Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


8. Chapter 8


“Present time!” shouted the excited Safaa, who was perched on my lap.

            Less than six hours ago I was standing next to Aaron at our graduation ceremony turning our tassels and throwing up our caps. We had finally graduated. The Malik’s, Donnley’s and the O’Neil’s were gathered around the Malik’s outdoor patio table for our family graduation party. Cat and I were still in our white sun dresses and wedges and the boys were in their dress shirts and kakis. We decided that each family would get each one of the graduates a present. We all got Mac books from our families since it was a necessity for college. Aaron and I gave Catherine a membership to a local food shop that was near our campus, a gift card to Top Shop, Zara, Urban Outfitters, and Hollister, then my aunt and I thought it would be nice to get her a Tiffany infinity necklace with our initials in it, CAD and MCO. The Malik’s got her more food vouchers and Victoria Secret suit case for traveling. Aaron was given money, a coffee maker, suit cases, and Dr. Dre beats. I received food vouchers like Catherine and gift cards to the same store and matching Victoria Secret suitcases in aqua. Catherine then gave me a present wrapped in a small blue tiffany box. It was a matching Tiffany necklace, her mom and my aunt must have planed it together when they went shopping for the gifts. Zayn was next to open his presents. He received most as the same things as Cat and I, vouchers, suit cases, and money. But I had a special present for him. After I watched the videos of him singing I wanted to do something for him, his family and I knew he was too shy to go out and do something with his singing. So after I sat down and proposed my idea to his family they were on board and helped me with his present.

            “Zayn you have one more present.” I said as I handed him a thick brown envelope.

            “Oh, thanks, I wonder what this could be?” he said with an annoying smile and a laugh as he tore open the seal and proceeded to take out the papers,” Is it a puppy I’ve always wanted a puppy of my-“ he stopped talking, his face grew white, and his eyes widened.

            “What the hell is this?” he said in an angry tone.

            I glanced at his family hoping one of them would say something; I was starting to get scared.

            “Sweetie, there your audition forms for X-Factor, we signed you up, it’s in two weeks!” his mum said excitedly with a smile.

            “We? As in all of you were in on it?” his voice was still shaky and aggravated.

            “I have no part in this.” Cat said.

            “Well then whose idea was it? Oh It was you wasn’t it?” he said as he shot me a glance that could have killed.

            “Safaa you and your sister should go inside and take Bobby and Barney with you.” Trisha said as she closed the door behind them, she knew things were going to get out of hand once she had shot me that look.

“Mairead came to us with the idea and we all agreed.” Yasser said.

          “So it was your idea! I thought I could trust you Mairead? You said you weren’t going to tell anyone, and I believed you. But no you go ahead a fucking sign me up for X-Factor a live broadcasted TV show that airs across the whole god damn country!” Zayn’s voice rose with every sentence and I could see a vein popping out of his neck.

            “Zayn, watch your mouth.” His mom yelled at him, but he completely ignored it, and continued to yell at me.

“Oh shit,” Catherine said and her family, Aaron and his parents sat there awkwardly then began to clean off the table and hurry inside but kept watch from out of the kitchen window.

            “Mairead please do tell me what was going on in that head of yours that made you come up with this completely retarded plan.” I looked down at the ground and I started to get furious at him. I couldn’t believe that he cared so much what people thought of him for singing I know if I had his amazing voice I would use it. “Oh what you have nothing to say?” he said with a mocking tone that made me even angrier at him.

            “Zayn stop bitching and complaining, you want to know why we signed you up for this? Well it just so happens that we know you and we know that you wouldn’t have ever thought of doing this! You would have gone your whole life wasting an amazing talent that people like me would kill to have. Zayn this is a once and a life time chance and I know for a fact you’re going to make it I have-“ he had the nerve to cut me off and recite what I just said in an annoying high pitch voice like he was trying to sound like me.

            “Oh I’m Mairead and I would kill to have a talent like Zayn, so what do I do I sign him up and live my dreams through him, Zayn I believe and you and I know you’re going to win.” I was now face to face with him screaming at him, as his parents and his grandfather just looked at us in awe.

            “Zayn! Shut your pansy ass fucking mouth up and listen to me god damn it!”  he looked at me in shock and then glanced at his family and sat down. I heard a giggle from grandpa but ignored it. “What could you possibly lose? It’s not like if you don’t make it you’re forced to live in exile for the rest of your life, you get on with it, you go off to college and become a teacher! Just go to the audition and sing if they pass you they pass you of they don’t they don’t! Why is it so hard for you just to try! Please we all want this for you!” he looked down at the ground and got up from his chair.

            “Mairead I’m not talking to you about this now, I can’t look at you right now. I can’t believe you would do this I wanted this kept a secret and you just couldn’t do that could you?”    

            “Then why did you put the covers of those songs on YouTube dipshit if you didn’t want anyone knowing about them? If you would read the comments then you would realize were not the only ones who want you to go audition.”

            With that I gathered my bag of presents, said goodbye to the kids and walked down the street to our house. I grabbed the leftover food from take out a few nights ago, ice cream and tea. I ran up to my room took off my dress and put on my most comfortable pajamas and put on The Notebook. All the anger that was building up in me was about to explode and I had to just let it. I couldn’t take it anymore. Within the first fifteen seconds of the movie I started crying. I felt like such a dick for doing what I did to Zayn, maybe he was right, I should have kept it a secret. I really did care about him and wanted the best for him. I really, really, really cared about him. Like more than a friend. I drifted off to sleep as I finished my last bite of ice cream.   



Zayn’s P.O.V

It’s been an hour since Mairead and I stormed out of the party. I could still hear the voices of Tracy and Ryan downstairs. I started to set up my new computer to take my mind off of what had just happened. i couldn’t focus so I slipped on my plaid pajama pants and took off my dress shirt and tie and laid down on my bed. Another hour passed and I was still furious, by now all our guest left and the house was getting quieter. I heard a quiet knock on my door.

            “I really don’t want to talk to anyone right now.” I said in a serious tone.

            “Zayn, please.” My grandfather said from the other side of the door. I groaned in response and rolled over so my back faced the door.

            “I’m sorry Zayn we should have told you.” He said sitting on the edge of my bed.

            “Ummhum.” I wasn’t giving in, I was mad at them and I wanted to let them know I wasn’t backing down as easily as I normally do.

            “But you know if we asked you if you wanted to you would have said no.”

            “Umfff” I replied back shifting my position and getting comfortable.

            “It’s wasn’t just Mairead’s idea, we all agreed on it. If we didn’t think she was right we would have said no. You didn’t need to lash out on her.” I sat there motionless hoping he would go away if I just didn’t reply.

            “Just because you love her doesn’t mean that you need to hide your feelings with anger.”

            “I DON’T LIKE HER!” I protested. It was a lie obviously but I sounded convincing.

            “Ah Ha I got you to talk.” He said with a grin, and rolled my eyes in response.

            “Zayn, if we didn’t think you weren’t capable of doing this then we wouldn’t push you this hard to do it. Please do it for me at least.” He looked at me with a sincere look on his face and his dark brown eyes getting bigger.

            “When is it?” I asked, and his eyes immediately lit up.

            “Two weeks from now! I’m so glad you decided to do it, I’m so proud of you      Zayn.”

            “I’m still mad.” I said rolling back over to my side and closing my eyes.

            “Sure you are lad.” He said walking out of my room and closing my door behind him.   

            I was starting to feel relieved as I drifted off to sleep. But then I started  thinking about The X-Factor what was I going to sing, what if I choke? What if I’m horrible? What if I get sick? I finally fell asleep.

            “Zayn, mum says to get up.” Doniya said as she nudged my lower back. She was back from college for summer holidays and would return in August, which meant I had three months to catch her up on what has been going on.

            “Ughh what time is it?”


I picked myself out of bed and barley made it down the stairs without falling asleep. I reached the kitchen to find my parents, sisters, and granddad all enjoying their breakfast. I took a seat next to Safaa and my mum brought me a cup of coffee.


            “I’m glad you decided to do it, it’ll be good for you.” My dad said not even looking up from his paper.

            “Do you know what song you’re going to sing?”

            “What are you going to wear?”

            “Who will the judges be”?

All three of my sisters bombarded me with questions I didn’t have the slightest clue what the answers were. This got me panicking, but before I could get a word out my mum stopped me.

“Girls calm down he’s starting to panic.” She said as she sat down across from me at the kitchen island. “So Tracy called me this morning, she said Mairead feels terrible and she’s really sorry. She’s never seen her cry so much or eat that much for that matter. The only time she’s downstairs is to get more food. Anyway I think you should go over and talk to her and let her know what’s going on with you.”

“Yeah, to apologize for my grandson for fighting like such a pussy.” My granddad said with a smirk.

“Dad!” my dad yelled at him trying to contain his smile, “Zayn, it’s okay you’re better at other things. Not everyone is meant to be a fighter.”

“She basically handed you your ass to you on a silver platter.” Granddad said, it was nice to know that my family found this so amusing; I decided to go over to Aarons to avoid anymore embarrassment. I walked down the street, as I reached their driveway I realized I was still in my pajama pants and t-shirt. I just threw on a sweatshirt I found by the door. Even thought it was the middle of June, mornings in England were still cold. Ryan answered the door and invited me in.

“Can I talk to Mairead?” he nodded and I followed him up the stairs that I have climbed a thousand times before, we passed Aarons door and reached Mairead’s room. He pressed his ear to the door and listened for a while.

“She’s watching Lilo and Stitch.”

“Oh good I’ll just talk to her-“as I reached her door knob he pulled me back.

“Wait, she hasn’t gotten to the part where Stitch leaves her, that’s coming up in about twenty minutes after that she’s a ticking time bomb. So I suggest you get in and out as quick as you can mate, just to warn you I’m pretty sure she has it now, if you know what I’m saying.” Living in a house with four girls I knew exactly what he was talking about.  With that he knocked on her door bribing her waffles he brought up so she would open the door.

“Oh hi.” She said as she opened the door.

“Good luck mate.” Ryan whispered in my ear and ran back downstairs.  I followed her into her room and sat on her bed next to her.

“I’m sorry Zayn, I should have asked you and I’m truly sorry, you shouldn’t do something you don’t want to or don’t feel comfortable doing.” She said making direct eyen contact with me, I could tell she was really sorry. She turned back to the T.V and I could see her eyes getting watery.

“I know you are, I just wished you came to me first.” I was trying to think of a way to tell her I was going to audition. “So, um, I think I’m going to do it.”

“Really? I’m really proud of you. I’m sorry I called you a pansy ass and a dip shit.” She said with a small smile.

“it’s okay, my family got a kick out of it this morning, granddad also called me a pussy, so I guess you’re good.”

“I love him ahaha, want to stay and watch the rest of this with me?”  She asked as she grabbed the covers and pulled them over us. She was wearing blue cheetah print shorts and a gold, light silk button down pajama shirt with gold bows on them.

“Sure. As long as I get to pick the next movie.” She nodded and snuggled in closer to me.

After four more movies we ended up falling asleep and being waken up soon after by Aaron who wanted to go play football. Two weeks went by quicker than I could imagine, I picked my song out the day after Mairead and I made up and I practiced it ever day from then on.

   Mairead, Doniya, Safaa, Wal my mum, dad, Aaron and granddad were online with me at the Manchester audition we waited for four hours and I was up next my nerved were finally taking over me and then I was up.

“Hi what’s your name?” asked Simon.

“My name is Zayn.”

“Zayn, what are you gonna sing?”

 “I’m going to sing um Mario, let me love you.”

“Okay.”  With his nod of approval I began I couldn’t remember what I was doing it felt like I just blacked out, but I sang the song with the best of my ability. Simon nodded his head to signal me to stop. I looked at the panel nervous for their answers.

“Louis what do you say?” Simon asked.

“Um I say yes.”

“Thank you!” I couldn’t believe it.

“Nicole what do you say?”


“Thank you!” all I needed now was Simon’s vote and I would make it.

“Zayn, I’m going to say. Yes” Simon said, I couldn’t believe it.

“Thank you!” with that I ran back stage to my waiting friends and family.

I was gathered into a huge group hug and I could see tears of joy streaming down every ones face. I couldn’t believe now I just needed to get thought boot camp. I would have a week before I was to go back. Aaron would be leaving around the same time as me to go start his training in New York. We promised to keep in touch with each other while we were away. In August Mairead and Catherine would leave to go to college and start their first semester in Ireland.



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