Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


9. Chapter 9


“Is that the last box Cath?” I asked as we had finally finished unpacking. This summer went by quicker than I could imagine, with Zayn off at The X-Factor, Aaron left three weeks later. That left Catherine and I with nothing to do for two months. But most of our time was consumed by us making our schedule for college and our dorm. We asked to room together under the circumstances that we would have another room mate. We didn’t mind as long as she wasn’t a psychopath. Zayn kept in touch with us and his family for the first four weeks because he was scared and homesick. After he was rejected as a solo artist and put in a group with four other boys by Simon his phone calls became shorter and shorter and finally they stopped. We were all happy that they were doing well and we continued to vote for them every week.

“I think so, should we wait for our other roommate until we pick our beds out and finish unpacking?”

“Yeah, wanna go run and grab some food before she comes? I’m starving.”

As soon as we were about to leave we opened the door to find a short girl standing their juggling two boxes as she fumbled with her key. We quickly grabbed the box that was about to fall from her and walked back into our dorm.

“Hi I’m Paige.” She set down the other box and this gave us a chance to take a good look at her. She was a few inches taller than me, but that still wasn’t much, she had incredibly long dark brown wavy hair that went down to her waist, skinny, tanish skin, and light brown eyes, she also had a British accent.

“Hello Paige, I’m Catherine and this is Mairead.” Catherine introduced us, probably because she knew I would have said something completely crazy. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I just get bored so easily and its funny to watch Cathy get red and freaked out. Like last week I wanted to go ice skating and Cat wasn’t so good so when we were getting off a little boy that was standing next to her started crying because he didn’t want to leave. So being the ass I was I shouted “Catherine why did you push him!” It was safe to say Cat and I are no longer allowed in that ice rink.

“Paige we were just heading out to grab a bite, want to join us?” I asked her.

“Sure I’m starving. The car ride here was terrible we were in all sorts of traffic from Doncaster and the ferry was no fun, and I’m still waiting for the rest of my boxes to get dropped off, today is just not going good, arggggmep” she said making an unusual sound at the end that sent Catherine and I in to a fit of laughter.

“Sorry, I’m really weird.” She said shyly.

“Don’t be we’re as strange as they get.” Cat replied as gasped for breath and Paige’s face lit up again.

We went to a local Chinese restaurant that was a block from the campus, it only took us the second week of school to realize that was our midnight binge eating and late night study Chinese restaurant, and they soon knew our orders by heart and our room. We were debating on whether or not to give them a spare key to our dorm building, but we found out it was against the campus rules.

Paige quickly bonded with us and soon knew all she needed to know about us, that included “the accident” and Zayn. We lovedBronwyn Conroy, and we were really good at it as well. By November we were put together as a styling team and worked even better than before. We each had our own parts that made us completely compatible as a team. Catherine and Paige worked on makeup and hair, and I worked on styling outfits and hair as well. By December we were picked out of the whole department to go to London fashion week to work on models. It was an amazing opportunity only one group from Conroy was selected to join them and was given recommendation to the top companies as well. Since we were in London around the same time as winter break we were able to spend Christmas with our families in England. It was the first time since we started we were able to see them again. Zayn wasn’t joining us this Christmas because he was still on The X-Factor and he and his band, One Direction, were doing an amazing job. No matter how busy we got at college we always managed to watch and vote for them. Once my dorm found out Zayn and I were friends I got our whole dorm building voting for the boys. We also watched the video diaries that they put up as well and from what I could see was that these boys were exactly what he needed, they were funny, weird, and amazing singers just like him. I gathered with my aunt and uncle and Catherine and her family over at the Malik’s. Paige would be coming later. Aaron was still in New York and was spending Christmas with my parents who still disapproved of my choice in college. I reconnected with the Malik’s and met more family members that were unable to contain their excited emotions for Zayn.

After fashion week we returned into the next semester and were forces to take a business and marketing class. I thought it was legitimately going to kill us, if we passed this class our styling team would be able to graduate by June 2011, which was in six months; and we would be able to actually work with top companies. We had many offers but they weren’t local and we were only able to attend the ones close to college an those included weddings, fashion shows, and we even got to style Kelly Clarkson who was shooting a music video at campus. The business class was scheduled for March that gave us three months to prepare. By the time the test came we were nervous and hyped up on three cups of black coffee. In order to graduate early we would need to score at least a 1170 or higher our of 2000. The results would be available at midnight that same night.

            “Paige you look.”

            “No you check first.” Five minutes later we had finally got the courage to check the website. We read down the names and by Catherine’s name were 1192, Paige scored a 1196 and I had scored a 1197. We passed we couldn’t believe it. To celebrate our success we got dressed and headed out to the local pub to celebrate even though it was a Tuesday night we didn’t have our first class until ten o’clock. There were a few people their but none from college just your typical old Irish men. After a few shots we were told the owner and six other older men of our success and they happily took shots with us and bought us drinks. It wasn’t until two in the morning we were finally safe in bed. we all woke up the next morning with massive hangovers and swollen feet.

            “Who’s Fine and Dandy Dean?” Paige said as she scrolled through her phone as she rested her head on the kitchen table and I poured us coffee. Cat was still asleep and we knew not to dare to wake her.

            “Um I’m not entirely sure. Wait was the one with the eye patch and the tractor?”

            “No that’s Big Sean, Is he the guy with the horse.”

            “Oh right!” As weird as it sounded we had a lot of fun partying with old men last night.

            The rest of the year went quickly we just needed to take our final examinations and then we would receive our diplomas, given to us personally by the head master. As soon as we received them less than a week later we were getting calls from big companies asking us to appear at photo shoots or a opening for a new store. At the end of June we earned enough money to buy a flat in London, we had a week with no clients so we each took a vacation to officially celebrate or graduation. My parents and I were going to the Bahamas. Catherine and her family were going to Paris; and Paige and her family traveled to Rome.

            One Direction were also on the road to success even though they had not won X-Factor they came in third; but because of their dedicated fandom they premiered on many radio shows and talk shows. They were getting bigger and bigger and I couldn’t be any prouder of Zayn. I haven’t actually talked to him since Christmas but it was a brief phone call and of course I sent him a text congratulating him on his recent achievements I was in the middle of a fashion show when I heard the news and couldn’t talk during the moment or else I would have called him. During my vacation in the Bahamas I received a phone call from Trisha, it was so nice to talk to her I haven’t seen her in a month and wanted to see me before I went back to work. She offered to pick me up at the air port when I returned.

            “Mairead! It’s so good to see you! Look at you, you look so tan; and I was beginning to think you never saw the sunlight!” she teased. “How are Paige and Cat?”  

            “They’re good, Cathy is in Paris and Paige is in Rome they get back tonight.”

            “Are you picking them up and staying in Bradford?”

            “Yep, how’s Zayn and the boys?”

            “They’re doing so well, actually they’re coming here in two days I was hoping you would stay and surprise them.”

            “Of course! I would love to see him I haven’t seen him in so long.”

            “I was just talking to him today to see what time his flight was getting in at from Sweden. He says he misses you too.” She gave me a sincere smile.

            “Why don’t me and the girls surprise them at the airport and pick them up.”

            “Sure, want to borrow my car?”

            “Well Cat, Paige and I we’re going to pick up our car we just bought for work, we got a big SUV, so I think we’re good.”

            “Alright, remind me when I get home to give you their flight information.”

I later picked up the girls and we returned back to the Malik’s who offered us to stay at their house since my aunt and uncle were in new you visiting Aaron. The next morning we picked up our new company car and went to do some errands. Tomorrow we would be surprising the boys. We woke up at ten to get ready; the boys would be arriving at one. We dressed for the warm weather, Catherine had on a blue crop top and black converse and dark denim shorts, Paige had on a stripped quarter sleeve white and red shirt with navy shorts and converse, and I had on a salmon colored loose tank with white shots and flip flops. I made a sign with their name on it and we waited at the side of the gate exit. We got their just in time their flight landed and waited twenty minutes before I saw five boys walk down the empty corridors. They walked right passed us and kept walking in the opposite direction.

“Hey dip shit where do you think you’re going?” I yelled to him. He stopped dead in his tracks, followed by the other boys who looked at him with a confused look.          



Zayn’s P.O.V

            “Hey where do you think you’re going dip shit?” I heard a familiar voice say; and I stopped dead in my tracks. Was that who I thought it was?

            “Zayn, you okay mate?” asked Liam, as he and the other boys turned around.

            “I think that girl over there is trying to get your attention. She’s holding a sign with One Direction on it. How could they have possibly found us management sent out a rumored tweet saying we would be arriving here in three days?” Harry said in shock.

            “I say we just run to the food courts and hide. In the kitchen; and eat food.” Niall said.

            “No wait,” It had to be her she was the only one who ever called me that.

            I started to turn around and there she was; standing next to Catherine and another girl a few inches taller than her. I dropped my bags right where I stood and ran to her. She threw her sign and ran to me with open arms, god she was adorable. Once we got closer she jumped up and landed in my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist. We both screamed with excitement.

            “Zayn! I missed you so much!” she said kissing my cheek.

            “I missed you too babe!”  I swung her around backwards and tripped over our bodyguard, Paul’s, luggage. Oh shit this ship is going down, I though, and that it did. Within seconds we were on the floor laughing.

            “Mair, you can’t have sex on the air port floor, have a little class.” Catherine joked, and Mairead’s face turned red. Niall over heard this and laughed and the boys came closer and joined us.

            “Hi I’m Niall. I’m from Ireland, like you.” He said extending a hand towards Catherine and winking at her.

            “Catherine, nice to meet you.” She replied flashing a smile.

            I helped Mairead up as the boys introduced themselves.

            “You must be Mairead, I’m Harry,” he said flirtatiously and getting uncomfortably close to her. “We’ve heard loads about you.”

            “Harry, what about Caroline!” Lou shouted and backed him up. Thank god for that.

            “Hi I’m Louis, nice to meet ya babe.” He said as he engaged her in a hug.

            “Hi, Louis, this is Catherine and Paige, they’re my best friends and business partners.” he did the same to the two other girls but lingering his hug with Paige; a little longer.

            “Hi I’m Liam! Lovely to meet you, I’ve heard wonderful things; glad to finally meet you.” He said politely to her and hugged her.

            “And this here is Paul, he’s our bodyguard.” I introduced him, and he gave a polite wave as he helped load our suitcases in a small car.

            “I think we’ll need to call another cab.” I said turning back to the group to find that only Mairead was standing next to me and Niall, Liam and Catherine were engaged in a conversation and so were Lou, Harry and Paige.

            “No, you’re mom told them I would be picking you up and they would follow. Were going back to Bradford for a few days and then Paige, Catherine, and I are going to go move into our new flat in London, so we’ll have a few days together.” She said smiling at me.

         “But, what about college?” I questioned her. I haven’t had a proper conversation with her since last August, so I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on with school and everything.

            “I’ll explain on the way home, guys we’re going to get going now.” She called back at them and watched Niall and Lou race up to her, leaving Catherine and Paige.

            “Yes, they’re single.” She said not giving them a chance to ask the question.

             “Munchkin, why don’t you drive, Lou was just telling me a story, and I want to hear the end?” Paige said throwing the keys at her and climbing into the third row seat and sat in between Harry and Lou.

            “Cath, do you want to drive?” she offered her.

            “No its fine, I was just telling Niall about Mullingar, did you know he’s from their too! How crazy is that?” she said climbing into the second row and seated in between Liam and Niall.

            “Well I guess I’m driving.” She said as she went over to the driver’s side and adjusted the seat to fit her height.

            “Mair! Come on I’m hungry! Trisha is barbequing!” shouted Cat.

            “It’s not my fault I’m vertically challenged, plus you drove here and messed with the seat.”

            “Sweetie, just get in the vehicle.” She said in a voice you would use to speak to a child, and flashed Mairead a devilish grin.

             “So Catherine, Paige, why are you moving to London?” I asked as I turned around to face them from the front seat.

            “Well after the second semester at Conroy, we were put together as a styling team and put through an elimination fashion show, where you compete for a chance to be picked to go to London fashion week and we won, and then once we got their all these companies stared to contact Conroy saying they wanted us to join their team or to be at their photo shoot, then finally at one point the head master brought us in and sat us down saying that if we passed the business portion of the year we would be given special privilege to graduate earlier.” Paige said.

            “So we graduated a few weeks ago, and we just bought a flat and a small studio for client meetings and workshops, were still going over our layout with our lawyer and contractors.” Cat added.

            “Oh my god, wow, that’s amazing! Mairead, why didn’t you call me to tell me?” I asked shocked at her.

            “Well when I talked to your mom to tell her you were doing really well and constantly on the move, getting yourselves out there, and I just didn’t have time, sorry.”

            “No it’s fine, I understand” I said a little disappointed.

            “Where in London are you moving, so we know where to go for the big house warming party?” Harry asked.

            “Hammersmith.” Paige replied.

            “That’s only, what fifteen minutes away from us, with traffic?” said Liam.

            “Aw that’s cute, you guys all live together?” Catherine said teasing us.

            “I don’t mean to impress you or anything, but I have my own room, with a mini fridge.” Niall flirted with her; and nudging her; causing Cat to burst out laughing.

            “So Harry who was this Caroline Lou mentioned earlier? Is she you’re girlfriend?” Mairead asked glancing in the rear view mirror at him.

            “She’s his 32 year old mistress.” I replied, trying to contain my laughs.

            “Is that even legal?” Paige asked in shock.

            “Most likely, no.” Lou said teasing his best friend.

            “Guys she’s a nice lady.” Harry protested.

            “Harry I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be referring to her as a nice lady, it sounds like you’re talking about your mother. But whatever floats you boat is fine with me, as long as she has you tucks you in and reads you a story before bedtime she’s good in my book.” Cat said trying not to laugh and sending the whole car in hysterics.

            “Mairead, can you turn up the radio?” Niall asked as he started to dance like a mad men, and the whole car joined in including Mairead, who was still driving at this point, scaring us every so often as she kept both hands off the steering wheel for long periods of time. We finally reached my house. It was so nice to be home. I ran inside and embraced my family in a big hug; Paul parked his car in the driveway that contained our luggage.

            “I have the guest beds set up; I hope you won’t mind sharing beds with each other.” My mum ushered us upstairs to show us the rooms.

            “Perfect, Paige and I will share one!” Lou said half serious as he snaked his arm around her waist and winked.

            “NO! Paigey Poo is mine!” Mairead said hugging her friend and slapping him away.

            “I think it would be best for the girls to share a room anyway.” My mum said as she walked back downstairs to finish cooking dinner as we all gathered in my room and sat down.

            “That’s cute, you guys have pet names for each other, what were they again munchkin and Paigey poo? Ehmmm heeemmm flamers ehh hhemm” I teased at them.

            “Really you wanna play the flamer card Zayn?” Mairead said with a devious look on her face, oh shit, she got me, I thought. “Alrighty then. I’m Bradford Bad boy Zayn, Yo!” she said throwing up the deuces. I felt my face getting red and the whole room started to laugh.

            “Bradford Bad Boy Zayn? What!” Harry said gasping for air.

            “Mairead, I don’t even say that anymore.”          

             “Zayn, it’s the fact that you used to call yourself that.” Mairead said.

            “Can we go check on food I’m starving!” Cat said

            “I second that.” Niall said.

            We all headed down stairs to join my family outside on the patio. It was exactly the same as it was the last time I was here, which was night of graduation. I couldn’t believe how long ago it was. We all enjoyed our hamburgers and hot dogs and the embarrassing stories my grandfather was compelled to tell. After everyone decided to go to bed, Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, Cat, Paige, Mairead, and I, wanted to stay outside and enjoy the beautiful July night, and just sat and talked. By eleven we were all tired and went us to get ready for bed; that was chaos, we only had one bathroom to share between us and it was in my room. Liam and Niall slept with me in my bed, since it was bigger than the guest bed while Louis and Harry took the guest bed, it’s always been like that since X-Factor, we were all really close.

            “Hey Cat.” Niall said sitting on the edge of the bed and watched as she walked into my bathroom to brush her teeth, leaving the door open so she could talk to us.

            “Hey Nialler.”

            “So what are our plans for tomorrow maybe you and Mairead can show us around? So we can do a bit of shopping.” He asked trying to hide the fact that he really fancied her, he was doing a horrible job at it. She nodded in agreement and rinsed her mouth and checked her reflection in the mirror.

            “Don’t worry you look cute.” Niall said as they both blushed at his comment.

            “Thanks, not to bad yourself,” she gave him a wink and said good night and left.

            “Oh my god did you see that she said I was cute, or was she just saying I was alright, or was she just saying that because I made her awkward and she wanted to leave? Why did I say that mate?” Niall said frantically.

            “No she, thought you were cute too, calm down, I think she likes you too, you should ask her out.” Liam said calmly to him, this settled him down.

“So Zayn, when are you going to tell Mairead you love her.” Niall asked innocently.

“We’re just friends Niall.”

“Mate, come on now, we saw you two in the air port, you clearly love each other. You should tell her.” Liam said, normally what Liam said was right, he was the person to go to for advice and he always knew what to do. I guess he was right.

“I’m tired. Maybe.” I replied turning on my side away from them.   

“Atta boy.” Liam said with a tired laugh.

We finally went to sleep.


Once we all managed to get up and get dressed, we all piled back into the girls SUV and headed into town for a day of shopping. It was quiet since most people were on vacation or at the shore during this time of year. We went to a few stores and the girls helped pick out outfits and then finally it was their turn. So we faithfully followed them into the stores and sat down on the couches outside the changing room to serve as a panel of judges for each outfit. Catherine was first to go. She tried on a few simple tops that were immediate yeses, and now she had a dress to try on.

“I’m not sure if I totally like it guys.” she said from inside the dressing room.

 “Just come out Cat.” Paige said. She opened the door and came out in a short black and silver Maltese strapless dress; that went to her mid thigh.

               “Yes, you look amazing! You need to buy it, or else I’ll buy it!” Niall shot up from his seat and practically screamed.

            “Niall, why would you wear a girls dress, just curious?” Paige asked as she sat back down on the arm chair of Louis seat and he instantly pulled her down onto his lap. From what I could tell from the past few days, they were adorable together and Lou even said how much he liked her, it was in just a matter of days that his and Niall’s balls dropped and got the courage to ask Cat and Paige out.

            “No I mean for her.” He said and sat back down.

            “Alright, I’ll get it.” She said and Paige went in next and tried on various tops and shorts that all looked good on her and then she tried on her dress.

            “How about this?” she asked stepping from the dressing room and stepping out in a tight one sleeve white dress that went to her mid thigh and brought out her tan.

            “Yes!” everyone said in unison.

            “Poo you’re a hotty.” Mairead said with a funny face.

            “Mair, your turn!” Cat teased.

            “ugh fine.” Mairead tried on countless pairs of tops, shorts, and skirts, and finally it was time for her dress.

            “Sweet baby Jesus.” We heard her say from inside.

            “Come out Munchkin!” Paige called, and finally the door unlocked and she showed us her dress.  She was wearing a tight red dress covered in lace and with a sweetheart neckline with long sleeve lace sleeves, and a scoop neck cutout in the back.

            “You look sexy munch.” Paige said with an air kiss and a wink.   

            “Get it.” Harry and I said at the same time.

            “Harry how’s Caroline?” I asked him giving him a look as if I was about to kill him, and quickly looked back down at his phone.

            “Yes.” we all said. Liam came from behind a corner holding up three floor length dresses in mucus green color that looked like it had a turtle neck and long sleeves attached to it, they were actually hideous.

            “How about these instead, more conserving.” He said with a precious smile.

            “Liam, what the hell?” Paige said, not know what to say to his dress choice.

            “Well, if I was your fathers I would want you guys to be a little more conservative of what you wear, you never know what could happen at clubs, you start dancing with a guy one thing leads to another and next thing you know he’s pressuring you in doing something you don’t want to. Then you could get pregnant or an STD, and die.” Me and the boys found this hysterical as the girls just stood there awkward as I watched my friend give them the sex talk, “or you could just be walking home and out of know where a man in a white, black, or any color for that matter van stops you and asks you to get in and if you say no god-“ he was then cut off by Mairead.

            “LIAM! Go wait in the car!”

            “But I’m not finished telling you what the man in the van would do!” he said in a stern tone.

            “Go wait in the car, we’ll be out in a little.”

            “It doesn’t matter if he has candy or not.” He said continuing anyway

            “Liam. Car. Now!” she said finally and he agreed.

            We returned to my house after a long day of shopping and Mr. Liam Payne’s sex ed talks. An hour after dinner we all packed our bags so we were ready to return home to London tomorrow, and then went to sleep.      

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