Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


7. Chapter 7


                        It was the Thursday before prom and my family, Malik’s, and the Donnely’s planned to go out to dinner for a special occasion that neither Aaron, Zayn, Catherine or I knew about. We were told to dress nice, because we were going to a fancy restaurant. I got dressed into white jean’s, a salmon colored knit crop top that had loose long sleeves, and light brown wedges. Yesterday I went to get a spray tan so that I wouldn’t be so white for prom, when I first got it done it didn’t look natural and I looked like an oompa-loompa from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I began to panic and called the tanning salon and they said that after a shower and by today it should start to blend into a natural looking tan. They were right. After my shower this morning and a good scrub it looked like a normal tan. The salmon colored shirt brought out my tan and made me wish that summer would come faster so I didn’t have to fake tan anymore.

            We arrived at the restaurant to find the Donnely’s already their minus Cat’s brothers. Her dad was holding a thick brown envelope while they waited outside for the rest of our party to arrive. The Malik’s finally arrived and we were immediately seated at our table. I sat next to Catherine who was dressed in an outfit similar to mine but instead of a pink knit top she wore a black quarter sleeve, Aztec print top. On the other side of me was Zayn’s father Yasser, then Uncle Ryan, Bob, Grandpa, Zayn, Aaron, Aunt Tracy, Trisha, and Barbra. We were seated at a round table so we were all able to see each other. Once we had ordered Grandpa stood up holding the envelope that Bob was holding when we first arrived.

            “We have a huge surprise for all of you,” he began to say as Aaron, Catherine, Zayn, and I all exchanged curious looks. “I speak for all of us when I say this, I know we should have waited and let you guys open these but we just couldn’t resist the temptation. We all are extremely proud of all of you and are glad to have you in our lives and we wish you all the best in the future. We know you are all going to achieve something great.” He pulled out four small envelops out of the big one and handed one to each of us. The letter was blank, not giving us a clue what it contained, but we opened then and read what was written on them. It was our acceptance letters into our Universities!

            “Oh my gosh I’m going to Browyn Conroy!” I exclaimed standing up.

            “Wait you’re going to Browyn Conroy, as in the beauty school?” Cat asked.

            “Yeah I’m going to study, hair, makeup, and styling, I want to be a professional stylist? Why?”

            “That’s where I applied to!” I couldn’t believe it, my best friend and I were going to the same university. We started talking about getting a flat and moving in together and how we should start our own company. We started talking so fast we had no idea what was going on we were just too excited. Once we calmed down we were excited to hear that the boys got into the schools of their choice. Aaron was going to New York State Police Academy to become an officer. He was scheduled to leave three weeks after graduation and Zayn was accepted into London University to become an English teacher. We were all so excited, and couldn’t stop talking about going off.

            We said good bye to each other and Catherine came over to sleep over since tomorrow was prom night and last years were given the day off due to the fact it was the day of their prom, this gave us all the time we needed to get ready.

“Can you grab my dress please?” Cat asked.

It was the night of the prom and we were to be ready in fifteen minutes to take pictures, with our dates. It took us two weeks to find the perfect dresses. Both of our dresses were floor length. Catherine’s was light pink with a sweat heart neckline and an empire waist. It had diamond gems along the neckline and down the front and stopped at the waist line and flowed to the floor. I did her hair waved back from her face and she applied light pink and silver makeup. My dress was an aqua color that also had a sweetheart neckline, the waist of my dress was decorated with small cut outs that looked like the infinity sign and it wrapped all the way around the waist of the dress. Outlining the cutouts and the neckline were gold beads. Catherine did my eye makeup gold and I waved my hair back and the loosely pined back the sides with gold flower bobby pins.  Catherine was wearing silver heals that were hidden and letting her dress glide above the ground. I on the other hand had to wear high gold platform heals so that my hemmed dress would just glide across the ground, like Catherine’s. It was times like these where I which I was taller.

We finally managed to get our dresses on and make our way down the stairs. The boy’s haven’t seen our dresses yet, we wanted to keep them a surprise. We decided that we would give them their ties that we picked out to go with our dresses after we saw them. I could see Aaron, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Tracy, Trisha, Yassar, Grandpa, Catherine’s parents Bob and Barbra, and Bobby and Barney her brothers and all three of Zayn’s sisters. I was looking for Zayn and caught him staring at himself in the mirror. Everyone turned to look at us as we continued walking. We almost tripped about four times but held each other’s arms to make sure it didn’t happen again.

“You too look beautiful!” Grandpa Malik exclaimed. We greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. Then we were all ushered out of the house on to the patio, where we were finally able to give our dates their tie and flowers.

  “You look amazing Mairead and Catherine.” Zayn said, not breaking eye contact with me, making me blush as I tied his tie for him and Cat did the same for Aaron.

We spent the next hour posing for pictures and touchups until the limo that we and a few others of our friends rented together that would take us to the prom and then to a shore house we rented for the weekend. Cat and I were seated in the back in between our dates and across from Jerry, his girlfriend Holly, Grace and her date Steve, Daliah and her boyfriend Dave, and Felecia and Dan. We all had some classes together and planned on a trip to the beach after prom.

The limo approached at the hall and it was amazing. The sun was just about to set and it left a pink, purple, and orange cloud in the sky. The theme was under the stars. As you entered the room it was filled with sparkling lights that cover the ceilings and walls, the room was a dark blue color and French doors led out to a patio that was covered in lamps leading to the gazebo.

“Mair let’s dance!” Catherine said pulling my arm and leading me onto the dance floor.  We danced like freaks, and didn’t care what anyone though. We were having the greatest time.

“Why aren’t the boy’s dancing? They look awkward. Let’s get them!” she said.

“Zayn, Aaron let’s dance some on!” I said, Aaron agreed and Zayn just stood still. “Zayn come on!” I begged

“But I can’t dance, you go have fun!” he said with a smile.

“Neither can I but I still do. Who cares just come on have some fun.” I finally got him on to the dance floor and he let loose. We stayed on for six more dances and took a break for a little bit until Aaron and Zayn pulled us back onto the dance floor. We were surprised by a slow song that came on.  It was Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John. Aaron and Cat danced and we watch other couples pair up and began to dance. I just followed everyone else’s leads and wrapped my arms around Zayn’s neck and he placed his hands on my waist.

“Mairead, um- I don’t know how to do this.” He said shyly and blushing.

“Me either I’m just following everyone else.” I said honestly with a giggle. “ I say we just sway.”

We just stood there for a few moments and stared at each other, it wasn’t awkward it was nice. He rested his forehead on mine and all I could do was smile. I told myself this wasn’t going to happen in February, I told myself I wasn’t going to fall for him. But I think I am. As soon as I was getting up the courage to say something. The slow dance stopped and another fast song played and Zayn started dancing like crazy. The rest of the night we had fun and I tried to get that guilty feeling I had for not saying something when I had the chance to go away but it was still slowly eating away at me.

The night ended and we all piled into the limo that took us here and it would drive us to the shore house, our bags were in the trunk from when we were picked up. Within an hour we reached the shore house and sorted ourselves into our rooms that we would be sleeping in the next two days. All the girls were in one room and guys in another. But once we changed and found the alcohol Jerry’s cousin got us we knew the night wasn’t over, and I knew I was going to have a massive hangover tomorrow.    




Zayn’s P.O.V

            I woke up by the sun blinding me through the blinds. I had a massive headache and was unaware of where I was for a few minutes. I got up looked around the room and saw Aaron passed out in the hammock on the outside deck, Cat on the floor on the opposite side of the bed next to mine with a lamp shade on her head and the top half of Mairead’s body was hidden underneath the bed and only her feet stuck out. I walked out of our room to see if anyone else was awake and found a sticky note in the kitchen table. It said that they left to go to the beach and didn’t want to wake us up and to meet them their when we were up, and that they were planning to spend the whole day at the beach. I turned around and looked at the clock on the telly, it said one o’clock. I grabbed the Advil bottle and one of the big water bottles that were on the counter and walked back into Aaron and my room to wake everyone up. First I went over to Aaron and flipped him out of the hammock.

            “What the hell!” he protested.

            “It’s one in the afternoon, get up and shower we’re going to the beach in an hour, you smell like vodka.” I said handing him the Advil bottle and water.

            I then went over to the bed where both girls slept and grabbed Mairead’s legs and pulled her from underneath the bed, and noticed her wearing shorts a tank top and a purple sparkly tutu.

            “Zaaaaayyyyyynnnnn, stop it” she groaned. 

            “We’re going to the beach in an hour get up.”

            “Cathy, get up. Cathy get up. Come on Cath, get up.” she said poking at her friend that was hidden underneath the lamp shade. When she finally got up they both sat on the ground and looked confused.

            “Why are you in a tutu?” Catherine asked as she took the bottle of Advil from the side table and passed it to Mairead.

“Why are you wearing a lamp shade?”  Mairead responded. “Where is everyone else?” she said looking up at me and squinting.

“They left for the beach a while ago.”

“Clearly we went to hard for them.” Cat said, as Aaron came back into the room showered and changed into his swim trunks and a tank top.

“Jerry just called me he said I could use his cousin’s car and go out to the store and pick up hamburgers and hotdogs and other things for grilling, they have the grill and forgot to pick up stuff, so I should be back when you’re all done showering and getting ready and ill pick you up.” Aaron said and we all nodded in agreement.

“Cat you can take the other shower and Zayn can take that shower,” Mairead said lying back on the bed curled up in a ball and started to close her eyes, “I’ll hop in after one of you.”   

“I’ll shower but you need to get up, if I don’t get to go back to sleep neither do you!” Catherine yelled and jumped on her. “Go pack the bags, it’ll keep you awake,” she said slapping her ass and pulling her up.

“No cathy!” she said completely falling to the ground with Catherine still pulling her by her dead weight.

“Mairead don’t go dead on me, come on!” she said tugging and pulling Mairead to her feet and then finally getting water from the water bottle and pouring it all over her.

“Fine Cathy you win!” she said as she got up and grabbed the big beach bag and began to pack the towels and the clothes we gave her that we would change into later tonight for our bon fire on the beach.  I got into the bathroom and got ready to take my shower.

“Zayn, I’m done packing can I go on your computer.” She yelled through the bathroom door.

“Sure, I’ll be done in ten minutes.” I called back. I showered and got changed into my swimming shorts and a t-shirt and emerged from the bathroom to see Mairead on the bed, extremely captivated into something on my computer. I heard something familiar and when I looked I saw what she was looking at. Mairead found my YouTube channel where I did covers of songs and posted them under a private account that I knew for a fact no one from our school knew about.         

“Zayn, you’re voice is actually amazing.”

“Um thanks, how’d you find that?”

“You never closed your account.” 

“Here go get in the shower,” I said still embarrassed and handed her a towel.

“Whatever you say Bradford Bad boy Zayn,” she said teasing me for the username I picked for my channel.

“Mairead that’s not funny! It’s embarrassing enough you found it please don’t tease me about it. Please don’t tell anyone else either!” I begged her.

“Hahahah alright, I wasn’t going to anyway.” She said as she closed the door and turned the shower on.

I walked out of the bed room and joined Cat in the kitchen.

“Hey Cat.”

“Hey, is she just getting in the shower?” she asked as he pulled her shorts over her bikini bottoms and stepped into her flip flops.

“Yeah she should be out in a few, want some crisps?” I asked her pulling out the box from the pantry and sitting across from her at the kitchen counter.

“Sure! Prom was fun.”

“Yeah it was nice, your dresses were lovely. Doesn’t Aaron look just dashing in pink?” I said with a joking tone.

“Hahah he looked gob smacking!”  She giggled, “And you said you couldn’t dance, you were so funny out there!”

“Shut it!” I said throwing crisps at her.

“So Zayn,” she whispered leaning towards me making sure that no one could hear her.

“So Catherine.” I said mocking her.

“Why didn’t you kiss her?” she said with an evil grin on her face.

“Who?” I said confused.

 “Oh don’t who me, Mairead you moron.”

Then last night started coming back to me, I remember us slow dancing and everything seemed perfect I was hesitant on whether I should have or not, I didn’t want to ruin our friend ship and not be able to get it back because of one stupid mistake. I could feel my face getting red and I need to come up with an excuse quickly.

“Why would I have kissed her?”

 “I saw you two, you with your foreheads pressed together smiling at each other like idiots. I’m not blind. I know you like her.”

“I don’t like her!”I quickly protested loudly.

“Don’t like who?” Mairead said entering the kitchen, with the beach bag in hand, while putting a navy blue Yankee baseball cap over her damp hair and shielding her eyes with her bronze aviators.

“Shelia.” Cat quickly responded, as she winked in my direction.

“Ew I can’t stand her, did you see her dress last night, It was like up her ass.” Aaron beeped the horn and we walked out to the car, they two girls still talking about Shelia Messer.

Once we reached the beach and found our group it took us a total of forty five seconds to rip our clothes off and sprint to the ocean. It was an extremely hot day, at least ninety five degrees. Mairead and Catherine both wore matching string stripped bikinis. Cat’s was white and grey and Mairead’s was white and navy blue stripped, they both had the Holster logo on the left of their top. Aaron, Cat, and Mairead jumped into the clear blue water as I waited at the edge of where the water was just hitting the sand, and sat down deciding this was going to be my spot for the day. I was laying down tanning for fifteen minutes until I felt a shadow above me, it was Mairead looking down on me.

“Come on I’m going to give you your first swimming lesson of the summer.” She said pulling my arm up and dragging me in to the water, I knew resisting her would make it harder so I just agreed. The water was slowly creeping up my body. First my shins, then my knees, then my thighs, then my waist, and finally we reached a spot in the water where I was comfortably standing and the water just reached below her top.

“Okay now since we have you where you can stand, it’ll be easier and not as scary. What do you know how to do?”

I lay down in the water and attempted to doggy paddle. I did a few strokes before I started tossing and my head would go underwater and water would get up my nose. Mairead reached underwater and pushed up on my stomach and brought me back to my feet.

“Please don’t do that, you’re going to hurt yourself.” I nodded in agreement still coughing up water. “Now since the waves aren’t bad it’s perfect to teach you how to freestyle.”      

 It took us a good hour before I was finally able to swim without ingesting the whole ocean. I was getting better than I ever did and not as afraid of the ocean as I was before. We joined the rest of our friends and played various water games. We spent a few hours in the water until it began to get dark, then we changed in the beach changing rooms and began to set up the grill. Everyone was changed into warm sweats and we enjoyed our dinner around the grill. We stayed out until midnight and returned back to our flat. We were all exhausted from our day and said goodnight to each other and retired to our rooms.

I was lying in bed next to Aaron since Jerry and his girlfriend insisted on cuddling together. Aaron was already asleep and I couldn’t get over the fact that in a month from now he would be in America and wouldn’t see him for god knows how long. I was truly going to miss him. I would be graduating on this coming Friday and that only gave us three weeks to spend with each other. I drifted off to sleep thinking about all the things we needed to accomplish before he left.    

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