giving you. But if Mark comes back with a sexual disease I’m bringing you back in.” he said with a small laugh. The funny thing is he probably wasn’t joking.

“Well it’s not like I gave it to him,” I joked back at him

“Wow,” he said as he looked at the clock and stepped out of the office me following behind him, “fight on the first day back to school and its only 9:15 in the morning, new record Zayn.”

I laughed with my head down and then I turned to face the door, that’s when I saw her.

She was short, 5’3 at the most, skinny, light brown hair that was curled away from her face exposing her ears that were full of piercings, she had hazel eyes with blue and green specks in them, her skin was the type of skin that was pale in the winter but probably got really dark in the summer, her uniform was just like the rest of the girls white long sleeve polo and maroon plaid skirt that hit just a few inches above her knee cap. She was really pretty and unlike the other girls here at Tong. She looked natural and her face wasn’t orange or caked with makeup it was clean and simple.       

She and Mrs. Zeal were talking and turned mid sentence to face us.

“Hello you must be Mairead the new transfer student. My name is Mr. Hadley I’m the Vice principal, if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask. Do you need help finding your classes Mairead?”  Mr. Hadley said as I saw her looking at me and both of our faces turning a shade of red.

“Um I think ill manage but to start me off which way is room 209?” 

“You know what, Zayn instead of detention today why don’t you show Mairead where her classes are rather than spending the rest of study fighting? Sounds good” he said and we both nodded in agreement. “Great!”

“Bye Mairead!” Hadley yelled before closing his office door. 

I walked over to her and walked to the door politely opening it for her and she followed.

“Thanks!” she said with a big smile.

“So um you’re Mairead?” realizing after I had said it, how stupid of a question it was.

“Well don’t you catch on quickly? I mean he only did say my name like eight times, haha” she replied jokingly.

“Well aren’t you a funny one, here let me see your schedule.” As I said this she passed me the piece of paper she was holding as we walked down the corridor and I examined her schedule. She had four classes with me English, History, study, and gym.

“We have English, world history, study, and gym together. And your locker in the west wing which is the next hallway, not bad it’s close to the cafeteria and the gym.” I said handing her back her schedule.  

   “Oh cool. Thanks a lot, you really don’t have to do this you can go back to study I’ll manage.” She said

  “Not a problem, its fine really I don’t mind. I really don’t want to go back anyways, this is better than sitting in a class.” I told her with a reassuring smile.

We then stopped at her locker and I waited as she put her books lunch and bag of clothes.

“What’s the bag of clothes for?”

 “I have work right after school, so I bring clothes then I get changed there.” She replied

“Where do you work?” I asked her as she closed her locker and we started walking down the long hallway again.

“Someone’s nosey. I work at Jimmy’s Corner Store if you must know.” She said teasing me. I was being nosey but I couldn’t help it.  

“Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you, I was just curious.” I was a little embarrassed and felt my cheeks going red.

“Zayn really its fine I was just messing with you.”

 That’s when the bell rang and she was off to environmental science.

“I’ll see you at lunch right, you can sit with me and my friends if you don’t have anyone to sit with.” I offered

“Sure, thanks!” she said as she walked backwards down the hallway then turning back and disappeared into the sea of students.   

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