Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


14. Chapter 14


Mairead’s POV

The month I’ve been dreading has finally came.

Its March.

We’ve been in and out of America since after the Brit awards, we had to fly to LA for iCarly tapings and haven’t really had time at home. But once we finally have a hiatus Cat, Paige and I are going off to Sweden for the next month to work on the Victoria Secret fashion show. Traveling  would be a week in all, set up would take four to five days, practicing would be ten days, and eight days to get ready for the big event which was March 30th. Today we were leaving at eight at night to Stockholm the flight would only be an hour long and the time difference and was only an hour ahead.

                “So what will you and the boys be up to while we’re gone?” Paige asked Paul who sat on the couch while we waited for the boys to come back with dinner.

                “Well I’m gonna keep the lads busy, they’ll be working on a new album and that should take a lot of time out of the month, long hours ya know?” we nodded and he continued to read his mental planner,” Then they have a few small local gigs for radio winning fans and a couple of signings. I don’t want them to over tire me!”

                “Hahah sounds good.” Cat said as she hauled her suitcase out into the living area with Paige’s bag and mine.

                “If they complain or give you a hard time, don’t be afraid to toss them around a little bit.” I joked with him he laughed and continued to watch the rugby game. Then the boys came crashing through the front door.

                “Good! They’re still here!” Harry shouted as he ran through the door and tripped over the suitcases causing Liam to do so as well.

                “Harry you dick! Watch where you’re going!” Liam joked helping the boys up.

                “Idiots, we don’t leave until eight, how many times do we have to tell you?!” Cat sassed at them.

                 “Sorry I keep thinking its seven thirty.” Lou said setting the food on the kitchen island

                “Yeah and with Niall ordering we thought we would miss it. He literally stood on line for twenty minutes trying to decide what to get and he ended up getting both of the items because he couldn’t decide.” Liam said towards Niall causing him to blush.

                “So, Cat will probably eat it if I don’t like it, right?”

                “Is that even a question?” she replied to him earning her a kiss on the cheek and a huge hug.

                “Alright it’s seven now we have half an hour before we need to go.” Paige announced and we ate while Paul ate on the couch to watch the intense match.  I took my seat next to Zayn and looked at gloomy boyfriend.

                “What’s wrong Princess?” I teased him lifting his chin up and turning him to face me.

                “Nothing…. It’s just ….um.. I….. umm… -“ he hesitated.

                “Spit it out Harry! God we already have one member who speaks like he’s illiterate we don’t need you to as well!” Lou joked as he nudged Harry that was next to him.

                “ITSJUSTTHATIMGOINGTOMISSYOULOTSANDLOTSANDIDON’TWANTYOUTOGO!” he shouted in a funny accent incredibly fast. I kissed his cheek earning me a smile from him.

                “English would have been nice.” Cat said from across the table.

                “I understood him.” I replied

                “Freaks.” She mumbled in to her plate.

Half an hour later we were at the departure gate, saying our last good-byes before we jetted off to Sweden.

                “You better call me every day.” Zayn said as he cupped my tiny face in his hands.

                “A phone works both ways ya know?” I joked with him as I looked over to see Paige burring herself into Louis coat and Niall and Cat off talking on a bench by the gate.

                “I’ll miss you.” He said still smiling at my wise ass comment.

                “I’ll miss you too.” I said kissing him and hugging him.

                “I packed a surprise for you in a bag for you.” He said gesturing down to a small carry on that I hadn’t notice he had.

                “Do you want me to open it now?”

                “No wait until you get to Sweden then open it and call me when you do so I know you arrived safely.”

                “Fine,” I said in frustration,” we need to go now, I’ll see you in 30 days, trust me it’ll fly by quicker than you think it will.”

                “Sure, bye babe.” He said kissing me one last time and I was joined by Cat and Paige and we started walking into the gate.

                “I Love You!” called a funny voice and I turned around to see Zayn frantically waving his hand.

                “I love you too!” I called back in an equally weird voice causing the Asian Honor Society students who were exiting the terminal next to us to look at us with much confusion.

                “Mair stop causing a scene.” Paige told me as we approached security.

                “Paige,” I said dramatically stopping in the middle of the airport and throwing my head back and loudly saying “Don’t tell me how to live my life.”

                “Just come on loser.” Cath said as we approached the long line into security. We spent ten minutes in line waiting to go through. Once we were next in line a girl next to us stopped us.

                “Oh My gosh! You’re Paige, Cat and Mairead!” she said walking towards us, she was obviously a fan of the boys but she wasn’t one of those obsessive loud one’s she kept calm and held a conversation with us. She asked us a few questions while we all went through security and continued through while we reached the end.

                “Do you mind if I could get a picture with you three, you all are really nice.” the girl asked us. I looked down at my outfit and thought for a moment if I really wanted a picture of me wearing a OnePiece with red knit slipper that had tassel balls on it to be surfacing around tumblr. But I couldn’t refuse her.

                “Of course!” Cat said happily as we gathered around the girl while her mom took her picture.

                “Thank you so much you guys are the best, I really hope you and the boys get married. You all are such cute couples!” she said as she packed up her carryon and said good bye to us.

                “Oh Mairead by the way I love your OnePiece! I want to get one, are they comfortable.”

                “Yes I love mine haha its the bombdiggity!” I said enthusiastically. Next thing I knew everything in the terminal went quietly as silent.

                “CODE RED! CODE RED! WE NEED A MARSHAL DOWN HERE PRONTO! CODE RED!” I heard over the loud speaker at our security line.

                “MISS CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE A STEP AWAY FROM THE BAG!” I turned around to see a woman in her late thirty’s say to me as she kept her had firmly on her holster.  I was confused at first and then I realized the number one rule of what not to do in an air port.

Say Bomb.


                “MISS CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE A STEP AWAY FROM THE SUSPICIOUS BAG!” she called again as her other officials came to her side. I did what she said with both hands raised in the air. I looked over at Cat and Paige to see them in both shock and hysterics.

                “I swear that I didn’t mean to say that I was just excited… It was just a slip up. I am not carrying a bomb check my bag!” I said to the officials who began to search my carryon.

                “Mama can you please stop saying that and we’re going to have to detain you now.” Said a man who looked like an average civilian, but had an Air Marshall badge under his coat that I could see. He held a zip tie in his hand gesturing me to turn around.

                “Are you her company?” he asked Cat and Paige.

                “Ughhh… yeah?” Paige said scared.

                “You two need to come with me as well, were just going to board you three now so we can situate this.” He said after he searched my bag. “Follow me please.”

We followed him, well they followed him. I was in front of him while he held the zip tie that was holding my wrist together. We went through a series of terminal tunnels to get to a secret entrance to the plane so we wouldn’t cause a panic in the air port. Once we boarded the empty plane he sat me in the back, still detained, while Cat and Paige sat six rows in front of me.

                “Good one Mair!” said Cat she said as her and Paige stood up on their seats and took various amounts of pictures of me detained in the back of the air plane.

                “Shut up Cath!”

                “Miss we will need to know your name, social security number, current residence, and past residence.” The man said coming back with his laptop as he sat in the isle next to me. I gave him all the information he asked.

                “Now please tell me from the top what was going on that you had to use the word BOMBdiggity.” He said while putting emphasis on the bomb.

                “A fan came up to us and asked me if I liked my jumper and I said yes it’s the bombdiggity. I was just simply using it as a compliment. I promise you I would never in my life do anything like that.”

He then went over to Cat and Paige and questioned them.

                “Did your friend here say she was going to do anything drastic, or anything to cause harm to anyone on this flight at all to any of you.”

                “Well……..” Cat began to say.

                “Catherine I’m warning you.”

                “No talking! Just sit still and don’t say a word.”

                “I’m sorry I was just joking, no she did not say anything that would lead me to think of anything suspicious was going on during  this trip.”

                “Miss this is not a joking matter this is a serious matter here, this was a potential bomb threat.”

                “I’m sorry officer.”

                “What about you?” he said turning towards Paige.

                “I know Mairead she would never do anything like that and what she said is completely true.”

                “I’ll know for sure once I get the security footage. In the mean time just stay here and don’t move.” He left and didn’t return for an hour and a half. We had delayed the flight two hours.

You can kick those two things off my bucket list.  

Delaying a international flight.

And being detained by zip ties for yelling bombdiggity in an air port.


                “Alright it looks like everything in your credentials checked out, but there is this suspicious article here about a bank shooting that the FBI sent over I just need to read it before I release you.” He sat in silence for a few short moments while he finished reading the article.

                “Okay it looks like everything is checked out, you can turn around and I’ll un-cuff you. Just be careful of what you say around here you need to be more careful. You can now go to your seat now and get ready for boarding. But I’ll be watching you.” He said as he sat in a seat in the back of the plane.

                “Guys-“ I began to say but was cut off by Paige and Cat.

                “Mairead!” Paige yelled.

                “We think it’s best if you would just shut up the rest of the way.” I agreed to their proposition and slept on from then until landing.

                “We’re going to read about this in SugarScape tomorrow, I’m calling it.” Paige said. 

                “Wake up our little Bomber.” Cat whispered in my ear as we were now boarding off.


                “You brought it upon yourself.” Paige said as she guided us off and towards baggage claim.

After we picked up our bags a car was there from VS to pick us up and bring us to our hotel. Once we were there it was two thirty and when I turned on my phone I had twenty two missed calls from Zayn and forty texts asking if everything was okay, call him, and more.  Cat glanced at my screen.

                “Your boy need to calm down.”

                “We should probably call them and tell them what’s going on.” Paige suggested and turned on skype on her laptop.  We finally connected with them and told the story.

                “SHE DID WHAT??!?!”  Zayn yelled while trying to contain a smile.

                “NO SHE DIDN’T!” Niall rolled back and laughed off the couch.

                “IS SHE IN SWEDISH JAIL?” Louis asked.

                “DO WE NEED TO SEND PAUL?” Liam said somewhat concerned.

I peered my head into view of the camera, “Thank you guys, I’m very great full you find it this funny. PAUL! I can hear you laughing from the background!” with that the large body guard came into view to show us his bright red face that was streaming with laughing tears. We continued to talk for another hour and decide d to go to bed since we would be starting tomorrow afternoon.

 The next few weeks went by very quickly and was extremely stressful. We were forced to work with other makeup artist and hair stylist that were snotty and rude. But we managed to get through it and at the end of the month the show came out amazing. Zayn and I tried to keep in touch every day but after the first week we would only get to talk on the phone three times a week for like twenty minutes.  But it wouldn’t matter now we were flying back tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to see him and the rest of the boys, because two weeks after we come back we’re going to Australia. I couldn’t wait. I decided I would get a local sports team baseball cap every place I traveled, and I got Zayn a t-shirt, chocolate and  pair of sweatpants since he was always looking for a pair. We called the boys the night before saying our plane was arriving at eight am the next day. They said that they were having a party with a few close friends and would try to make it to the airport to pick us up they weren’t occupied by massive hangovers. And if they were Paul would definitely pick us up. I was a little bummed out about that but its fine at least he’ll be home when I get back.

We arrived at the air port bright and early, I kept my mouth shut the whole three hours, besides telling the stuartist what I wanted to drink and eat. The girls we very proud of me. We were greeted by Paul and only Paul. He gave us welcome back hugs and helped us with loading the luggage into the car.

                “Am I going to have to detain you or will you cooperate for the half hour ride?” he joked to me.

                “Thanks Paul I appreciate it.”

                “The boys had a rough night, Harry called me from what sounded like the bathroom. He must have been throwing up his guts.” He told us as he drove to the flat.

                “Did you talk to the others?” Paige asked.

                “No, Harry said that they were all asleep and were probably just as bad as him.”

                “Great, the flat better not be a mess.” Cat said.

                “Have fun with that!” Paul told us. We drove for ten more minutes until we finally reached the flat. Once we reached the flat we slowly opened the door and dropped our suitcases in to find the place pitch black because the shades were down and the lights were off. Once my night vision kicked in I was able to see the hammered body of Andy draped on the couch along with Mazz on the floor. Then we heard someone get up.

                “Sorry babe you need to go! She’ll be here in a few hours!” we heard from the hall in front of us, I turned the hall lamp on to get a better look at the figures.

                “Here’s your shirt, oh don’t forget these heheh.” The voice said again, I couldn’t describe who it was because their voice was all scratchy from the excessive alcohol from last night’s party.

                “Last night was fun Zayn we should do it again.” Another voice called and then finally they came into the lamps view.

                “Some retard left the lamp on all night.”  Zayn said finally seeing me and stopping in his tracks. I looked at him, he was wearing nothing but boxers and he was with this blond bimbo who’s face I couldn’t see, but I could tell she was having a struggle putting on her pants.

I flicked the light switch on turning all the lights on which cause Andy to roll off the couch and fall on to Mazz who both ended up screaming.

I looked at her face, it was none other than Shelia Messer.

                “Oh shit.” I heard Cat and Paige behind call behind me.

                “Fuck! Mairead! Your flight isn’t suppose to come in until eight tonight!” he said still in shock while Shelia just stood there.

                “No Zayn it changed to eight AM! Well of course you wouldn’t have known that because you were too busy banging her to remember!” I practically screamed I was beyond pissed now.  

                “Mairead it’s not what this looks like-“  he began to say but was cut off by all the boys emerging out of their rooms.

                “What is going on out here?” Niall said rubbing his eyes.

                “Why are people screaming?” Harry asked coming out of the bathroom.

                “Oh Hey Paige, Babe I miss you so much, Cat how’s it going? Oh hey little bomber?” he joked as he cleaned his glasses and approached the group that had formed by the door.

                “Hey Lou, look what I found this morning?! Nice surprise ain’t it?” I said as sarcastically and bitchy as I could as I gestured towards Zayn and Shelia both half naked.

                “Holy shit.” they all said in unison as if it was practiced but it wasn’t by the amount of shock in their voices.

                “Welcome fucking home Mairead!” I said to myself. 

Zayn’s P.O.V

                “Welcome fucking home Mairead!” she said with complete sarcasm and an angry grin on her face.

I fucked up. I’m not going to deny it; I really messed up big time. I don’t even remember half the things that went on last night. I knew we threw a party and some of my friends from Bradford came and one of them brought Shelia, I think it was Jerry. I didn’t really talk to her so much at the beginning but shot after shot after shot I started talking to her like we were long lost friends. It was innocent and nothing we were doing was wrong. Until she slipped on a beer that Andy split and I caught her not wanting her to crack her head open on our counter. Then she just grabbed me and started kissing me. I pushed her off a few times and told her I had a girl friend but she said kept on saying that this wouldn’t mean anything, we were both drunk and it’s just sex. She was right it didn’t mean anything but I shouldn’t have done it anyway.  I felt terrible I looked at Mairead her eyes were glossy but I knew she wouldn’t cry in front of everybody.

“Can you please get out of our flat now? Or do you wanna stay and ask the other girls if you can fuck their boyfriends too?”   Mairead asked as she began to walk towards our bedroom. But Shelia elbowed her in her side as a reply to her comment. Mairead turned around and began to come at her but Harry grabbed her by the waist and took her and her suit case to our room.

“She’s not worth it Mairead just cool off for a bit.” Harry said.

Shelia left and Cat and Paige stood in front of me along with Niall, Liam and Louis, while Andy, Maz and Harry was in my room. They stood in silence for a good few minutes just staring at me until Paige started to cry and yelled at me.

                “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you ever do something like that?” she stood and waited for a response from me while Louis tried to calm her down by rubbing her back.

                “I’ve never seen her so happy in my life and you just ruined it all now.” Cat added.

                “You think I don’t feel bad? I feel terrible, I was drunk and it didn’t mean anything!” I yelled and they just walked away, the boys just shook their head and retreated back to their room. I debated whether or not to do the same and I finally gave in and went to our room. But before I could open the door Mairead opened the door smiling at me. Then she shoved all of our sheets in to me.

                “I’m going to leave it to you to figure out what you wanna do with these. I personally don’t want to sleep on them but since their skeevy like you, I figured you would know what’s best for them.”  I could see Andy and Maz’s faces from where I was standing and they were trying to hide a smile from her comment. She went to the hall closet and got out new bedding and walked back into the room and slammed the door. I just was too tired to do anything and I knew there was no use talking to her right now.  So I just threw the bedding she gave me in the trash and I just started to clean up the house.

                By seven that night I saw only a few appearances by everyone. Liam came in and helped me but didn’t say much. Andy and Harry came out and made some tea for the four of them and some pasta. Niall came out and asked what we were doing for dinner and if we should order out. Once we decided on some Chinese Hibachi he placed the large order and Mairead offered to get the food. Everything was finally cleaned up and every one came out of their rooms and into the living room including Mairead.

                “I’m going to go get the food now.” She said throwing a sweater over her leggings and tank top as she grabbed the keys and her boots.

                “Mairead I think I should go with you.” I said to her. she turned around and gave me a surprised look.

                “Well Zayn you know it’s a thirty minute car ride? Can you keep your pants on for that long?”  I just rolled my eyes at her and went into our room I wasn’t putting up with her comments, if she wasn’t going to talk to me about what happened and just harass me about it fine I’m not dealing with her.

                Mairead and Catherine came back an hour and ten minutes later with the food. They passed it out and sat on the couch. Once everyone was done and we were cleaning up I helped Mairead hoping we could talk this out.

                “Mairead can we please talk?”

                “I don’t want to talk to you about anything right now.” She said no even looking at me.

                “You can’t avoid this forever you know?”

                “I’m aware.”

                “Well can we talk about this and can you stop avoiding everything?!” I was really pissed at this point I really wanted to talk to her about it.

                “What’s that suppose to mean?” she yelled, causing everyone in the living room to look at us in the kitchen .

                “Can we talk about this in our room?”

                “Why it’s not like they already don’t know what’s going on?”

                I finally gave in and blew up.“You’re so stubborn and you think that avoiding things is the best thing to do! You just wait for everything to pass hoping no one asks about it. You’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion.”

                “Zayn tell me one thing I’ve avoided.”

                “Really? Oh you don’t remember when you wouldn’t tell me why you moved to Bradford? Why you left your nice prep school in New York City to come here in the middle of fucking no where? I thought we were best friends, I really cared for you. Fuck Mairead I was in love with you.”

                “I didn’t want your fucking pity Zayn. It was bad enough that Tracy, Ryan, and Aaron looked after me like a piece of glass. I didn’t want you to feel like you had to keep constant watch of me.  And on top of that I was forced to go to a court ordered therapist for three months you think I enjoyed that? Everyone from our school saw me come out of her office, they wondered what I did and I didn’t need to hear everyone saying shit. You were the only one that didn’t know and I liked that you didn’t look at me like I needed “special treatment”.” By this point all the boys were asking  Paige and Cat what happened.

                “You guys should probably know too just in case you think I’m avoiding you guys as well and that we’re not close enough as it is. We’ll when I was seventeen and still living in New York I went to take out money from a bank and ended up being held hostage by a bank robber, who had a gun to my head and I shot the guy. I fucking shot a man.” They all looked at her in awe and she finished what she was cleaning.

“It’s been a long day and I’m tired I think I’m going to go to bed now. Night.” she said and walked out of the room.

“Should we go see if she’s okay or?” Louis asked as I came and sat down with them.

“No just leave her she’ll get everything out of her system, its better this way.” I said.

“Zayn why didn’t you ever tell us?” Liam asked.

“It wasn’t my place and she wouldn’t have wanted me to.”

We stayed up for a little and watched TV in silent then by eleven Andy and Maz left and everyone was in bed.  I walked to our room, Mairead was still up.

“I’ll just sleep on the couch.” She said and grabbed a pillow and her blanket.

“Mairead, you can’t sleep on the couch.”

“Fine, you can then.” She shoved the pillow and blanket into me, then she looked at me with her watery eyes and her voice got quiet. “Zayn, why did you do it? If you were bored with me why didn’t you just break up with me?”

“Mairead, I love you, I really, really do. I was drunk and it meant absolutely nothing. I just missed you I guess, I know that isn’t a good excuse but I really am sorry and it would mean everything if you forgave me.” she started crying .

“Zayn I think it’s better if you just give me a few days.” She said as she closed the door and went to sleep on the sofa.

I woke up the next day to rain. The boys and I would be out recording , once we all were ready we left the girls and headed to the studio. I still haven’t talked to Mairead and I think she’s right the best thing is to just leave her alone.

“What’s going on wit you two mate?” Niall asked me.

“Were just going to give each of us a little time to think it over.”

“Right. I heard your apology, she does love you, you know. Anyone else  would have been long gone by now. But I think everything will be alright. Just don’t let her go.”

We ended later than normal tonight and as we were walking in we caught Mairead just about to leave.

“Hey Mairead! Where are you off to?” Harry asked. She gave him a half smile.

“Just going for a little jog. Don’t wait up for me I have my key.” She said as she lifted up her phone, ear phones, and key from the table and jammed it into her pocket in her zip up and zipped the pocket closed.

“It’s eleven at night!” I said and she gave me a displeasing smile. Then I remembered our fight from yesterday. “Umm I mean just be safe please, call me if you need anything, I’ll have my phone on loud by me.”

“Thanks and um yeah sure.” she said awkwardly and she left the flat.

“Well played.” Liam said and patted me on the shoulder. The boys have somewhat forgiven me, I told them everything and they started to lighten up at the studio this afternoon but Cat and Paige are still furious at me.       

It’s been a week now since we’ve talked and I’m pretty pissed at her.


Just kidding  I love you.

                  I sat in the kitchen making  a pot of tea for everyone it was eight at night and everyone was chilling at out flat.

                “So Mairead,” Liam said as he slid next to her on the couch, getting unreasonably close.

Back up prude.

“I hear you used to be some kind of football star, or as you Americans call it “soccer”.”

“Yeah I was pretty good back in my day.” She joked with him.

  “Well we were just thinking of going out for a night game wanna play?”

“Sure! Paige, Cat want to join?”

“I’ll try but if I get tired I quit.” Cat announced.

                “I’m with Cat on this one.” Paige agreed.

                Everyone left to get changed and I just sat here with the ten cups of tea.

“But what about the tea I made.”

“Put them in thermos’ and we’ll big ‘em mate just get changed.” Niall yelled.

“I slave over all these teas and now no one wants to drink them.” I said to  myself.

“Pussy.” Cat coughed as she walked passed me as she went to go get ready.

Once we got to the field we went to pick teams.

“Okay I think shirts against skins is our best bet.” Andy suggested and every one nodded in agreement. “Okay in that case, me, Cat, Paige, Mairead and Zayn are on skins.”

“Shut up Andy.” Paige said with a smirk.

“Okay for realz  this time guys.”Cat said.” Andy, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam on  skins.”

“I quit its cold, where’s my blanket.” Paige said as she trotted off the field and cuddled into her blanket and cup of tea.

“Yeah this isn’t going to work I don’t feel like running.” Cat said as she joined her.

“Okay then thanks guys. How about Harry, Andy, Liam, and me against Niall, Maz, Lou, and him.”  Mairead announced.

Outch, that hurt. HIM.

“Sounds good. We’re skins right?” Harry looked at Mairead and laughed. She laughed with him and nudged him to run down the opposite end of the field.   

“Zayn be goalie. “ Louis instructed as he took off his shirt and chucked it to Paige.

“Everyone ready?” Maz called. “Okay good.”

I stood at the goal bouncing back and forth keeping a eye out for any on coming balls. It was down out end Andy had it and was passing it to Harry who passed it to Mairead who passed it to Liam then quickly to Mairead who shot it with all her force to the goal. But it wasn’t even really at the goal, the ball ricochet off my leg into the goal. What the fuck. Ow that shit stings. I look down and theirs this huge red  mark just below my shorts.

“Come on Zayn Block that.” Louis insisted.

“Come on twinkle douche, block it.” Cat and Paige yelled in sync.

“Okay, Okay I’m focused.”

Another round came the ball bee-lined it down my side then Niall saved it and brought it down the other side but Maz blocked the goal and it was back down by me. it was passed around and before I knew it Harry was taking a shot but I blocked it, before I had a chance to pick it up Mairead came and kicked it this time the ball flew into my right side, causing me to double over in pain.

“Zayn you suck.” Said Niall.

“YEAH MAIR!”  Cat screamed.

“Niall do you want to be goalie?”

“Is that a joke?” he said and ran off.

It was four against three our side needed one more goal to tie in the three minute time we had left. So far I’ve been hit in the leg, side, chest, head, shoulder, and kidney. I knew I was going to wake up in massive bruises. Well Mairead looks like she’s having fun. She’s just running on the opposite side of the field smiling and joking with Louis as he weaved the ball around her while making funny faces. I wish we were the way we used to be and as happy as we were. But I had to go, get drunk and fuck shit up. I suck I really do. I’m such a doucheba-

Holy mother of god.

I fell to the ground. Some jack ass just kicked the ball into my balls. Shit.

“WE WON!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! GO MAIR GO MAIR GO MAIR!” Liam shouted throwing her over his shoulder and taking a victory lap.

What a bitch.

Ow I think I’m bleeding down there, I can’t tell its just really cold out and I’m just wearing pants.

“You okay man?” Andy asked.

“MMMMhummum” was all that could come out. I just rolled onto the turf and decided to take a little nap.

“Zayn, we’re going, come on get your stuff.” Liam said as he shook me.

“I’ll be up in a minute, you guys go.” I squeaked out.

Fuck you Mairead.

I finally made it up to the flat, to find everyone in sweats and watching TV on the couch. Louis was snuggled up to Paige, Cat and Nialler were intertwined in the couch and the rest of them were sprawled out all over the place and Mairead was by herself in the recliner.

“You okay Zayn?” Harry asked.

“Yeah, just a little bruised.”

“Well thanks to you twinkle fingers we lost.” Niall announced.

“Thanks guys.” I said as I walked into my room to change into sweats. I got out and proceeded in to the kitchen to meet Mairead at the fridge.

 “Can you pass me some ice?” I dared to ask her. she nodded and searched the fridge as I sat up on the counter.

“We don’t have any how about frozen peas?”

“Sure that’s fine.” yes we were conversing.

She started to leave. No don’t go.

“Mairead, can we try to talk now we gave each other a week to think.”

“Zayn what do you want me to say. I forgive you and trust you and let’s just go and live happily ever after with the fairy’s and forest animals and forget this even happened?” she said as she chucked the peas at me.

“No you don’t get what I’m trying to get at Mairead just let me speak.” I yelled.

“Fine. speak.” She said.

 “I know what I did was a hundred percent unacceptable but it meant nothing! I love you I really do I just want us to be together like we were before. I’m really sorry.”

“Well how can I trust you if you’re gone or I’m gone for more than a month Zayn it took you a month to cheat on me? It’s like I need to have you on a leash or something. Fuck for all I know you could still be banging her behind my back.”

“Mairead can you just drop it I’m sorry, I know I was a dick can you just stop shoving it in my face. Ha wow now you’re accusing me of still banging her. Well how do I know you’re not cheating on me? Where do you go on those long walks at eleven at night? Huh Mairead. You make yourself seem so innocent and like I’m so bad. So tell me one thing did the idea of cheating on me every cross your mind? You know just to get back at me?” she was seriously aggravating me.

“No Zayn and if it did I would at least have the decency to not do it in our bed. Prick .” she stormed to the door and grabbed her key, I phone and ear phones.

“Mairead where are you going. I’m sorry I don’t mean  it just really miss you.” By now everyone was looking at us.

“Going to go bang my imaginary boyfriend, you know the one you accuse me of having. Zayn we’re done I can’t take it anymore.” She slammed the door into my face.

“You really know how to screw things up even worse don’t you.? Cat said as she got up and stood inches away from me.

“Louis come on we should go get her and talk to her.” Paige said as she and Louis left the flat.

“She was so close to forgiving you and you go and make it worse!” she yelled at me

“Cat stop come sit down.” Niall asked her.

“No, Zayn why don’t you get up off your ass and go get your girlfriend, kiss her and tell her you love her.” she was scaring me.

“But she won’t- ahhhh fuck!! What the hell is wrong with you.” She kicked me in the balls and ushered me to the door.

“Just go!!!”

Before I had the chance to open the door Lou came barging in.

“Call 9-1-1”

“What? Why? What happened?” I said in panic “is Paige okay?”

“Yes she’s fine, just call it and stay up here Zayn.”

“Lou what happened?”

“Damn it Zayn, Mairead got hit by a car! Now fucking call the paramedics!  

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