Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


3. Chapter 3


  This day was dragging on longer than it needed to. I had one more class then off to work for five hours. This meant sitting behind a counter ringing up all three costumers that would enter the small store. I shouldn’t be complaining, it’s a easy job and the pay is good, I get all my homework done due to the lack of customers and when I do get them they’re the “usuals” like Jimmy says. Zayn had just asked me the question I was hoping of dodging all day. “Why’d you move?” the thought of “the accident’ scares me, and the fact I need to go see a court ordered therapist for three more weeks makes it even worse. Having to talk about the day you killed someone who was about to kill you for an hour and a half, isn’t my ideal way to spend a Saturday morning. Thank god the bell rang, or else the rest of our class would have been awkward.

          He guided me to history, talking about causal things like his three sisters, Doniya the oldest, Waliyha who’s ten, and Safaa who is eight, how he became friends with Aaron and how we had dinner together every Thursday night. I introduced myself again to the teacher got the materials I needed. Then another fight between me and a teacher broke out.

“You’re telling me you already learned this?”

“Yes. When I left we were just starting chapter twelve, can you just put me into a different class, I’m not going to sit here and re-learn six chapters. Isn’t there another class you could put me in?”

“No, as a matter of fact I can’t. They’re all full. So it looks like your just going to have to sit here and listen to me.”  Mr. Herold said, I wasn’t exactly sure why he was getting so angry and frustrated for I was simply just asking if I could transfer into a different class that was more ahead. “Now, go take the seat next to Zayn.”   

My eyes lit up and I started smiling at him like an idiot, at the fact that he was putting me next to Zayn. Yes I knew he was Aaron’s best friend but Zayn was sweet and really attractive. So what if I had a crush on him. I probably will grow out of it but the time I actually get to know him.

          “Do you always manage to get into these many fights on the first day?” he whispered to me

“Not really, I guess it’s just my lucky day. It must be a full moon or something; it’s like all the assholes are coming out.”

He quietly laughed, keeping quiet from Mr. Herold who was reading about how World War I was started. I just sat with my bag on my desk and arms crossed. I didn’t need to take notes because this would be my second time learning this material from the same text book. It was funny how across the Atlantic people were using the exact same text book and learning the same information.

“Trust me I’m not trouble prone.” I said to him. I didn’t want him to get the idea that I was just a bad person or that I looked to pick fights.

“I believe you.” He said without moving his eyes off the board as he copied the notes.

The hour class passed and we were released. I hurried to Aaron’s car where he drove me the Jimmy’s.

“Zayn told me about Mr. Herold, don’t worry he’s a dick anyway.” Aaron said keeping his eyes on the road and stopping at the light.

“Do you two tell each other everything?“

“He’s like a brother to me, of course I do.”

“Oh okay, and were not close. Please Aaron you’ve seen me cry, you’re in it for the long haul now.” I said teasing him.

“That was like six years ago. And you’re my cousin; you know I love you right? You’re like the little sister I always wanted. You’re my first and only best best friend.” He said with sympathy in his voice.

“I love you too Aaron, thanks, and wow an extra best friend and you get all mushy on me I must be a keeper.” I said lightening the mood and poking him.

“And you ruined it.” He said trying to conceal a smile. “did you meet any new friends besides Catherine?”

“Just a few girls, Savannah and Heather. They’re nice but I think Catherine’s the one, like she gets me and she understands all the weird things I do. And she loves all the Disney movies like, Lilo and Stitch, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and her favorite is Peter Pan. It’s like where have you been all my life.”

“You’re kidding. Well I’m glad she’s nice, I have a few classes with her. But I think she’s one of those people who believe in Zayn’s reputation, that’s why she was a little unsure at lunch. You should tell her he’s a good guy. He really is ya’ know.”

“Yeah I know he’s really nice. I’ll talk to her. Bye I’ll see you after dinner.”

“Alright, thanks. Do you want me to come and get you?”

“Nah it’s fine I’ll walk home, it’s not far, just tell Aunt Tracy I’ll be walking home so I’ll be home around 7:15.”

“I’ll do that, be safe, love ya.”

“Love you too boo.” I said as he drove off.

I walked in to Jimmy’s and said hi to him, then took my place behind the counter, starting my chemistry homework.


Zayn’s P.O.V

          Mairead took her seat next to me, smiling at the pointless fight she had just gotten into. I couldn’t help but laugh, she was definitely Aaron’s cousin. I remember the first day at Tong he got into at least five fights, one in the locker room, one at lunch, and three with different teachers.

“Do you always manage to get into these many fights on the first day?” I whispered her.

“Not really, I guess it’s just my lucky day. It must be a full moon or something; it’s like all the assholes are coming out.”

Aaron was right she was funny, but in a sarcastic way. I copied the notes that were being written down, and completely zoning out until I was interrupted. 

“Trust me I’m not trouble prone.” She whispered as she laid her head on her desk and closed her eyes.

“I believe you,” was all I said.

          She darted off after the bell rang, so I just lazily walked around the school until choir practice which started at three o’clock I had half an hour to kill, so I figured I would go outside and have a smoke then start on my homework.

“Hi honey how was practice.” My mom asked as I sat down at the kitchen island. I sat and watched her cook at the stove that was located on the island counter top.

“Fine.” I said as I reached over and stuck my finger in the curry sauce she was making.

“So I talked to Tracy today, it was her niece Mairead’s first day, did you see her? She’s petite, brown hair, hazel eyes, American accent.”

 “Yeah, I saw her this morning while I was in Mr. Hadley’s.” not even realizing what I was saying. Shit, I probably shouldn’t have said that. My mom always got worried and then angry with me whenever I said I saw Mr. Hadley. She’s been called down more than a few times, but this time he said that the matter was resolved and there was no point in brining my mom in.

“Zayn Jawaad Malik why on earth were you in Mr. Hadley’s today, so help me god if you got into another fight-“ she yelled waving the wooden spoon at me with a stern look. I thought of something quickly before cutting her off.

“I was talking about colleges!” I yelled out.

“Really? Oh well I’m proud of you sweetie, taking initiative like that. You don’t need to shout. So did you show Mairead around?”

“Yes, we have study, English, history, and gym together.” I said catching my breath from the bullet I just dodged.

“Oh so she’s a smart girl, good I don’t need you hanging out with anymore bimbo’s like Claire. I didn’t like her. I don’t know why you insisted on dating her for so long.”

 “I dated her for three weeks, mom!”

“Three long and excruciating weeks.” She said as she plated our meal, it was just going to be my mom, dad, sister Safaa and granddad for dinner tonight, Doniya was back at her college and Waliyha was at her friend’s house.  “I swear if you didn’t break up with her I was going to do it myself.”

“Who Claire?” my dad said entering mid conversation, and knowing exactly what we were talking about.

“Hi Zayn how are you?” he said as he ruffled my hair and sat next to me on the island table as my mom slid us our dinner from the kitchen window.

“Fine, just hungry.”

 “Zayn you really shouldn’t date girls like her, they need someone who’s just as intellectually as smart as her. Not someone as smart as you.” He said this and kissed my forehead.

“You better not be talking about that Claire girl. I might be old but my hearing is still intact.” My granddad said as he walked hand and hand into the kitchen with Safaa.

“You’re kidding me right, this was two years ago, I dated her for three weeks!” I couldn’t believe they were actually bringing this up. Claire was my first girlfriend and we dated our second year at Tong. I didn’t really know her when I asked her out. All I knew was that she liked me and I thought she was somewhat pretty. But then I actually got to know her. She was sweet but wasn’t the sharpest, and I found out that she didn’t filter herself in the worst way possible. That’s when I broke up with her and she moved to Ireland that summer for her dad’s work.  

“She asked me if I knew Pocahontas.” My granddad said he always used this line whenever he wants to tease me. Because of that comment she made I broke up with her I couldn’t take her stupidity anymore.

“So I hear the O’Neil’s cousin is at the high school.” My dad said diverting from the awkward subject.

“Yeah, her name is Mairead.”

“Do you fancy her Zayn?” my little sister Safaa asked innocently.

I could feel my cheeks get red and my family looked at me waiting for an answer.

“N-No, no of course not, she’s Aarons cousin, it’d be weird.”
“I bet he does and he’s just not telling us.” Safaa said as my family busted out in Oohs and Ahhs.

“Well we’ll get to meet her Thursday for family dinner, why don’t you order pizza Trish, nothing to formal, you know to make her feel comfortable around us and so we can get to know her. That way Zayn won’t be embarrassed when he does tell us he fancy’s her.” My granddad said.

“Pizza and ice cream! Can we have pizza and ice cream?” Safaa practically yelled.

“Sure sweat heart, Zayn why don’t you ask her what kind of ice cream she likes, I already have the kind Aaron, Tracy, and Ryan like.”

“She likes butter pecan, vanilla, or cookie dough. It doesn’t matter just no chocolate.”

“For a girl you don’t fancy you now an awful lot about her.” My dad said with a surprised expression.

“We played quick fire while we shot baskets in gym today.”

 “Right.” Was all my granddad said, ending that painful conversation.

    Dinner was done and I helped my dad with the dishes while my mom went to give Safaa her bath and get her ready for bed. By the time the dishes were done. It was already seven o’clock so i decided to finish my homework and watch some TV then go to bed.



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