Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


15. Chapter 15


                “God I hate him so much!” I screamed in my head as I ran out of the flat and down past the lobby. I just needed to go on a jog, or a sprint.

                These past two weeks made me feel more emotions towards him then I have ever felt towards anyone before. I love him and I’m ready to forgive him one minute then the next I want to rip out his spleen.  I just can’t decide what to do with him anymore.  I’ll just go hide in the park for a few hours. Why not?

“MAIREAD!!” were the last words I heard before I felt this excruciating pain and the sounds of screeching and honking.

                I tumbled over various surfaces until I finally stopped and landed on something hard.  I blacked out for a couple of seconds and felt Paige’s hands picking up my head.

“Mairead, Mairead, Mairead, look at me, look at me.” she said until I finally did.

“Lou call 9-1-1” she screamed.

“Mairead just keep your eyes open and talk to me until an ambulance gets here.”

                I looked up at her and down at my leg that was in pain.

“Oh shit that’s a lot of blood.” I laughed at her and smiled.

“Your one twisted bitch.” She replied. “What hurts?”

“I think it’ll be easier to explain what doesn’t. My mouth.” I said.

“Mairead come on now keep your eyes open.”

“But I’m just really tired.”

“Mairead, fuck, is she okay? Is she breathing?” Niall asked running towards me with Cath sprinting ahead.   

“Hey guys join the party. I don’t know what’s going on down their but I don’t think my foot is facing the right way.”

“Mairead, shit. okay I hear the ambulance.” Cat said as I started to fall back a sleep.

                Holy mother of GOD everything hurts. What is going on? I woke up to see nurses running around and yelling things out.

“hey, hi yeah what’s going on?” I asked them.

“We’re prepping you for surgery, just stay calm and talk to me we need to keep you awake, you lost a decent amount of blood honey. I know you’re feeling really tired but you need to keep your eyes open until we give you the anesthetic then you can go back to sleep. Okay sweetie?” the nurse told me.

“Yeah okay, I’ll try.”

“Mairead? Mairead? Can you move that’s my girlfriend?!” Zayn screamed as he ran along the side of   my bed. “Mairead I’m so sorry, I love you I shouldn’t of let this happen, just stay with me, please.” He cried.

“Zayn, shhh, its not like you hit m with the car. I love you too ill see you when I get out.” I called as they pushed me through the surgery room.

                Next thing I knew I was waking up to horrible pain in my leg and head and had wires and tubes sticking out of every possible part of me, and I felt drunk.

“Hi Miss. Mairead, glad to see your awake. Surgery went perfect. We sealed up your leg and you got a few stitches to the head but nothing traumatic. We put you on a drip to bump up your blood count. You seem to be back on track. But one thing was that we had to give you laughing gas cause the anesthetic was wearing off and it wasn’t strong enough for your body so you might feel dizzy and even a little drunk and emotional but that’s absolutely normal and it should wear off in about half an hour. Now if you need anything just press this button.” The nurse said and walked out.

“hahah thanks nursey.” I called.

“Mair!! Thank god your okay!” Cat said as her and Paige came into the room.

“I’m fine as a pickle Cath.”     

“You sound drunk.” She said to me as she looked at the chart that hung off my bed.

“It’s the anesthetic they gave her, they gave Mair laughing gas.”

“HAHAHA guys look at all the tubes HAHAH”

“Mairead! You’re alive.” The boys busted in hugging me. 

“HAHAHA I’m not dead silly.”

“She sounds like she’s on crack.” Harry said.

“HAHAHA that a good one Har.”

“We got you flowers. Where do you want them Mairead?” Liam asked.

“Oh my god Liam, you guys that’s so sweet, you shouldn’t have I’m so lucky to have friends like you.” I said as I started to cry. 

“Why is she crying, make it stop.” Niall said in panic.

“Calm down it’s all the drugs she’s on.”

“Mairead we’re going to go and get some food, okay? Zayn is outside and wanted to talk to you alone so I’m going to send him in okay babe?” Louis said to me.

“Send that sex kitten in.” I giggled. I can tell right now I’m going to hate myself when this stuff wears off.

“Oh god. Okay bye Mair see you in a little.” Cat said as they left.

“ Oh god look at you, I’m so sorry Mairead this is all my fault I can’t believe I did this im sorry, I really am.” He said leaning over my bed and running his fingers through my hair and pushing it aside to see the stitched up gash.

“Shut up and get over here.” I said as I dizzily pulled him over me and kissed him.

“Woohhhoooo!” shouted everyone outside followed by whistles from the boys who were looking at us from the glass wall that looked into my room.

“Yeah Mair!” Cat yelled.

“Shhh let me make out with my boyfriend guys HAHAHAH.”

                I spent a few days in the hospital so they can observe me, Zayn stayed with me all three days. Even though he looked like a dirty hobo from lack of sleep and the quick showers he would take in the hospital bathroom. But by the third day I was allowed to leave after they put a cast on my leg.

“Okay Miss Mairead the doctor is going to put a cast on and you’ll be free to go.” The nurse said as she helped me to the edge of my bed. so the doctor could wrap me up.

“Hi Mairead, I’m Doctor Stevens.” An older man said as he came into the room and started to take off my soft cast and put on a slip of my hard one I would need to keep on for three months.

“So what color cast would you like?” he asked with a grin.

“Zayn you pick.”

“Hot pink.” He said with wide eyes.

“Hot pink it is.”

 It took an hour and a half for Dr. Stevens to go through all the dos and don’ts for the next three months. So what it basically came down to was Zayn was going to have to help me with everything. But neither of us had a problem with it. This crash and the last few days here in the hospital has really fixed everything and I think we were finally back to normal.

“Don’t worry doc, I’ll take care of her.” Zayn reassured him.

“Okay see you in a few months Mairead.”

“Bye Doctor.” I called after him. “Babe can you just grab my few things that are by the bedside and put them in my bag?” I asked him. “Okay ready to go.”

“Yeah just give me a minute.” He said as he kneeled in font of me and placed his arms folded on my thighs. 

“Zayn wateryou doing.” I asked with a smirk.

“I love that wateryou doing, I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry and I love you very much.” He said in all seriousness.

What, wait is he breaking up with me. ohmygod what a douche.

“I just hope that we never have to come back here and that the next we do need to come back  is if were expecting a little Malik junior.” He said with a huge smile.

                Okay good. I still love him.

“Are you saying you want to have kids with me one day Zayn? I just hope you know I’m no basic bitch I need to be wined and dined and on a proper date before we start the baby making.” I joked with him.

“Yes, I do. And fine I’ll take you to KFC later.” He said as he rolled his eyes.

“But I want to give you this first.” He said as he pulled out a ring.


“Zayn, im having trouble breathing what is this.”

“Relax its just like a um promise ring. Promising you one day not today, but someday we’ll get married and do the whole wedding and a baby thing when were ready.” He said.

“Zayn Jawaad Malik are you really giving me a promise ring. Who are you Nick Jonas?” I said to him and he looked down and got a little upset. “Zayn im joking, of course I want all of that and I wouldn’t picture it with anyone else but you.” he slipped the ring on my ring finger. The ring was completely silver in a band form with diamonds around it and on the inside was engraved Zayn. He then pulled out a similar one but just silver with no diamonds and showed me the Mairead engraving in the inside of his.

“Zayn I think we should put them on a different finger cause this could start some rumors.”

“okay fine.” he said as he moved it to his middle finger and I did the same.

“Ready to go now?” I asked him.

“Yeah Paul is waiting out the front.” He replied as he passed me the crutches.

“You’re still taking me to KFC right?” I asked worriedly, hoping I would still get my food.

“We’ll pick some up you need to rest.”

“Fine. Can we pick up a movie to?”

“Of course. Now come on gimpy, you’re walking to slow.” He said as a old man in a wheel chair passed us.

“Okay did you see that, he was clearly 95 and he passed us. Can I just carry you?” he asked.

“No I need to learn how to use them, I just need them for a few weeks anyway.”

“Ugh come on.” He moaned until we finally reached the car and he pushed me in.

“To KFC Paul!” Zayn called.        



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