Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


13. Chapter 13


  What did he just say?

                I’m just asleep.

                It’s all just a dream.

                I’m going to close my eyes and wakeup in my bed with Paige next to me.

                So I closed my eyes and opened them ten seconds later. Still nothing I stood there and pinched myself hoping I would awaken.

                “Mairead; love could you please join us?” Alan repeated himself. I nodded and began to walk up the stage steps and to the main seating area. I looked at the couch Zayn was at the end next to Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall. “Just sit next to your boy Zayn.” Zayn motioned for me to sit on his lap and I did so. I was potentially going to kill him.

                “Now that we’re situated, hello Mairead how are you?”
                “I’m good; could be better.” I said and looked down at Zayn.

                “Oh that s an American accent you got their! Where in the States are you from.”

                “New York and new jersey, I was born in New York then moved to Jersey and then back to New York.” I began to feel more comfortable and continued to answer the questions it was a fun interview, at one point they were making fun of my accent and laughed every time I pronounced “walk” “talk” “coffee” “water” and “what are you doing”. The interview was finally over and we headed out.

                “Babe,” Zayn said pulling me aside while I packed up the hair products, “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t keep it a secret, and its better just to get us out there now and in the open and the sooner we come out with it the faster it will go away. I know I should have asked you first I’m really sorry, forgive me?”

                “I’ll think about it.” I joked and kissed him on the lips.

We left the studio and piled into the van and headed to the next venue. The bus was taking us to the next city and we would be there in four hours. We slept on the bus and woke up the next morning in yet another city.

                “Mair, your phone is constantly vibrating!” Cat said as she finished tousling Niall’s hair for the interview.

                “It’s all tweets I can’t stop them I can’t turn it off!” it was true ever since two weeks ago when Zayn confirmed our relationship on Alan Carr I’ve gained over four thousand followers and received many tweets supporting our relationship and just the same amount of hate tweets. But I just ignore the nasty one’s I know it probably should get to me a little, the hate, but it doesn’t.

                “Here I know how to fix it.” Zayn said coming behind me and resting his head on my shoulder and his arms around my torso while I finished blow drying Liam’s hair.  “Here ya go.”

                “Thanks babe,” I said as the boys entered the conference room to start the interview.

                “Bye I love you, see you in a few!” he said and kissed me on the forehead.

                “Love you too.”

                “Aw that’s cute Munch.” Paige said I couldn’t help but turn red.

                 “How are you handling with all the hate? I’m just wondering because Niall and I talked about it the other day and we want to tell people where dating but I’m afraid.” I knew Cat and Paige were sensitive to things like this and I wasn’t going to lie to them either saying everything was just fine and dandy.

                “I’m going to tell you straight up what happens; I’m not going to sugar coat it because I want you to be prepared. Yes there are people that say extremely nasty things but honestly going to an all girls high school and having the parents I have I’ve been called every name in the book that’s why it doesn’t bother me. But yes I do reread things like and do stop and think well maybe they’re right. Then I remember why he was the one who said first that he loved me and he went out of his way to made sure I knew. Niall and Lou love you both very much and wouldn’t let anyone hurt you so you have them there for help as well”

                “Okay I think we’ll talk about it at dinner later.” Cat said and we continued cleaning up our station.

                A few months passed and before we knew it, it was November. Paige and Cat came out about their relationship a two weeks after I talked to them about it. They received some hate but in a matter of two weeks everything blew over and people accepted us. But when management found out they were involved with their stylist they had a meeting with the boys, I’m not entirely sure what they said to management but they didn’t kick us off tour or say anything to us.  We had about four more tours and six more interviews in England before we went to Ireland. Time was going by so fast. I sat on the bus cuddled into Zayn’s chest while we talked with his mom on speaker on his phone. His mom called right after the Aaron Carr show and practically yelled at him for not telling her sooner, while granddad in the back laughed his ass off saying he was right.

                “Mairead your staying for Christmas, that’s not an option, Aaron is coming back from the states with your parents and your Aunt and Uncle are obviously coming over.” Trisha said.

                “Of course! I would love to I miss you guys and the girls I haven’t seen them in so long.”

                “We miss you too love and Saffa is just dying to see you! We’ll I’ll talk to you later someone is about to burn the house down love you Mairead see you soon!”

                “Bye mom lo-“ Zayn started to say but was cut off by the dial tone. “I love how my family loves you more than me.”

                “Aw it’s okay, Zaynie I still love you.” I said he hated it when I called him that at first but I guess it grew on him.

                “You better.” He said with a serious tone but I knew he was kidding.

                “Oh My God! You are such a diva.”

                “Am not.” He said I was about to protest but Cat and Paige came into the section of the bus we were sitting in.

                “Hey guys we were just waiting for you to finish on the phone with your mom Zayn before we came in. Mairead I just got a call from Victoria’s Secret.” I looked at her confused.

                “Um okay, did you order something?” I wasn’t exactly sure where she was coming at.

                “No, you idiot. They want us to come to Sweden in March and do hair and makeup for the fashion show.” She practically screamed. I jumped off of Zayn and started screaming and jumping like a mad man.

                “Shut up, don’t lie to me. I swear to God Catherine if you are fucking with me I’ll kill you!”

                “No mair your job is to fuck shit up. I’m being dead ass they want us to go for a whole month they’d pay for the round trip and boarding!”

                “Yes Yes Yes Oh MY God!” i couldn’t believe the news I was hearing the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is literally my biggest dream.

                “I knew you would, Mairead this is your dream project.” Paige said.

                “I can’t wait!” they left our section to go tell Niall and Lou.

                “A whole month?” Zayn said all pissy.

                “Zayn we’re off for the months of March and April anyway, it’s our hiatus, I promise it won’t be that long it’ll fly by.” I said and sat back down and rested into the curves in his body that I fitted in.

                “You’re to call me every day I just want you to be safe.”

                “I know you do, but you do realize that you still have four months to spend with me.”

                “Oh god.” He joked and we took a nap together on the couches.


The European tour was finally over. We finished it off in Ireland and it was a week before Christmas and I still had so much shopping to accomplish. Cat stayed in Ireland with Niall and their families would get together for the holidays while Paige, Lou, Harry, and Liam were going back to England with Zayn and I. I was excited we were going to see all these people we haven’t seen in months.

Including my parents.

We went to the shops to get presents for everyone as soon as we got home. During X-Factor a lot of Zayn’s aunts gave birth and we had to get a whole bunch of toys for six toddlers. I told Andy and Mazz that they could stay at our flat a little while longer since anyone wasn’t going to be home for a few more days; while I stayed in the boys flat with Zayn. We planned to stay here in London until Christmas Eve and drive to Bradford that after noon and we should make it to dinner.

“These clothes are adorable.” I said holding out the small dresses I got for Zayn’s new cousin Nicole who was a year old.     

 “They’re so tiny.” He said picking it up and hold it up to himself. “I can’t wait to have one of my own.” He said looking up and side glancing at me while he wrapped his sister’s presents.

“We’ve only been dating for five months now, you’re really pushing it aren’t you.” I joked.

“No but in all seriousness,” he said as he slid closer to me on the carpeted floor and literally sat four inches from my face, ”Would you want kids one day?”

“Of course I would, I love them.” I said and it was true I even fell in love with baby Lux, I love having her on tour.

   “Sorry It was kind of an awkward question I mean that’s thinking way far into it.”

“Babe its fine.” I laughed and playfully taped his mouth shut with the tape that was in my hand. He finally got it off and tacked me.

“Vat are you douingggg?” he joked.

Three hours later we were finally done and we packed our suitcase for Bradford. We still had two days before Christmas Eve so we decided just to spend that time together and relax.

We slept in Christmas Eve and then by eleven we started to get ready. Zayn said the dinner tonight was just casual he wore a black sweater and grey sweat pants and his ugg slippers with a grey beanie; I wore one of his over sized thick cream sweaters that went to my mid thigh and hung loosely off my shoulder with black leggings and my Ugg boots. Since I was driving I wanted to be comfortable. While I was blow drying my hair Zayn packed the car with the presents and our suitcase. The car ride was three and a half hours long with traffic and then all of a sudden it started to snow. I was absolutely freezing in the car even with the heat blasting. Once we got past the traffic we were only half an hour away from his house. We arrived at five, just in time for dinner. We were greeted by his mom, dad, sisters, aunts, uncles, and  finally granddad.

                “Your parents, Tracy, Aaron and Ryan should be here shortly, you can put your bags in Zayn’s room I hope you don’t mind staying in his room we have a lot of people staying over a few of my sisters are at Tracy’s and Ryan’s.” Trisha said once we were introduced to everyone.

                As soon as Zayn and I put our bags in his room we came down stairs to find my family here. I quickly hugged my parents. As much as I could resent them I did miss them sometimes.

                “Mom, dad this is Zayn.” I said to them as Zayn extended his hand to my dad and kissed my mom’s cheek.

                “I’m Barry.” My dad said taking his hand gesture.

                “Elaine, nice to meet you sweetie.”

                “It’s nice to meet you.” He said. Once we were all here we were settled into the dining room at the long table.

                “You’re parents aren’t that bad,” Zayn whispered. I was afraid he was going to say that. Everyone did, its like they acted like angles when everyone was watching, but it was good because then we would all have a good time and didn’t worry about fighting.

                “I’ll talk to you later about it.” I whispered back.

                Once dinner was done we sat and talked over dessert, my parents, Tracy and Ryan left with two of Zayn’s aunts. The rest of us stayed up to bake cookies for Santa and watch the Christmas story. It was so nice. I really liked his family his cousins were adorable and his aunts and uncles were hysterical. By nine all the little kids were asleep and around eleven we all went to bed.

“Well that was fun.” Zayn said climbing into his bed while I looked for my pajamas. 
“Yeah, I love your Aunt Jamie. She’s hilarious.”  I finally found them and changed into the gold silk button down pajamas that were covered in gold bows. They were my favorite pair.

                “You look cute.” He said as I climbed in and he snuggled into me.

                “Tanks boo.”

                “Ughh I’m so tired. I can’t wait until you see my presents I got you.”

                “Wait until you see yours.”  

Zayns POV

I’m a fucking retard.

Why on earth would I ask my girl friend of five months if she wanted to have kids one day?

I was having one of those moments where you can’t go to sleep and all these extremely embarrassing moments come back to you and you wonder “why on earth would I ever do that?” I asked her two days ago I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed by this but I am I don’t know. I think it’s the fact that her opinion matters the most to me. I turned over and she was already fast asleep. Her hair was still down in the loose curls from this morning and she traded my thick sweater and leggings for a silk pair of button down pajamas. She looked perfect. Just like that. It was times like this that I wanted to stop all the media, press, and fans. I’m truly great full for it all and I love what I do and that we can both do it together, but I just hate the fact that because of what I do and our relationship, people send her hate without even getting to know her. But I am amazed that she has the tolerance to put up with it all. I don’t know how it doesn’t get to her. I just stared at her for a while and then I heard footsteps from the hall way and my door creak open. I looked at the clock to see who would be up at this time and it was only eleven thirty.

                                “Zayn?” a small voice called my name in the darkness. It took me a while to register who it was.

                                “Yeah Maddy?” I said to my three year old cousin.

                                “I can’t sleep.” She responded coming towards my bed and leaning against Maireads side of the bed; she did this funny thing where she poked Maireads face.

                                “Come on up and you can lay with us.” I said to her and she jumped up on to the bed and nonchalantly climbed across Mairead. I moved the covers aside and she climbed into the bed.

                              “I like Mairead. Can we keep her?”

                Hearing her say this made me laugh and really happy. “Me too, and sure. Why not?” Maddy shifted under the covers and kicked around causing Mairead to wake up.

                                  “Hi Maddy.” Mairead said while she sat up.

                                  “Maddy there you are!” my Aunt Carmen said as she bursted through the door. “I’m sorry Mairead and Zayn, Maddy you can’t just go into other peoples room!”

                                  “But mummy I wanted to see Zayn and hear a story!”

                                  “Carmen it’s fine, she can stay with us.” Mairead said as Maddy went and hid under the covers from her mom.

                                  “Are you sure?” we looked at each other and nodded.” Alright then, I’m down stairs with the rest of your aunts if you need me. When she falls asleep can you just put her in her crib?”

                                  “Sure, no problem.” I said as my Aunt left the room.

                                  “Can you read me a story Mairead?”

                                  “Sure, how about the Night Before Christmas since tomorrow is Christmas and Santy is going to come soon?”

                                  “Yeah! But we don’t have that book.”

                “It’s okay I know how it goes, I’ve read it every year since I was the same age as you.” With that Maddy sat across from Mairead in the bed while she recited the Christmas story to her. By the time the story was done Maddy was sleepy and it took her twenty minutes to fall asleep. So I picked her up off the bed and carried her into the next room where her crib was.

                                   “She’s so precious.” Mairead said as I came back into my room.

                                   “She is.” I climbed into bed and Mairead quickly cuddled up to me.

                                   “Good night babe.” She said closing her eyes.

                                  “Good night, I love you.” I said looking down at her.

                                   She looked up at me and said “I love you too.”

 What they fuck is on my face?

I kept feeling pokes or kisses that kept on covering my face.

Then I felt bouncing. I figured that if I ignored it would stop.

                    “ZAYN! Wake up!” I heard a baby voice say.

     “Wakey, Wakey sleepy head it’s Christmas.” a familiar voice said. I finally woke up to see Mairead and Maddy hovering over me and little Maddy kissing my cheek. 

      “Merry Christmas Zayn!” she shouted and hurried out of the room to wake the others up.

     “What a nice surprise,” I said sarcastically.

     “Stop it, she’s excited.” Mairead teased and got out of bed to put her hair up and found her glasses on the bed side table.

     “I was kidding,” I got up with her and picked up my glasses, “come on lets go.”

We walked down the stairs to find half my family waiting by the tree. Maddy must have gotten everyone up, we were greeted with mugs of tea and Merry Christmas from everyone. We waited patiently on the couch for the rest of the family. Once everyone had finally woke up we started opening presents. Mairead finally opened her presents and I was excited to see her reaction. I got her a navy blue OnePiece that I saw her looking at a few months ago, a pair of tiffany diamond studs, and a new charm for her bracelet. The small silver charm was no bigger than an eraser head and as thin as a sheet of paper and resembled a Christmas tree and in small inscription had today’s date, and in small letters Our First Christmas.   

She loved it.


In return I got a bunch of clothes, my Gucci cologne, new sunglasses, and other small things from her. Once everyone was done opening presents we all got ready for dinner later. By five everyone was dressed and had arrived at our house. Mairead was wearing a navy blue, form fitting, long sleeve sweater dress that had red and cream reindeer across the chest of it and stopped at her mid thigh. She wore black tights and brown boots. I wore dark jeans and one of Niall’s cream Christmas sweaters that had red reindeer on it as well. Once dinner was over we called everyone to wish them Happy Holidays and that we will see them in two days when we returned back to the flat. The rest of the time Mairead and I spent with her family and Aaron. He told us how he liked New York.

~Two days later~

                “Paigey!” Mairead practically screamed and ran to her friend as she entered the flat and jumped on her.

                “Missed you too Much.”

                “How was your Christmas? Hi Lou” she said waving to Lou who was out in the hall balancing the three suitcases.  

                “It was great we had such a good time. How was yours? How’s Aaron doing?”

                “Yep it was brilliant! Now can you two continue your conversation inside the flat so I don’t drop the suitcases and freeze to death.”

                “Stop sassing us we’re moving.” Mairead responded and they plopped onto the couch to finish their discussion.

                “Here I’ll help you.” I said taking two of the bags from him and dropping them into his room and then following him into the kitchen for a drink.

                “How’s the fam?” he asked handing me a beer and sitting on the counter.

                “Great and hectic. It was insane we had so many people at the house and at Mairead’s Aunts down the street. But it was nice and it snowed pretty bad by us. How about you?”

                “It was really good. We just had immediate family, so it was pretty small. Paige and I had  a lot of fun. It wasn’t too bad where we were but it was still really cold. Wanna order something to eat I just talked to Harry, him and Liam are on the train back now and should be here in like half an hour, and I talked to Niall and Cat this morning and their ferry comes in at six fifty and that’s an hour from now.”

                “Sure, how about some Chinese?”

                “Sounds good. Girls is Chinese okay for take away?” they nodded in response and continued their conversation. I placed the order, ordering everyone’s usual.

                “Hey Zayn.”

                “What’s up Lou?”

                “You like Paige right?”

                “Of course, she’s great. Why?”

                “Well we had a really nice time up in Doncaster and I know we’ve been dating for only six months but do you think I should ask her to move in here, I mean it’s really big and it’s ridiculous that they should be paying rent and all that for a flat that they only get to be in for a week out of the month.”

                “No you should. It’s a really good idea, I mean we have so much room here, this place is massive.”

                “Thanks, you should ask Mairead. Have all the girls move in here.”

                “You’re a genius Lou.”

                “That’s what they tell me. But wait until everyone else gets back so we can talk about it.”

 The boys and I all agreed that it was a good idea to have the girls move in with us and once we told the girls they we so excited. We would spend the next few days moving all their stuff back out and into here. Andy and Maz bought their flat along with their furniture, the two boys were extremely happy since they didn’t have any luck in the last few months with finding a flat, and their new clothing company made it hard to look for places.

At the beginning of the month we found out that we had been nominated for a Brit Award and the show was held the weekend after my twentieth birthday. We spent that time relaxing and occasionally going to the studio to record some new songs for the album. The girls were called every once and a while to appear at some events for makeup and hair. But the day of the Brit Award was getting closer and closer we really wanted to win this, very badly. Once the day finally came it was hectic. Everyone was running around trying to get ready. By seven we were all ready to go. The girls all looks beautiful. Catherine was wearing a sparkly quarter sleeve dress and her hair was straight. Paige wore a lavender dress and her hair was down with a braided headband. Mairead was dresses in a short salmon dress that had a hear cut out in the back. Her hair was in front of her dress to show off the design on the back and it was in loose curls. They all wore black shoes Once we arrived I was a complete wreck. I was so nervous.

                “Jesus Christ I’m about to poo myself, I’m so nervous.” Niall said through his smiled teeth while we were taking pictures.

                “I think we all are.” Harry said as we left that area to go talk to a few magazines.

                “Just stay calm we just need to think positive.” Liam said to us.

                “Where’s Cat I need her.” Niall said as he became panicked and claustrophobic sice the reporters were cramming us.

                “So who here has girlfriends?” the reporter asked. Niall, Lou, and I all raised our hands.

                “Are they here with you boys tonight?”

                “Of course they are they’re inside at the moment at our table.” Louis announced.

                “Yeah we didn’t want them to get crush or stampeded on, is ridiculous out here.” Niall added.

                “What good boyfriends you three are. So cute.” The reporter said as she continued with the obvious questions.

Once we finally made it in and found the girls at our table we sat next to them and waited for our category to be called.

                “Are you guys excited?” Cat asked.

                “More like shitting our pants. I’m so nervous.” Harry replied.

                “Calm down curly we have an hour.” Paige joked, trying to lighten up the tension.

                “We can’t!” we all practically shouted, in result to having a few people turn around and look at our table, including Miss. Caroline Flack.

                “Here have a drink, it’ll calm your nerves.” Mairead suggested and her, Cat and Paige poured all of us a drink.

                “Har, why don’t you go say hi to your girl Caroline?” Cat asked.

                “Shut up.” he whispered back to her with his face turning bright red.

Within half an hour we were all tipsy and had to calm down on the drinking because our category was up in a few minutes. When the time came we all held hands praying our names were called.

                “And the winner is”


We won!

I couldn’t believe it I stood up and kissed my girlfriend and hugged my best friends then followed them up to the stage to receive our awards and give our speech. I couldn’t believe it I was so proud of us. we went back to our seats and continued drinking and celebrating.

                “I’m so proud of you guys!” Mairead giggled and held my face in her hand and planted a huge kiss on my lips. The other girls did the same and we all enjoyed the rest of the night drinking and joking around with each other. 

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