Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


2. Chapter 2


  I was on my way down the corridor to environmental science. I entered the classroom as soon as the bell rang. A tall, young, Asian woman approached me and introduced herself as Miss. Wang. I was seated at a lab table with a girl named Catherine. She was a typical Irish stereotype with long reddish blonde hair, green eyes, tall, skinny and gorgeous. She smiled as I sat down.

“Hi I’m Mairead.”

“Catherine” she said with a small wave and smile “That’s Gaelic right?”

“Yeah, my dad’s side is from Fermanagh.”

“No way, my parents are from Mullingar. We lived there until I was two then we moved here to Bradford.”

That’s when I picked up on her Irish accent.

“My aunt, uncle, and cousin lived in Omagh until um four years ago I think not quite sure I know it was the summer of his first year here at Tong though.”

“Is Aaron O’Neil your cousin?” she said with a whispering tone. Miss. Wang kept shooing us warning looks as she turned back around to finish what she as writing on the board.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” I was curious to how she knew; I mean people told me that we looked similar. He was a lot taller than me because his dad, my dad’s brother-in-law, was 5’10. But Aaron is a six foot two, one hundred and sixty-sixty pound seventeen year old with blonde hair and hazel eyes like mine.

“You’re a spitting image of each other! When you walked in, I thought you were Aaron in drag.” She said. We both busted out laughing with a result of Miss. Wang telling us to pay attention.

          The rest of the class went by slowly. The bell finally rang and I looked at my schedule, I had calculus next then lunch. I asked Catherine where my room was and she said she was going that way anyway to go to French. The whole school was the shape of a pentagon with doors leading to the court yard on to a path that made it easier to cut across the school to get to a class that was on the other side of the school. We had to go from the north wing to the east. We decided to cut through the court yard since the halls were packed with people and due to the cold not many people wanted to walk through the cold, but we managed to stay warm for the quick two minute walk.

          “Holy shit its freezing; I don’t know how you put up with the cold. I hated the cold back in New York! Now I hate it even more.” I said; It was true I hated the cold so much but I was used to it by now.

           “Did you like New York?”  Catherine asked as she stopped at a classroom that said AP Calculus written on the door.

          “Yeah, I liked it a lot.” I said getting quiet and uncomfortable. Catherine noticed how uncomfortable I was becoming and quickly changed the subject.

          “Hey, so if you’re not sitting with anyone at lunch you can sit with me!” she said with a preppy attitude.

“I would love too,” but then I remembered I promised Zayn I would sit with him, and I didn’t want to come off as a bitch by ditching him since he was the first person to talk to me and show me around. “But this guy Zayn who’s in a few of my classes already offered, but you should sit with us.”

          I was then pushed into the room with by a sea of people and not able to hear what Catherine was saying.

“Sorry Catherine I couldn’t hear what you said, just meet in the cafeteria.”

She nodded and continued down the hallway.

          Calculus was horrible. Not the subject but the class in general. I spent a good ten minutes at the beginning of class arguing with my teacher, a youngish man called Mr. D, about the pronunciation of my name. At one point I got up from my seat in the front, took a marker that rested on his desk and wrote in big letters:



“Now say it with me, Mairead like parade but with an M.” I said in frustration.

“Mairead?” he finally said correctly.

The class was in a laughing fit and clapping at the fact that we had wasted so much time going over my name and that I had to write it on the board and say it in a way a kindergarten teacher would tell her class how to pronounce cat.

Then I had this kid Stan who was attempting to hit on me but I ignored him, exhausted from the argument I just had with Mr. D.  

The class was finally over, and I had to cross the freezing court yard to get to my locker. I exchanged my books for my next classes, English, History, and gym. I closed my locker and jumped at the unexpected sight of Zayn who was leaned against the lockers.

“Oh my god, you scared me.” I said clenching my still fast beating chest.

“Hahahah, sorry I thought I would show you were we sit so you’re not awkwardly walking around the lunch room looking for me.” He said with a small smile.  

     “Thanks, that’s nice of you” I said as he led me to the lunch room and to his table.

“Well what can I say I’m a nice guy.”

“Don’t push it” I joked as I sat down across from him and some guy I didn’t bother looking at.

 He let out a small laugh and I turned to face the boy next to him. It was my cousin Aaron.

“Hey loser.” I said to my cousin as he looked up to see who had called him that and laughed at me, while Zayn sat there confused.

    “Sup freak” he said grinning at me while I laughed at him.

My cousin and I had a very close relationship since we both were only children. He was like a brother to me. He was one of the only people I had let see me cry and that was a big deal. I hated crying in front of people, it made me feel weak and that they would use that opportunity to take advantage of me. The day that he saw me cry was when we both were twelve and my uncle married into my mom’s side was in an accident and died at the age of thirty four. I was really close to him, and when he died I was heartbroken. The wake was held at his house and I went outside, because I couldn’t handle hearing my family talk about him dying anymore, and sat on a bench hidden in his backyard covered by a weeping willow tree. My cousin found me crying and hugged me like a big brother would. Ever since then we have been really close.

“Wait you two know each other?” Zayn asked confused.

“Yeah she’s the one I was telling you about, from America on my mom’s side.”  Aaron answered.

“But she’s not awkward, or weird, or unattractive.” He said still confused.

“Gee thanks Aaron, feeling the love over here.” I said embarrassed that he talked to Zayn about me. Zayn was attractive and I didn’t want him to now how weird I really was.

“You clearly haven’t met her then. Trust me she’s weird. But she’s a good craic, she might even be one of the funniest people you actually meet once you get to know her. And she sure as hell isn’t the shyest. If she has a problem with you she definitely will let you know.” Aaron said as he viscously bit into his sandwich.

“You do realize I’m sitting right here.” I said, my face was completely red from embarrassment now.

“Your face is red.” he said back

“Thanks for the information dipshit.” I said sarcastically back to him.

          At that point Zayn had spit out the water in his mouth all over the floor beside him and busted out laughing.

“Are you okay?” I asked hoping that he wasn’t choking.

In between laughs he finally said “Oh My God, dipshit, that’s the funniest name I ever heard. You Americans and your nicknames, hahah dipshit that’s classic.” Aaron and I sat their laughing at his amusement in the “nickname” dipshit. Aaron had heard me say it countless times so it wasn’t new to him.

“I need to get a water.” I got up from our table and walked over to the vending machine. On my way back I bumped into Catherine, and told her to sit with us. I took her wrist and dragged her to our table.

“Catherine is going to sit with us if that’s okay?” I said not really caring what their opinion was.

“Yeah sure”

“Hey Catherine!” Zayn said.

“Um hi,” She said shyly.

We were half way through lunch and Catherine and I were in a deep conversation about our favorite movies, what the shops were like in New York, food, and normal conversation topics. It was like we were old friends reconnecting, I really liked her, she was funny and nice and did the same weird things I did, that I though no one else did. Then someone approached our table.

“Hey baby,” a familiar voice said to me as they taped me on my shoulder and sat down in the chair next to me.

“Sweet Jesus,” I said loudly as Aaron and Zayn stopped their conversation to see what my loud comment was about.

“You’re the hot American girl from my calculus class that set Mr. D straight. So I came over to tell you that me, you, and my friend here” he said as he pointed to the front of his pants and winking at me, “are going on a date Friday alright? Good!” he said in a cocky tone and started to get up.

“Stan that’s my cousin, you’re no-“Aaron began to say as I cut him off with my hand raised signaling him to shut up.

“Well first of all you’re a tool, secondly I’m pretty sure you would have better luck pleasing a girl with a balloon animal then what ever is in your pants. And let’s be honest I don’t like you and were never going out.” As I said this to him, he and the table looked at me in shock. Not realizing that the “shy” new girl would have the balls to say this to him and not even know who he was.

“Do you have any idea who I am?” Stan replied still in shock

“An idiot?”

“I’m the captain of the football team, every girl wants me, you’re lucky I picked you.” He said in his usual cocky tone

“Oh come on leave the deaf and blind out of this. That’s so mean those poor girls can’t even tell how horrible you are.” I said, really trying to get to him, it was guys like this that pissed me off so much.

“Bitch!” he said to me as he walked away.

“ OOOOH Burn!” I yelled back mimicking Emma Stone from the movie “Easy A.”

‘I told you,” Aaron said to Zayn as I sat back down in my seat.

“hahahha that was great Mairead!” Catherine said as we all started hysterically laughing.

“Classic.” Zayn said taking another bite into his lunch.

“What classes do you have this afternoon?” Aaron asked me.

“English, Gym, and History.”

“Oh you’re with Zayn the rest of the afternoon, good. Now I don’t have to worry about you picking fights with anyone else.” He said in a brotherly tone. I just stuck my tongue out as a reply to his strict comment and continued my conversation with Catherine.

The bell rang and I walked with Zayn to our next class.    




Zayns P.O.V

          We left the lunch room and we walked to our English class together. I led as Mairead followed closely behind. I was still a bit stunned at the fact that she had the audacity to tell-off Stan and not caring or knowing who he was. She took a look at him and decided what he was and told him. Something no one wanted to do, Stan was a cocky little bitch, to be honest, and he was going to get it one day. I just didn’t expect Mairead to say something like that to him, especially on her first day here.

          We reached Mr. Green’s room and Mairead introduced herself. He then introduced her to the rest of the class and gave her the materials she would need for the rest of the year, which included her copy of Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet, three English plays that we are to have finished by the end of the year. Mr. Green assigned her to a seat on the opposite side of the room from me, but we were still visible to each other.

          “Mairead, why don’t you take that empty desk next to Savannah?”

          “Alright.” She said in an unenthusiastic tone. Then she looked and me and frowned. I couldn’t help smiling at the fact that she was sad that she wasn’t sitting next to, me, the only person she knew in this class.

          “Now who would like to catch Mairead up on what we have learned so far in Act 2 of Macbeth?”

          Before anyone could answer Mairead told him that she had already read this and Romeo and Juliet her sophomore year in New York.

          “Great you’re ahead, guess we’ll just pick up where we left off. Page 63, Macbeth enters the scene and Lennox says good morrow, noble sir. Who would like to read?”

 The class went by fast it consisted of reading and taking notes off the board. We then headed to gym. We stopped at her locker first to get her gym clothes. Still in the plastic bag that it came in from the company, she must have just gotten them. We changed in the locker rooms and were seated on the floor in the gym. Mairead was already seated with a girl named Heather when I came in, so I sat next to Jerry and his girlfriend Holly. Jerry was one of those school friends, like the ones who you only hang out with at school, we were in a lot of the same classes and he was a nice kid.

          “So that’s the new girl?” he asked me as the gym teacher explained that today we were just doing basketball free-throws.

          “Yeah, she’s Aaron O’Neil’s cousin”

          “Is it true she told off Stan?”

          “Yeah, how’d you know you were in the second lunch?”

          “Everyone’s talking about it, you know Cassandra right,” I nodded as he continued, Cassandra was the schools ultimate gossip resource, everything from her was a hundred percent true every time, it amazes me how she finds everything out, “well she was at the table behind you and saw the whole thing, she then told Amanda and she told Holly and I in second lunch. Is it true she called him a tool and that he tried to get in her pants?”

“Well first he told her that they were going on a date and she stopped him and told him he was a tool and that he would have an easier time pleasing a girl with a balloon animal. It was actually pretty funny, he asked her if she knew who he was and all she said was an idiot and he told her how everyone wanted him, but she said something like oh that’s mean you shouldn’t hit on the deaf and blind they don’t know how horrible he was. Then she just stormed away.”

  “Shit and it’s only her first day.”

“Where’s she from?” Holly said piping in.

“New York.”

“Why did she move? Do you know?”

I thought about the question and realized she didn’t say why she moved just that she moved from New York. It was quite strange actually, moving to a different school half way through the year.

“No, I don’t actually. I’ll find out though.”

Our conversation was interrupted by our teacher telling us to grab a partner and all go to a basket, there were just enough people for each group to have a basket.

“Jerry wanna be my partner?” I asked him.

“Sorry man, but Holly already asked me.”

So I walked over to Mairead who was in the closet getting a ball.

“Hey, wanna be my partner?” she said with a wink and a huge grin.

“I was just about to ask you the same, Jerry ditched me for his girlfriend.’ I said pointing to the couple as jerry showed her how to shoot a foul shot.

“Aw they’re cute together, and Heather already promised Grace she’d be her partner. So I guess were the leftovers.”

“Hahahah, so do you want to go first?”

“Nah, I think I’ll see what I’m up against first.” She said passing me the ball and standing under the net.

“Competitive much?”

 “Just a tad, you should see me at hide-and-go-seek. I take that shit seriously.” She said laughing at her own joke.

“Why don’t we play a game then?”

“What game?”

“Hummm, how about a quick fire of ten questions each?” I wanted to get to know her better since I she was my best friends cousin and I would be seeing her a lot, and at family dinners.

“Sure, I’ll ask you them first while you shoot twenty baskets. Okay first question, I’ll start simple, favorite color.”

“Red.” I said as I aimed for my shot as it hit the back board and sailed into the net.

“Do you have any siblings?” She said as she rebounded the ball and bounced passed it to me.

“Yep, two older sisters and one younger.”

 “Aw that’s cute, umm pet peeve?”

“Liars, hate ‘em.”

“Bad habits?”

“Umm smoking.” I missed the shot after realizing I said this, I knew it was stupid I mean who wants to be friends with a guy that has a bad reputation and smokes.

 She passed me back the ball not even reacting to the disgusting answer I had given her. So I repeated it to make sure she heard me.


“I know I heard you, I was just thinking of another question.” She replied coolly.

“Most people look at me a funny way when they hear I smoke, why didn’t you?”

“Both my parents smoke and a lot of my relatives do to, I don’t see the problem with it, and it doesn’t change a person it’s just a habit that you can’t break, okay question five. Favorite animal?”


“Favorite food?”


“Do you have any pets?”

“A dog named Tyson, he’s a staffie.”

“When’s your birthday?”

“January 12th”

“Favorite book?”

“Harry potter, of course”

“Favorite movie?”

“Freedom Writers,” I said as I passed the ball back to her “Your turn.”

“Don’t make fun of my answers. They might be strange, I’m just warning you.”

“I won’t.”

“Pinky promise?” Mairead said as she held out her left pinky.

“I promise. You can move up past the foul line if you can’t reach.”

“Wow you really do underestimate me don’t you Zayn? She said with disappointed look on her face.

“Most girls I know can’t make a basket and umm” I started to lose my train of though.

“And are un-athletic, well for starter’s I’m not like most girls, and I played girls varsity basketball, soccer, and softball. So I think I’m pretty sure how to do this.”

“Okay then first question, favorite color?”

“Easy, purple and aqua.” She said as she bent her knees, arched her back and raised the basketball over her head. She took a second then forced the ball into the air gliding the ball into the net with a swoosh sound.

“Well look at this hot shot.” I said sarcastically as she stuck her tongue out at me. “favorite animal?”

“Dolphins, I love dolphins, or sea turtles, like squirt in Finding Nemo.”

“Do you have any pets?”

“Well I had a dog back home in New York, his name is Cooper, he’s a cocker spaniel and a poodle mix. But he looks more like a cocker spaniel but he’s a really cool reddish color not like a brown.”

“favorite movie?”

“Monsters Inc.” she said with a huge smile.

“favorite book?”

“The Dashwood Sisters and the Secret of Love”

“Favorite flavor ice cream?”

“I have so many, I love chocolate chip cookie dough, butter pecan, vanilla, I don’t like chocolate though.”

“Who’s do you look up to, like as a role model?”

“Probably, Walt Disney.”

“Favorite type so weather, like winter, summer, fall, spring?”


“How about favorite food?”

“Well I love steak, but I also really like broccoli, and dinosaur chicken nuggets.”

  “I love chicken nuggets, they’re the best. I could eat a whole bag”

“Oh my god, same they’re delicious!” she said, you could hear the New Jersey accent in her voice, I couldn’t help but smile. “What are you smiling at Malik?”

    “Your accent, I though you were from New York, but you have a Jersey accent.”

“That’s because I lived in Jersey until my sophomore year, because freshman year I would commute from jersey to the city taking the trains in, and back. So we moved to the city it was better for all of use since my dad already worked in the city and my mom was going to school there.”

“Why’d you move?” I asked still curious as to why she would move so late in the year during her last year at her old school. “The only reason why I’m asking is because it’s a little late in the year.”

She got really uncomfortable and when she took a shot she missed it then the bell rang, signaling us to get changes for the last period.

“It’s a long story.” She said as she went back to the locker room to change.


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