Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


4. Chapter 4


  I locked up for the night and started walking back home. It wasn’t as cold as I expected it to be, probably because there was no wind, but it started lightly snowing. I walked the two blocks just thinking about what was going to happen to me here, what was I going to do after I graduated? I was still waiting on my reply from Browyn Conroy in Dublin. I wanted to go into hair and makeup. My mom said I was completely crazy and that I would never make a living doing that. I applied anyway hoping to get a response, they said I should get it between now and March, even though I applied a year ago. Then I started thinking about school and what I had to do, Environmental science and English homework. Then Zayn popped into my head. As much as I wanted to deny it, I did like him. He was sweet, funny, and really hot. He never mentioned if he had a girlfriend and I didn’t want to ask. Hopefully this is just a small crush and I’ll grow out of it in no time.

   “I’m starving.” I said softly to no one.

   “Aren’t you always?” My uncle Ryan said, startling me.

  “Oh god, you scared me.” I said as I took off my shoes and jacket and laid my bag on the stair case. “What did Aunt Tracy make for dinner?”

“Stew. It was good, how was your first day?” he said as he sat down at island in the middle of the kitchen and pulled out two bowls, went over to the large pot that rested on the stove and began to spoon out the stew.

“It was good.” I said with a convincing smile as he handed me a bowl and sat across from me.

“Oh don’t you just say “it was good” missy, I know about the fights.” He said with a smirk on his face, “Why do you and Aaron feel the need to fight with people on the first day, don’t you want to make a good impression?”

          My uncle was the kind of dad that believed “let kids be kids” and let them handle their own problems, he didn’t care if you were in a fight as long as you didn’t start it for no good reason, if you did then that was a whole other story.

Uncle Ryan was like a second dad to me. Every summer he would come out to America we would spend the whole summer down the shore, going to amusement parks, spending all day in the pool, barbequing every night for dinner, typical things dads would do with their children. My actual dad was an ass to be honest. He always worked, and when he wasn’t working he would be drinking or starting fights. Then there was that 4% of him I actually liked. When he was around the whole family he acted like a totally different person, caring, funny, and nice. I only saw that at family parties, special occasions, and probably once every two weeks if I was lucky. He always felt the need to start a fight with me for no reason at all. My mom on the other had is normally someone I could laugh with, go shopping with, and watch movies all day with. But at times she made me feel horrible, if she was having a bad day she would pick out all the bad things about me and nag me about all the things I do wrong in life and, After “the accident” I was relieved that I wouldn’t only be escaping the thoughts and conversations of it but also the pointless fighting from my dad and my mom and her contestant controlling of me. But they love me and are good to me and I couldn’t be any more appreciative towards them. I just needed a little space to grow.

“Tracy knows too, she was a little bent out of shape when she heard that you got into a fight, but when she heard what it was about she was a little calmer.”

“Thank god, I hate to see her all worked up. And it really was nothing.”

“Ummhum, how’s Jimmy?” he said breaking away from the conversation.

“Good, he left around four though, Lydia said she was getting contractions again, he called me and said it was a false alarm and asked me if I could close up, he wanted to stay with her just in case it happened again, but Peter will be there tomorrow and he has something for you he said.” Lydia was Jimmy’s 9 month pregnant wife who was due any day now and a family friend of my uncle. Jimmy’s brother Peter sometimes took over the shop when Jimmy wasn’t there, but he worked as a security guard at the Goodison Park football stadium in Liverpool.  

“He probably got us the tickets for the match!”

“What match?”

“The Liverpool and Everton game!” my uncle said enthusiastically. “I’ve been waiting on these tickets, were going with the Malik’s. There friends of ours. Their boy goes to school with Aaron and you, have you met him? His name is Zayn.”

“Yeah he’s in a few of my classes, and I ate lunch with him, Aaron and my new friend Catherine.”

“Good, I’m glad, why don’t you have Catherine over Friday while Aaron’s at Zayn’s?”

“I was just about to ask you that, thanks. I’ll ask her tomorrow. Stew was good.”  I said as I grabbed both of our bowls and rinsed them out.

“Well I’m bushed, I think ill head upstairs and go to bed early.” He said with a yawn followed by a kiss on my cheek.  “Good night Mairead.”

“Night Uncle Ryan”  

           I spent a few more minutes downstairs watching TV as I made my lunch for tomorrow and put it in the fridge. Making my lunch made it easier for me in the morning so all I had to do was get showered and dressed. I always took two showers, one after work and one in the morning, I’ve always done it. It helps me relax and wake up. So I headed upstairs passed Aaron’s room, got my pajamas and towel and took my shower.

I spent the rest of the night finishing homework, skyping with my parents, grandparents, then my friends back home.  I went on Tumblr just to help me fall asleep then by eleven forty five I was in bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of the same routine, except for the fact I had Spanish first and art after lunch due to my block scheduling. Yesterday I asked Catherine if she wanted to sleep over Friday and she said yes so we planned a movie night with lots of food.  The school days felt longer and by the time I got to Jimmy’s I just wanted to go to sleep, thank god I’m off Thursday to Sunday.

Jimmy’s wife went into labor today and left me at the store again but this time with Peter. He let me go home early because there was no one in the store and it had been dead for the last forty five minutes and he could tell I was tired and barely functioning. I walked the two blocks and collapsed on the couch and took an hour nap. By the time I woke up it was six and Aunt Tracy was starting dinner.

“Hey there sleepy head.” She said as she put the meat in the pan.

“H-Hi.” I was still half asleep and my voice was scratchy.

“I’m making tacos for dinner. Aaron go set the table please.”  My cousin got up off the counter that was hidden by the fridge.

“Didn’t see you there Aar.” I said as my voice became clear.

  “You snore when you sleep.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do, you sound like a fat hamster sleeping.” He said poking me as he walked past me.

“Aaron she doesn’t sound like a fat hamster, sweetie you sound like a little pig, but don’t worry its adorable.” My aunt said trying to make it sound better but completely failed, sending Aaron in complete hysterics.

 “Mom I think you’re right, she does sound like a little piggy, oink, oink,” he said as he made a pig face at me, “She eats like one to, oink, oink.”

“At least I don’t smell like one.” I quickly replied back and all he did was stick out his tongue in reply.

“It feels like I’m raising seven year olds, not seventeen year olds.”  My aunt replied in a motherly tone.

  We all sat at the dinner table talking about our day, Jimmy and Lydia’s baby, who was born at six thirty six, a nine pound three ounce, healthy baby girl named Victoria. My uncle got the call in the middle of dinner and we could hear the proud father on the opposite end.

“What are we having for dinner tomorrow?” Aaron asked. It seemed like all we talked about in our house was food.

 “I don’t know I haven’t talked to Trish in a few days, but I have to call her tonight anyway. Mairead, we go over to the Malik’s every Thursday for family dinner, so don’t make any plans.”


We cleared the table and I was asked to do the dishes while Aaron dried. This ended up in the kitchen being covered in suds and my aunt yelling at us telling us we need to stop fooling around or else someone will get hurt.

Thursday went by quickly and I didn’t have any homework which left the rest of my evening free until we went over to the Malik’s. To be honest I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect from Zayn’s family and I’m not exactly the cleanest eater so I hoped that they wouldn’t have anything messy. I was about to go change out of my yoga pants and sweatshirt into jeans and a nicer top for dinner, but then I saw my aunt, uncle, and cousin, all dressed in comfortable clothes like me. So I kept what I had on and put over my varsity jacket from Brearley over my sweatshirt, and walked with two houses down to the Malik’s. Aaron just opened the door and didn’t even bother to knock. We were greeted by two small girls and an older man.

“Hi I’m Waliyha, and this is Safaa.” The older girl said to me.

 “Hi Waliyha I’m Mairead, hi Safaa. What pretty names.” I said to them as they walked me over to the couch that seated the older man.

“Thank you, this is our Granddad.”

“Hi, my name is Mohammed, but you can call me Granddad, Aaron does.”

“Hi, Mairead, nice to meet you.” I said to him. Zayn and his father and my uncle joined us in the living room and sat down next to us with my uncle next to me on the love seat, Zayn and his dad in the love seat on the opposite side of the coffee table and Granddad in a small chair beside both couches.    

“We know, Zayn talks about you all the time.” The old man said with a smirk and a wink towards the now red Zayn.

“Does he now?” my uncle said in a protective tone as he put an arm around my shoulder.

“No, I don’t, you asked me what kind of ice cream she liked and she told me earlier that day and I told you.” Zayn said in a defensive tone.

I couldn’t help but laugh, I could feel my face getting red. The conversation was getting awkward.

“But he never mentioned how pretty you are Mairead? Why is that Zayn, she’s a lovely girl?” His granddad hit him again with a low blow this time, making sure not to stop at nothing to make Zayn feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.”

“Umm, I um, I don’t know” was all he managed to spit out.

“So you admit she’s pretty?” his dad said joining in on the “lets torture Zayn conversation”.

“Um ughh, I guess.” He said giving his granddad and dad death glares.

“It’s alright Zayn, I give you full permission to date Mairead.” My uncle said, now I felt what Zayn was feeling. My face got red and the room suddenly got twenty times hotter.

“O h my gosh” was all I , managed to say.

“I agree” Aaron said entering the conversation.

“I’m going to go talk to Aunt Tracy” with that I left the extremely awkward conversation       




Zayn’s P.O.V

          I couldn’t believe the conversation that just took place. I could feel all my dignity being completely thrown away as Mairead looked at me in complete shock and embarrassment. My grandfather just took the lowest of blows any man could do, and the fact that Ryan, my dad, and Aaron participated in this game was worse.

          “I’m going to talk to Aunt Tracy.” Mairead said as she got up as quickly as possible and darted into the kitchen.

“Lovely chat dearie!” my granddad yelled back at her.

“Why? What did I ever do to you?” I asked my menace of a granddad.

“I was trying to give you a little push in asking her out.” He said the others were unable to control their laughter.

  “But I don’t like her granddad!” I practically yelled.

“Well then why didn’t you say so, Zaynie?”

“I did, about fifteen times!”

“Zayn, there is no need to shout.”

Then the door bell rang, knowing it was the pizza guy I went to pay him and bring in the pizza. For two families’ it was amazing how much we were eating. The poor delivery boy was balancing three pies, two boxes of chicken wings, and a large soda.

          “Here I’ll help.” A familiar voice said behind me. I passed the boxes to Mairead who skillfully balanced them all while I paid the boy.

“Sorry about my granddad. He’s getting old, and well ya know what happens you start going crazy, making up stories and-“

“Zayn, really its fine I thought it was hysterical, he’s funny, I like him.” she said with a crooked smile.

I took the top boxes from her leaving her with the three pizza boxes, as we went to set them up in the kitchen.

“And about the whole dating thing, um wel-“

“Zayn, don’t worry about it, I know he was just busting your balls.”

“Thank god.” I couldn’t be any more relieved than I was at that moment.

  We set the table as our families helped themselves to the food. Aaron, Mairead, and I sat at the den table away from the adults, my younger sisters and other embarrassing stories yet to come.

“Mairead, you eat like you were raised by wolves.” Aaron said to his cousin.

“I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure there isn’t a manual on how to eat buffalo chicken wings.” She said as she wiped the leftover sauce off her lips and fingers.

“But it still would help to eat like a lady.”

“Oh shut it Aaron.”

“So what are you doing tomorrow, Mairead?” I asked trying to break apart the cousin feud that was about to break out.

“Catherine and I are hanging out. Nothing too good just a bit of relaxing.”

  My younger sister Safaa then entered the den and just sat on Mairead’s lap like she’s known her forever.

“Safaa! You don’t just sit on people’s laps.” I said. She started to get up but Mairead pulled her back down.

“Zayn, calm down she’s fine. Safaa’s nice and cuddly.” she said as she started tickling her. “So Safaa, how old are you?”

“Eight!” she replied with a toothless grin.

“Wow, what a big girl.”

“Do you want to play dolls with me?”

“I loved dolls when I was younger.” She got up and followed the little girl that was pulling her arm up the stairs to her room.

  “I feel bad, she doesn’t have to play with her if she doesn’t want to.” I said as I watched them disappear into Safaa’s room.

“Don’t be she loves kids. Like when we go to the shops and a baby is in a carriage it just starts to smile and laugh its absolutely bizarre. Anyway what are we doing tomorrow?”

“Well my parents, sisters, and granddad are going out the horse races and staying with my aunt.”

“My parents are going to a wedding for one of my dad’s employees and will be back later. But Jerry invited us over to his place, his parents are gone on holiday and he knows how to get into the beer fridge.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

We continued talking about little things, around eight thirty Aaron and his family left and I helped put away the leftovers.

“Hey mum, did you know Mairead is really good at hair? Look!” Safaa said as she propped herself up on the counter to show my mum her hair.

“Oh wow that’s so pretty!”

“It’s called a waterfall braid, and she didn’t pull my hair like Waliyha does.”

“Maybe she can teach me how to do it.” Waliyha said as she came into the room and studied Safaa’s hair like how my mum was.

“I like her she’s fun.” “Yeah, can she come over more.” Both my sisters asked.

“She’s staying with her aunt and uncle, so you’ll be seeing a lot of her. Now bedtime girls. Zayn, sweetie can you just finish this?”

I finished putting away the food and then retreated to my room to finish my homework and packed my overnight bag for Aarons tomorrow so I could keep it in his car and avoid my house all together tomorrow.

“Zayn are you sure you don’t want to go to the races tomorrow?” my dad asked popping his head into my room.

“I’m sure, I’m staying at Aarons anyway.”

“Alright, be safe, I won’t see you until Sunday so be good. Night” he said as he left.


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