Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


5. Chapter 5


“Why’d he call you Cathy, your name is Catherine?”

“I’m not sure I’ve had him as a teacher for a good five months.” Catherine said as she walked with me along the sidewalk and turning onto my street. She was telling me how today her French teacher called her Cathy as a nickname today in class.

We were walking home from school since Aaron couldn’t drive us, he had weight room for soccer training and wouldn’t be done until five, and Catherine’s car was in the shop. For the beginning of February in England it was a nice day it wasn’t too windy and was warm enough for just a sweatshirt, scarf, and gloves. The walk from the school was a forty five minute walk. Even though we have bonded in the few days we have known each other, there was still more to learn about us. We learned that we’re only ten days apart, Catherine was born on the thirteenth of September  and I’m born on the twenty third making but we are both seventeen. Catherine is a cheerleader and has two brothers both younger.  

“Do you know a girl Shelia Messer? She has dirty blonde hair, pretty nasty, she’s in Stan’s group of friends?”

“I think I’ve seen her, why?”

“Well you should stay away from her she’s constantly fucking peoples shit up.” Cat said with a laugh.
“Really, how?” I said as I felt tears stream down my face from the cold and laughing.

“Well she’s such a snitch and you think she’s being nice but really she’s just trying to get into your life and ruin it. She just finds it funny and amusing to see people’s lives messed up. One day it’ll bite her in the ass.”

“Do you really think I’m going to hang out with anyone besides you Cathy?”

“Oh shut up I hate Monsieur, I don’t understand why he calls me Cathy.”

“Now he’s a Shelia. I hope you know Cat, I’m calling you Cathy from now on.”

“What do you mean he’s a Shelia?”

“A life ruiner or someone who fuck shit up.” I said with uncontrollable laughter.

 “HAHAHA I love it, Monsieur, you’re a Shelia. Can this be our code word for anyone we find annoying?”

“YES! We need a hand signal too just so we don’t get caught by the actual Shelia.”

“How about this?” Cat held up her hand in the shaka, the universal surfer’s hand signal where you stick out the thumb and pinky and fold the other three fingers in and usually rock the hand back and forth.

“I Love it!”

We reached my house clenching our stomachs and gasping air from over laughing. Catherine was a type a person I needed in my life at this time. Someone like me, someone who laughed at everything, found everything funny, she didn’t care what people though she just did what she wanted, she wasn’t shy, she loved food, Disney movies, and making up scenarios. I loved it. She was that person who I could tell was going to be in my life for a long time.

“Aunt Tracy we’re home.”

“Hi girls,” my aunt said coming down the stairs her hair still wet from her shower and in sweat pants, “you must be Catherine, hello darling.”

“Hi Mrs. O’Neil, thanks for letting me stay over.” Catherine said shaking my Aunt’s hand.

“Honey, please call me Tracy, you’re a friend of Mairead’s which makes you a friend of ours.” My aunt couldn’t have been cheesier with her hospitality. But I’m glad she was making Catherine feel welcome and that was all I asked.

“Want some chicken nuggets and macaroni?” I asked Cat as we made our way into my room to change out of our uniform.

“Yeah sure. Is your aunt and uncle going to be here?”

“No they’re going to a wedding and they got a hotel so they should be back tomorrow morning and Aaron and Zayn are going to Jerry’s, but they’re sleeping over at Zayn’s so we have the whole house.”

“I’m excited.” Cat said with a grin.

“You better be we got a whole night filled with movies and food.”

 As soon as I pulled on our sweat pants and t-shirts my aunt busted into my room frantically.

“Aunt Tracy!” I yelled.

“Oh hush I’ve seen all your bits and pieces were all girls here. I have a serious problem, the salon I was suppose to go to do my hair and make up for the wedding closed early and I need to be ready for five, it’s an hour drive to the chapel!”

            I looked over at the clock and it said four fifteen she only had forty five minutes to get ready and I knew how stressful it could be.

“Alright I’ll help with your hair and makeup just sit down, Cathy could you help me?”

            With that we started on my Aunt. Catherine was in charge of makeup and I was doing her hair. By four thirty five we were done and my aunt looked amazing Catherine had done her makeup it made her look at least six years younger and it wasn’t too much. And her hair was loosely curled and would flow great with her dress.  She thanked us and left to get changed while Catherine and I went to make ourselves dinner.

“ Hi girls,” my uncle said as he finished buttoning up his white dress shirt in the kitchen mirror and turned to talk to us, ”You must be Catherine, I’m Mairead’s uncle, you can call me Ryan.” They shook hands and we prepped the kitchen for our meal.

“Mairead do you know how to tie this?” my uncle asked pointing to his bowtie.

“Yeah, Cat can you just put the chicken nuggets in the oven?”

“Yeah sure”

“Is your aunt still getting ready?” Uncle Ryan asked

“She’s just putting her dress on now, she should be down any minute.”

 We all talked for a while until my aunt came down wearing a dark purple floor length dress and a faux fur shall.

 “You look gorgeous.” My uncle said with wide eyes and an ignoramus smile. He kissed her cheek and placed his hand behind her back pulling her closer.

“Aww.” Cat and I said in unison. 

“We’ll be back around ten or eleven tomorrow, and if you need anything call me. Emergency numbers are on the fridge with our numbers and if anything call Peter he’s in town for Jimmy.”

“Yes, yes, yes, now you too run along have fun, thanks.” I said as I ushered them out the door and kissed them goodbye.

“Bye Catherine, nice meeting you!” they called back.

            After my family left Cat and I were left alone in peace our night began with chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese while watching Angus, thongs, and perfect snogging.

“Nunga-Nungas!” Cat shouted as we cleaned up our plates and fell on the floor laughing.

 “Oh my gosh, Cathy stop.”

            We went back to the couch that was set up with blankets and pillows making it ten times more comfortable. We just sat and talked for a while not watching anything.

“So you fancy Zayn don’t you?” she asked with an evil smirk on her face.

“No he’s my cousin’s best friend, and you should know he’s a good guy Aaron said you looked a little unsure when you first sat with us.”

“I can tell you do, don’t worry I won’t tell, and I guess I just though because of his reputation and what people say about him. But I guess I’ll just have to give him a chance.”

“I don’t like him,” I could feel my face getting red ” but he is really is a nice guy our families have dinner together every Thursday they’re nice.”

            It was already ten by the time we finished watching Lilo and Stitch, and decided to browse the movie selection we came to one called Insidious and figured it sounded good. We didn’t realize it was a scary movie, which we both hate, but wanted to see how it ended. So we double checked the locks and turned on all the lights. The scariest part had just happened and Cat and I were arm and arm scared out of our minds.

“I hate scary movies, why did we watch that?!”

“I don’t know! But the ending was messed up oh my gosh!” I replied I could feel my heart beating fifty times faster and cold sweat forming on my back.

“Put finding Nemo on!” she said neither of us wanted to move from the couch and risk the horror of something coming out from underneath the couch and grabbing our ankles. So I grabbed the movie from the stack that sat next to us and stepped on to the coffee table and popped the movie in barely reaching the DVD player.

 “CATHY! Press play quick!” I said jumping back onto the couch as close I could to Catherine.

            The movie started to play and managed to forget about the scary movie and started giggling at the fish on screen. We got to the part of Dory and Marlin find the baby jelly fish.

“I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy.  Ow. Bad Squishy, bad Squishy.” Dory said and we cracked up laughing.

Then there was a sudden scratch at the door and we checked the clock and it said twelve fifty seven. I was hoping I was just hearing things until Cat stopped laughing.

“What was that Mairead?”

“It was probably just an icicle that fell.” I said trying to be realistic, I mean there are no such things as the further, and demons don’t enter our worlds. I was running out of reasonable answers to keep myself in a calm state and then I realized what if there was a further? What if people had the ability to leave their bodies? I started to panic and hyperventilating.

Another scratch and a laugh followed by various scratches came at the front door. At that point I was completely freaked out.  The picture of the clown people that were in the further in Insidious came to my mind and that sent me over the edge and so did Catherine.

“Cathy what do we do!” I shouted in a whisper.

“I don’t know ill grab a knife you get the phone and start calling your aunt.”

As soon as she got up the door flew open and two dark figures were hidden in the midnight fog.



Zayn’s P.O.V

            We missed the lock twice and were drunkenly snickering. I wasn’t completely hammered like Aaron since I volunteered to be designated driver, but I wasn’t exactly sober. He managed to open the door and we were blinded by the light that welcomed us and ear bleeding screams.

“It’s Aaron and Zayn!” I shouted trying to get the screaming, that wasn’t exactly helping my drunken state, to stop.

“What are you doing here!” shouted Catherine.

“We’re staying here tonight.” I replied closing the door and helping the stumbling Aaron to a recliner chair.

“I thought you were staying at your house?” Mairead said catching her breath.

“No, my parents are at the races. We gave you a good scare didn’t we?”

“Yes!” They said in unison.

“Aaron doesn’t look so good.” Catherine said as she sat back down on the couch.

“He’s pretty hammered.”

“Who drove?” Mairead asked with a disappointing look on her face. “Because you’re not exactly sober yourself.”

“I’m drive better drunk.” I said, which was true. “Are those chicken nuggets?” I said eyeing the pan that sat on the kitchen island. Aaron followed me closely like a lost puppy and sat on the stool next to me as Catherine and Mairead joined us in the kitchen.

“You could have killed someone!” Catherine shouted.

“Or gotten your selves killed!” Mairead agreed, and Catherine whispered “I’m starting not to trust him now.”

“Same” she said.

“We were four blocks away and no one is out driving now!” I protested.

“I don’t care, plus you’re with my cousin. Just promise me you will never do that again.” She said through her clenched teeth and with a stern look on her face.

“Yes, alright I won’t drink and drive.”   

            “I’m sleepy Zayny.” Aaron purred in my ear.

“Completely hetero.” Catherine said with a smirk.

“Zayny poo why don’t you take Aar Aar up to bed.” Mairead said in a sing song voice.

“Anything for my Aar Aar.” I slurred and gripped my friends waist.

“Good night Mairead and Catherine” Aaron said and kissed Mairead on her cheek and grabbed Cat in a bear hug.

“Good night girls.” I said as I mimicked Aarons actions, kissed Mairead’s cheek and hugged Catherine.

Mairead just stood there in confusion and Catherine’s face turned red and started laughing really hard. I walked up the stairs guiding Aaron and then I realized what got Catherine to crack up like she did. I didn’t even realize that I just kissed Mairead on her cheek.  I started to wonder what she was thinking and why I did what I did hopefully she will just think I did it out of pure intoxication and just look past it as something meaningful. I was almost asleep then the door swung open to reveal Mairead.

“You guys okay, do you need Advil or anything, water?

 “No I’m good thanks.”

“Night.” she replied with a smile and left.



            A few weeks passed since that night. My days were the same; I woke up, went to school, stayed after for chorus practice then returned home, and started the same thing over the next day. We continued to have our family dinners and learned more about Mairead. By April we knew everything there was to know about her and she felt very comfortable with my family, she would even come and babysit or play with my sisters when Catherine and she weren’t together which was rarely.  I got to know Catherine better and we became friends due to the fact we saw each other basically every weekend.  

            I was walking in the hallways waiting for chorus practice and saw the signs that indicated that there were only three weeks left until the prom, May 28th. I still needed a tux. Aaron and I decided to go alone since we wanted to have fun and make it a night for us.  I couldn’t believe how fast this year had one by, in less than eight weeks I would be graduating. My alarm on my phone rang telling me it was time to go to the auditorium to start practicing. Practice ended at five fifteen a little bit earlier than usually since the director didn’t feel too well and said that we were doing a good job. I headed down the corridor and saw a small figure running down the hall dressed in a black sweatshirt, neon pink shorts, and grey sneakers. The figure became closer and as soon as I figured out whom it was it was too late to hide.

“Zayn? What are you doing here?” she said out of breath.

“Um hi Mairead, I was just um-“I was then cut off by some freshman that was in chorus with me.

“Zayn, you forgot your songs book. See you tomorrow” he said as he handed me the binder that contained all the lyrics to the sons we were working on  

“Thanks mate.”

“You can sing?” Mairead said as she turned the corridor to go to her locker, not breaking eye contact with me.

“Yeah, kind of.” I said as I felt my face go red.

“Why are you so shy all of a sudden? What happened to the Vas Sapning?! Happy boy I know?” she said in a slightly sarcastic way, mocking my new catch phrase I came up with.

“Well it’s kind of embarrassing for me. No one besides my family knows I do chorus. Not even Aaron.”

“Wow” she said getting serious now,” Why are you so embarrassed, I know if I could sing I would want everyone to know and I would do it all the time. I think its pretty cool.” she closed her locker and held her notebook tightly against her chest.

“Well some people think it’s, um homosexual.”

“So what, let them think what they want. Honestly what are these people going to mean to you in two years from now? You shouldn’t be so concerned with what people think.”

“You’re right. Well now that you know my deep dark secret I think it’s only fair you tell me one of yours.” I said as we started walking home.

She looked at me with an unsure look and her face went a little gloomy. “Alright fine, you’re probably are going to find out anyway.”

“Find out what?”

“Why I moved.”      

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