Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


6. Chapter 6


“So I flew back with Tracy, Ryan, and Aaron and that’s basically it.” I said as I finished my story it took about twenty minutes to tell and we were more than half way home.

            “Oh my gosh. I don’t know what to say.” Was all Zayn could say, I felt two strong arms embrace me in a tight hug.

            “You’re suffocating me.” I joked, but he didn’t loosen his grip.

            “That’s it as your best friend; I declare that you are never to be left alone. That’s really scary Mairead. That’s even scarier than water.”

            “Best friend? I’m sorry Zayn but that spot is kind of taken by Cathy. It was scary but its better now I used to have bad dreams every night now just only once in a while. And what do you mean that’s scarier than water?” I said as I stuck my tongue out at him and wiggled out of his death grip.

            “But I met you first, which means I’m your best friend. Cat can be your girl best friend, and well I’m scared of water, I can’t swim.”

            “Sure, whatever floats your boat Zayn. You’re afraid of water?! That’s it before we leave for Uni I’m teaching you how to swim.” I said as we came to Zayn’s house. “Bye Zayn!”

            “I’ll walk you home.” he said as he passed his house.

            “You do realize I’m only two houses away?” I said stopping and giving him a questioning look.

            “I’m doing something nice, jeeze Mairead Oh my gosh.” He said, faking an American accent.

            “You sound like a California girl, please stop.” I said laughing at him.  

            “Like, oh my gosh, we went to the mall, got some fro-yo.” he said again in his best American accent.

            “You’re such a loser!” I said as I pushed him slightly with my elbow.

            “Bye I’ll see you later I’m staying at your house tonight, since we were at mine last week. Is Cat coming over? I’ll pick up some pizza I need to run to the store anyway.” He said excitedly. But then I just remembered that I had a date with this guy from my Spanish class Mark he was nice. We were just friends before and he asked me out to the carnival that was in town. I didn’t know what to say to Zayn he seemed excited and I felt bad.

            “Actually you won’t see me later I’m going on a date tonight.” I said not making eye contact with him.

            “You’re going on a date?” he said with a little shock.

            “Yeah I know shocker right? Me going on a date? Who would have thought!” I said madly at him.

            “No, I didn’t mean it like that; I just didn’t expect it, I thought you weren’t really into dating while in school. You said it was pointless, dating someone in school that you would only know for four years and it’s the end of the year anyway, why start something new when you’re going off to Uni?” Zayn sounded mad and annoyed at me.

            “I know what I said Zayn. Well prom is coming up and It’s my last year and I would actually like to go with someone this year.” I said as I raised my voice at him. “Why do you care so much anyway?”

            “Well since were best friends I think I deserve to know.” He shouted back at me. “Sorry, who are you going out with?” he said calming down.

            “This kid from my Spanish class Mark.” Zayn’s face went white and his mouth dropped. “What?” I said.

            “Walt? Mark Walt? You can’t go out with him” he said getting angry again.

            “You’re joking me right?” I said with a mad laugh, “Zayn you can’t tell me who I can date and who I can’t, I not having this conversation with you.” I said as I opened the door and began to shut it.

            “He’s an ass Mairead!” he yelled through the door.

          “Thanks for walking me home Zayn, good-bye” I said dryly.

            “What was that all about?” My uncle said as he came down the stairs. “Was that Zayn?”

            “Yeah, he’s just being weird, I told him I was going on a date and he freaked out.” 

            “Really with who?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

            “This guy Mark Walt, he’s in my Spanish class.”

            “Where are you going, is he picking you up, and when will you be home?”

            “Calm yourself. We’re going to the carnival, yes he is and around eleven? Satisfied?”

            “I need to talk to him first.”

            “No, you’re not.” I said as I sprinted up stairs and got showered and changed for my date.

I decided to wear a fitted, tight light pink scoop neck dress that stopped at my mid thigh, paired with a jean jacket and black converse. I curled my hair and put it in a lose pony tail. Then I applied my makeup and checked my reflection one last time. I heard a car pull up to the drive way and I knew it was Mark. I sprinted down stairs grabbing money and my iPhone off the coffee table. I wanted to get out of the house before Mark could come in so he wouldn’t have to face a confrontation with my Uncle.

“Bye I’m leaving. Be back around eleven.” I said as I reached for the door handle.

“Wait a minute.” My uncle said. I looked out at the peep hole and Mark was just getting out of his car.


“Let me see what you’re wearing” My uncle said and I responded with an annoyed groan. I walked into the living room to find Aaron, Zayn, Aunt Tracy, and My uncle all watching the latest football game.

“It’s too short, go change.” He said.

“Possibly a turtle neck and a skirt that went to your ankles you know to show off them nice ankles of yours.” Aaron added in with a laugh, and a snicker from Zayn.

“You boys stop it, you look lovely darling.” My aunt said, “Does mark want to come in?”

“No were late, Bye.” I said as I ran to the door, just in time to see Mark about to press the door bell.

“It’s better if you didn’t met them.” I said grabbing his wrist and leading him to the car. He opened the door and we were on our way the carnival.  



Zayn’s P.O.V

“She’s going with Mark Walt?”
            “Yes.” I said not breaking eye contact with the football match on the telly.

“Does she know he’s an ass, and what he said to you? Why did she tell you and not me?” Aaron asked again.

“I tried to tell her but I guess she didn’t believe me, and she told me afterschool I saw her and we walked home together.”

“I still don’t know why he would call you gay? Why were you two walking home together?”

“Well I saw her afterschool and she told me, I needed to stay for detention.” I lied.

“Oh got it,” he said turning back to the match, “hey Zayn,” he bent down and whispered close to my ear.

“What?” I whispered back.

“Do you want to crash it as much as I do?” he said with an evil smirk.

“Very much.” I said in excitement, I didn’t want her to go to prom with that ass.

“Mom, Dad we’re going to Zayn’s for a little to get some movies and we’ll be back later. “ Aaron called.

We hurried up to his room and I threw on my jeans and a white t-shirt, and red converse. Aaron did the same and grabbed his car keys and drove into town until he saw the signs telling us where the carnival was located. It took us all of twenty minutes to find it. The parking lot was packed, since it was opening night and a Friday night. The carnival was located in Bradford’s neighboring town’s park. You could see the Ferris wheel, a large boat ride, and more nauseating rides. Food stands and game booths as soon as you pulled in.  Luckily we got a spot that an older couple was just pulling out of that was right near the front entrance.  Aaron and I paid for our tickets and went to hide behind the food stand.

“Wait is that them?” Aaron whispered pointing to two people who looked nothing like them.

“Mate, you know you don’t need to whisper there are at least five hundred people here, they’re not going to find us. That isn’t even them. “

“Right, let’s get some food and walk around, they might be at the bridge.”

We did as we planned, we were scanning the crowd and played a few games, at the second game we found them at a tossing game just two boots down and followed them carefully. I watched as Mairead tried to win a stuffed dolphin and the useless Mark couldn’t win it either, they left and I went to the both with the dolphin hoping that if I win it and she gets mad for us crashing her date this will make up for it. It took Aaron and I six tries and on the seventh we finally won it. It was a big, three and a half foot bright blue stuffed dolphin. We caught sight of them again as they were heading on to the parks bridge that towered above the river below. We watched as a few couples headed onto the bridge and followed. Then Mairead turned around and looked in our direction but we hid behind the enormous dolphin, dodging her glance. We followed them until they stopped to look over the side of the bridge, looking down ten feet to see the water. We could hear their conversation from where we were standing and used the dolphin as a face block.

“What are you going to do now?” Aaron asked.

“I don’t know, what should I?”

“I say you ask her prom as friends before he does.”

“But we planned to go alone?” 

“It’s fine, I’ll find a date, and you two would just be going as friends right?” he said as he raised his eyebrow in a questioning look.

“Yes, of course.” I said with a convincing tone.

 “You better do something now I just heard him say I have to ask you something.”

I thought of an idea quickly. I gave Aaron the dolphin to hold and climbed onto the thick railing of the wooden bridge it was just big enough to safely walk on. But I was scared of the water below me and began to shake.

“MAIREAD!” I screamed. She whipped her head around as I continued walking on the railing to where she was. I was only two feet away from her at this point.

“What the hell are you doing here Zayn?!”

“Yeah what are you doing here gay boy?” Mark said, Mairead turned to face him and gave him an angry look.

“This is why I didn’t want you to go out with him, he’s an ass. Please don’t go to prom with him, I knew he was about to ask you just please don’t go.”

“Zayn just get down from their please, you’re ten feet above the river and you can’t swim, you’re scaring me.” she replied with a horrified look on her face.

“Just leave dude before you embarrass you’re self even more.” Mark piped in.

“Mark just shut up!” she yelled at him, “You’re the reason why he’s doesn’t tell people he can sing, and just because he can doesn’t make him gay. You feel the need to push his confidence down, that’s a real jerk move. Now Zayn, please get down.”

“Only if you promise me one thing.” I said as I dangerously stood on one foot and placed my leg in the air above the river.

“Yes, what, just get down.” Mairead said frantically. At this point Mark was turning to leave. “I’m going, you can forget about prom with me Mairead.”  And she responded in an ok, good for you face and turned her attention back to me.

“Be my best friend and go to prom with me?” I said with a huge grin that was hiding the fact I was scared out of my mind.

“Yes, I will just get down!” she screamed.

“Are you saying that just because you want me to get down or do you actually want to go with me?” I didn’t want her to feel pressured into going with me.

“Both. I’m being completely honest now Zayn, I’ll be your best friend and go to prom with you.” She said with a truthful smile and held out her hand for me to grab.

“Alright, you don’t need to beg ill go with you to prom,” I said in a loud voice so the other couples would hear. 

Once they all realized what was going on they all clapped and cheered for us. Mairead’s face turned bright red and a woman in her mid thirties went up to her and told her she had real courage for asking me out to prom. She had no words to reply and I stood there and laughed then she grabbed my wrist and led me off the bridge.

“I’m going to kill you Zayn!” she screamed and hit me hard in the arms and sides.

“Ow stop it!” I protested. Her punches and slaps were starting to hurt now.

“You deserve it.” Her hits stopped when Aaron grabbed her by her waist and held her back. “You could have killed you’re self!”

“Well I didn’t.”

“What were you two thinking?!” she said as she stopped squirming and calmed down a bit.

 “We didn’t want you to get hurt.” Aaron said and I just nodded in response.

“Thanks for caring but you didn’t need to stand up on the bridge. You scared me.”

“I just needed your attention, and here we knew you would be mad so we saw you trying to win this and well here.” I said picking up the stuffed dolphin off the bench were Aaron had out it and handed it to her. She thanked me and gave me a warm smile.  

We went on some of the rides and ate some funnel cake and we left the carnival around ten thirty. As soon as we got to the O’Neil’s we got changed in our pajamas and watched a movie. Within twenty minutes Mairead and Aaron were passed out on the couch and I soon followed.

The next morning I woke up to find everyone at the kitchen table getting ready for breakfast. I was greeted by Tracy and took the empty seat next to Ryan.

“So how was your date last night Mairead we didn’t hear you come in?” Ryan asked keeping focus on the newspaper in front of him. Aaron, Mairead and I all shot glances at each other.

“It’s not going to work out.” She briefly said.

“So you won’t be going to prom with him?” Tracy asked.


“Who are you going with then, you can’t go alone.”

“Um Zayn.” She said quietly, Ryan and Tracy looked at her with confused glances waiting for her to explain more, and then they looked at me.

“But just as friends.” She quickly responded as she took a bite into her waffles.

“Aaron you should take Catherine to prom, and you too go as friends so both of you aren’t left out” I said.

“Why don’t you Aaron?” Tracy said, and he nodded in agreement.   

 “Catherine and I planned ongoing dress shopping today anyway so why don’t you ask her when she comes over?”

He nodded and we continued with our breakfast and then Mairead left us to go get ready for her day of dress shopping with Catherine. Once she arrived Aaron asked her to the prom and she agreed, since Mairead and I were going together as just friends, Cat agreed it was better than going alone.

Once the two girls left Aaron and I were left alone and we did what we normally did on Saturday afternoons, played X-box, ate, went outside to play soccer, back for more x-box and so on, until it got dark then we went back to my house and stayed there.   


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