Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


12. Chapter 12


I stepped out of the bathroom, I had to admit that was the quickest change I have ever done. My hair was already straightened so I decided to put it in a sleek pony tail and put on my new blue, bodycon, long sleeve, lace dress. I added black Christian Louboutin’s and then helped Paige and Cathy. Paige was dressed in a plain black, one shoulder dress with ruffles at the waist, and a red peep toe pump.  Her hair was kept in its natural waves. Cat was dressed in a black strapless dress with a beige, white, and black stripe woven pattern on the top, and she slipped into a pair of nude platform pump, her hair was loosely curled away from her face ( We were dressed within twenty minutes.

                “Mair, you should probably go to the bathroom, you drank a lot of water before the concert and the club is probably a long drive since were an hour from the city.” Paige said and she was probably right.

                “Alright, I’m good to go.” I said to no one. I guess they went to meet the boys on the stage. I walked out of the backstage corridors to find myself in complete darkness.


They forgot me.

I started to reach into my gold clutch for my phone to yell at someone for leaving me stranded in a pitch black arena. Not to mention in a foreign country. But before I could hit send I heard the familiar guitar strums and Liam’s hand grab my arm it startled me but I was still confused. He began singing Stand Up, it was one of my favorite song on the album. As he took my hand he led me down the stairs and at least one hundred tea lights flickered on that lit up a long path covered by rose petals. I was so confused to what was happening; I was trying to remember if I forgot about an event or something important. I couldn’t think of anything so I just went along with it.   

I knew I had to get you whatever the pain

So I just figured I would just go along with it and dance as he ushered me down the aisle. He was soon joined by Harry. I continued to follow the long path; it was hard to see where I was going because it was pitch black besides the tiny tea lights that lit up the path. They didn’t help as much. Lou and Paige joined us while Lou sang Paige danced with me and the Niall and Cat appeared and Niall sang his part.

                “Cat what’s going on?” I asked her quietly as all the boys sang, I couldn’t find Zayn. He was probably still getting ready.

                “Just shut up, you’ll see.” She said and winked at me. I followed them down the aisle and danced along with them. The song changed to I Should’ve Kissed You and they continued to sing while we dance. The little lights stopped and we approached a platform, they were at Zayn’s solo in the song, as the chorus came the platform lit up and revealed Zayn standing there in his I Want attire, a black suit with a white button down and his bow tie undone. The boys pushed me up the steps and stood around the perimeter of it.

When you stood there
Just a heartbeat away
When we were dancing
And you looked up at me
If I had known that
That i’d be feeling this way
If I could replay
I would have never let you go

He sang his solo to me.

To me.

Is this real life?

                He held my hands and the music stopped I think I understand now.

                “Mairead, I’ve known you for nineteen months and twenty six days, and your funny, smart, my family absolutely adores you, and sometimes you do drive me insane, you can be completely mental. Like the time we went to the beach and you had to go parasailing and wouldn’t take no for an answer,” he was rambling and it was pissing me off I just needed to hear those three words. I just nodded in agreement as he continued and came closer to me. “I swore you were going to kill yourself, you keep me on my toes, and I love that about you. I’m sorry I really don’t know how to do this, I know I’m rambling its really bad I’m trying to get to the point and its harder than I thought it would be I guess what I’m trying to say-“ that’s it I can’t take his rambling so I went for it. I just pulled his neck closer and shut him up with my lips.  He broke the kiss; I thought there was something wrong.


Leave it to me to fuck shit up.

I mean, that’s what Mair does best. 

                “I love you.” He said smiling and kissing me again I could feel him smiling .

                “I love you too.” I said back at him and kissed him again. We heard screams and claps from everyone, I forgot they were there. We looked at them and he hugged me.

                “Will you be my girlfriend?” he asked me, with his hazel eyes getting big and staring into me. how could I ever say no even if I wanted to. But I definitely didn’t.

                “Yes. Of course.” I said, I couldn’t stop smiling.

                “Nineteen months and twenty six days? You kept track to the day?” Cat asked.

                “Yeah,” Zayn said getting slightly embarrassed.

                “What a weenie.” Paige joked.

                “You all look gorgeous, why don’t we go out to dinner instead of the club?”   Lou added. We nodded in agreement and drove to the nearest restaurant. We pulled up to a very nice place, it seemed like the boys had planned it. But as soon as we stepped foot outside the vehicle we were mobbed by at least forty fan girls.

How the hell did they find us?

                Paul quickly rushed us inside the building. Zayn held on tight to my hand and pulled me close, Niall and Lou did the same for their girlfriends, while Harry held on to the back of Liam’s shirt for comfort. Once we were inside we were brought into one of their back rooms and seated down. We all ordered and had a peace full dinner. Once dinner and dessert were over we slipped out the back door and headed back to the hotel. More girls waited outside. This time there were about two hundred; they were all held back by large barricades. The boys decided to stop and say hi while we went in and waited in the lobby with Paul.

                “How do you do it Paul?” Paige asked referring to all the screaming girls outside.

                “A lot of coffee, Advil, and a drink at the end of the day.” The Irish man said with a large smile.

                We continued to chat with Paul and ten minutes later the boys joined us.

                “Ready to go up girls?” Liam asked us before walking towards the elevator. We all crammed in the elevator and pressed the very top floor where our rooms were located. We all stood in silence. I felt someone’s hand grab mine and squeeze I looked up and saw Zayn with a huge smile plastered on his face. We got out of the elevator and walked down the hall still hand and hand. I still couldn’t grasp my mind around that this was real life. I couldn’t be happier. 

                “Bye Cat I’ll see you in the morning.” Niall said and kissed her goodnight and brought her into one of his Horan hugs.

                “Sleep tight love.” Lou winked and kissed Paige.

                Zayn looked at me and smiled, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy and I was glad that it was because of me. My face was starting to hurt I was smiling so much.

                “Good night girlfriend,” he said in the dorkiest tone and kissed me.

                “You’re such a loser.” I said and Catherine and Paige walked into our room.

                “Gag me.” Cat said as she walked passed us giving her approving giggles from the rest of the boys.

                “Goodnight boyfriend.” I said just to irritate cat and the others, and walked into our room and said goodnight to the rest of the boys.

                “Ugfffff.” Paige said as she flopped on to our bed. Paige and I were sharing a bed this trip since our room only had two and I liked to cuddle while I slept and she didn’t mind the fact I was basically on top of her all night. 

                “Well that was an exciting night!” Cat said as we all kicked off our heals and laid on the beds.

                “I think Mair had the best night,” Paige said nudging me.

                “Shut up, you guys are so embarrassing.” I said shoving my now red face into the pillow.

                “MAIREAD AND ZAYN SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G” they screamed as loud as they could and jumped on the bed, “FIRST COMES LOVE THEN COMES MARRIGE THEN COMES A BABY IN A BABY CARRIAGE.” They were both in hysterics at this point and I couldn’t help but laugh.

                “Real mature, we sound like five year olds.”

                “I can’t believe this is all happening.” Paige said laying back down next to me.

                “I know right! First we get the best job, traveling the world with a band; and then we end up dating one of them.” Cat exclaimed, we were all high on life at this point.

                “Never in a million years.” I said.

                “We have the day off tomorrow, we should go shopping around.” Paige suggested.

                “We should each buy a shot glass for every place we go and when we get back we each have to take a shot in each glass and the first one to weenie out loses and has to do a dare.” This was probably one of my best ideas ever. But when I wake up tomorrow and realize my proposition ill realize how extremely retarded it is.

                “Mair, you’re a genius!” Cat yelled. “We need to have a party when we get home.”

                “Yes, but with who?” I asked.

                “Um well why don’t we invite everyone we went to school with and Shelia Messer and we can rub it in that bitches face.”

                “Who’s Shelia?” Paige asked.

                “Oh, she’s some dumb slut who fucks everyone’s shit up. She always said how much better she was then everyone and how she was going to be famous.” Cat said as she rolled her eyes.

                “Bitch please.” I said.

                “I already hate her.” Paige replied.    

                 I got up and changed into my pajamas, an oversize blue t-shirt and spandex. By the time we were all undressed and in bed it was one in the morning. I could barely sleep, Cat was already passed out and Paige was just falling asleep next to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about tonight I keep thinking it was a dream. I was staring at the ceiling when my phone beside me brightly lit up. It was a text from Zayn. 

                ~”Im guessing ur not sleeping either”

                “How’d you guess?” I replied

                “~Come cuddle with me all the boys are asleep. They won’t notice.”

                “Paige will notice if im not here when she wakes up.”

                ~ “:O. I 4got u 2 “cuddled” with each other.”

                ~” just come 4 an hour. She won’t notice.”

                “Fine.”  The shit this boy made me do, I got out of the warm and cozy bed and put on a pair of socks and my adidas slides.

                ~” the door is propped open 4 u babe xx ;)”

I slowly sneaked out of our room grabbing my key and walking to the next room. I opened the boys door slightly hoping the door wouldn’t make a sound. The only light that was on was the bathroom light. I scanned around for Zayn’s bed. Unlike our room theirs was huge. They had five beds, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a large closet.

                “Mairead.” Zayn whispered and waved is hand from his bed. I quickly walked over and jumped into the large bed. As soon as he hugged me close to him I felt sleepy. He started to talk about something and I knew I should have been paying attention but the bed was so soft and he was so warm. By the time I knew it I fell asleep.


                I was woken up by someone screaming.



Zayn’s P.O.V

                I woke up to a loud scream and a thud. I’ve learned to get used to it, so I just went back to sleep. I stretched over to find Mairead but all I found was a warm spot on the bed and a missing blanket. I opened my eyes and saw that Mairead had rolled off the bed and onto the floor because of the screams. Liam who was in the bed next to me looked down at her confused. I looked up and saw Cat and Paige coming through the door. Shit. She was supposed to leave; management has gotten really strict with the whole “no sex” policy. I know we didn’t have sex but it all looked wrong and if they caught us; Mairead, Paige, and Catherine would be off the tour. Plus we still haven’t told anyone besides Paul and Lou we were dating the girls. Mairead looked and me then dug in my suit cause for a second before standing up.

“MAIR!” Cat said relieved, “We’ve been looking for you. We got up and you were gone. Paige was in hysterics. What are you doing in here?” she said skeptically.

                “Yeah sorry I got up and you two were sleeping and I needed to brush my teeth and I couldn’t find the toothpaste,” she said as she held up my half empty bottle of Colgate, “and Zayn was up so he said I could take his isn’t that right babe?” she said glancing over at me. Good one Mair.

                “Yeah love, nothing to worry about, safe and sound here with me.” I said “what time is the train back to London leaving at?” I asked trying to divert the subject.

                “Two thirty, management tweeted ten so we have a few hours to relax.” Liam said as he slid back down into his bed and pulled the covers over his eyes. I glanced at the clock and it said ten twenty.

                “Munchkin, you had me worried,” Paige said hugging Mairead, “you weren’t there when I woke up.”

                “Aw Pooh Bear. I think I’m going to go back to bed, I’m tired.” Mairead said and said goodbye to us and walked out followed by Cat and Paige.

                The train ride back was exhausting we were greeted by mass amounts of fans while we were getting off we stopped to say hi and whatnot we were given twitters, numbers, posters, books, and even lingerie. We thanked the fans and proceeded into the van that waited for us.

                “This is the only type of white van you should be getting into.” Liam said as he turned to the girls and they rolled their eyes in response. We arrived at the management “headquarters” and were given a tour bus for the next twelve concerts that were throughout England. By November we should be in Ireland and back home for the holidays.

                Our first five concerts went rather well and the month of August went by extremely fast. We celebrated Liam’s 20thbirthday in Durham. Cat, Niall, and Mairead birthdays were next Cat and Niall shared the same birthday and were all turning 20 and Mairead’s is ten days later, the 23 she will be 19. We decided to keep it simple since our relationships were still kept a secret. During the ten days from Cat and Niall’s birthday to Mairead’s we would be in Doncaster, so Lou offered to let us stay at his and have a small party there. Niall and I still had to go gift shopping for the girls, but we still have five days until Cat and his birthday so I think were good.

~Five days later ~

                “One……..Two……….Three” whispered Harry as we snuck into Niall and Cat’s room at the Tomlinson’s.

                “Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Cat and Niall Happy Birthday to you two.” We all sang to them as they struggled to get up.

                “Thanks guys.” Cat mumbled as she untangled herself from Niall’s arms that hugged her.

                “Cath we made you food!” Mairead yelled and jumped on the bed shaking her. This immediately got both, Niall and Catherine’s attention. She placed the huge stack to pancakes and bacon on the bed and lit the single candle sticking out of the stack. They took a moment and then blew it out together.

                “Well since everyone is here now,” Niall said as he looked over at the bed side clock,”at ten twenty in the morning. I guess it’s a good time to give you your present now Cat.” He reached under the table and pulled out a small blue box. She took the bow off and revealed a silver necklace; he got her a Tiffany Infinity necklace.

                “Niall I love it, thank you.” She said as she kissed him, and pulled out a box for him. He unwrapped his gift to see a new pair of Supras. That you could tell my first look he was in love with.

                “Catherine, you really didn’t need to buy me anything, but I love them. Thanks babe, Happy birthday.”

                “We should go now and leave you two alone.” Paige said as she dragged us out of the room.

                “I say we just give them the morning to themselves and they’ll probably want to do something later.” Liam said and we all agreed.

                They slept in until later afternoon and once we woke up we pigged out and watched movies that night. We watched Lilo and Stitch, Finding Nemo, She’s the man, and of course Mairead forced us to watch Iron Man I & II, then Captain America. She sat comfortably across my lap in the large recliner chair while Paige, Louis, Harry, and Liam took the middle couch and Niall and Cat sat in the love seat next to them. Mairead sat mesmerized at the TV, no matter how many times she’s seen those movies she still gets a kick out of them.

                “Babe, your such a dork.”I whispered to her.

                “It would be really helpful if you would supply me with some new information Bradford bad boy, Zayn.” She said not making eye contact with me and trying to be serious but I could see the sides of her mouth curl into a smile.

                “Really, come on I don’t even say that anymore.” I said and started tickling her as the credits started to roll.

                “Why don’t we watch Batman now?” Paige suggested as she got up and took the movie out of the DVD player.

                “Paige he’s not even a real super hero.” Mairead objected.

                “Munchkin, yes he is he has a cape.” At this point Mairead got up and got ready to prove Paige wrong.

                “Batman is not a super hero. Superman is a super hero. Iron man is a super hero. Captain America is a super hero. The Hulk is a super hero. Thor is super hero. They all are either genetically altered or from a distant plant that has super human powers. Bat man is just a civilian who likes to wear tights and has a bat fetish, plus he needs a side kick. He’s that retarded. He sits on a throne of lies.”

                “Your girlfriend’s a freak.” Harry whispered to me.

                “I know.” I nodded, “but you gotta love her, this is high quality entertainment.”

                “Munchkin-“ Paige started to say.

                “Paige not now I’m disgusted with you, tomorrow we’re watching the Marvels Super hero trilogy, I’m converting you. Then maybe I’ll let you watch the Bourne Supremacy with me.”

                “Alright. I guess that’s one way I’ll be spending my time off.” She said as she sat back on the couch.

                “You need to cool it on the freak show you got going over there Mair.” Cat said from her corner.

                “Cath, I forgot to give you your birthday present.” She got up and started giving Cat her “birthday punches”.

                “Mair fine you win. God you’re such a winner.” She said sarcastically.

We decided on going to sleep since it was close to one in the morning and the boys and I had to do a few things at the local studio with management. Mairead started to walk into the room I shared with Liam.

“Munch where are you going?” Paige asked from her door.

“I’m sleeping with Zayn, you disgrace me.” she said and just climbed into the bed tiredly.


Zayn 2 Paige 427.

It’s horrible I need to compete for my own girlfriend.

“Okay guys guess I’ll just have to sleep with Harry.” Liam said as he grabbed his pillows and walked across the hall.

“YAY! Sleep over with Liam.”

“Harry put up the pillow barrier or put clothes on.” We heard Liam say from behind the close door. 

“You’re no fun.”

                The next few days were boring but just mainly relaxing and we had a concert the day before Mairead’s birthday. On the day of her birthday; Paige, Cat, Harry, and I got up early to make her a rainbow cake. We then gathered everyone together and slowly crept into her room and sang happy birthday to her.

                “Thanks guys.” She said with her voice still gravely.

                “Blow out the candles!” Liam yelled, she took a minute and blew them out.

                “What did you wish for?” I asked.

                “You can’t say what you wish for, then it won’t come true.”

                “Fine. But here open your present!” I was so excited for her to open it, Niall and I both picked out the girls presents together. She opened the bag and found a similar blue tiffany box with a white ribbon. She opened the box to find a small silver charm bracelet and three small charms on it. One was the signature Tiffany heart, the second was a small circle that represented a eye and on the back of the small charm was a date 28-1-10, then the third one was a small engraving of the Eiffel tower and on the back of that charm was the date 4-8-11.

                “What are the numbers on the back for?” Harry said as he examined them.

                “The first one was when we first met. Then the second was when he asked me out.” she smiled in response. “I love it, it the best present ever Zayn.” I kissed her and wished her happy birthday.

                 “But why is the charm an eye?” she asked.

                “Because it’s suppose to resemble when I,” I pointed to my eye and said it, ”first saw you. And we can get you a charm for each important event in our lives.”

                “Stop it, you going to make me cry.” Lou said.

                “Alright let’s go, we’ll see you two later.” Harry said and winked.

                “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

                “I think relaxing is fine ahah. We wouldn’t be able to go anywhere either without you getting mulled.”

                “I’m sorry, I feel really bad I can’t even take you out on a real date for your birthday.”

                “Don’t be really its fine.”

                “We can’t just sit in all day; we’ve been doing that the past few days.”

                “People will see us if we go out together.”

                “No, I’ll call Paul tell him were going out for dinner and he’ll find us a back entrance.”

                “Zayn! No stop it, its fine!”

                “What do you want to stay here and yell at Paige some more about how Batman isn’t a real super hero?” her cheeks blushed and she got embarrassed. “Don’t get me wrong babe, I thought it was impressive, it was just embarrassing on her part, I mean just because he has a cape doesn’t mean he’s automatically a superhero.”

                “What place do you have in mind Malik?” yes she gave in.

                “It’s a surprise, dress nice.” I said with a wink and left her to sleep.

                “THAT’S NO HELP!”

                “Nice top, jeans, and heels.” I responded shutting her door.

                “Constantly questioning your sexuality!” she yelled through the closed doors.

                “You’re lucky it’s your birthday.”

                I asked Lou and Jay for some restaurant ideas. They picked out a nice Italian restaurant ten minutes away. I called Paul who was at the studio with management that we were going out and we needed to find a back entrance. By the time we sorted everything out it was three in the afternoon and our reservations were for seven. Mairead was on the couch with Harry and Liam when I came home from meeting up with Paul.

                “What are you guys doing?”

                “Mairead’s trying to get us to tell her where you’re taking her.” Liam quickly rated her out and ran back into his room.

                “I didn’t tell them.” I said with a smirk to her. “Our reservations are for seven do you want to get into the shower first?”

                “I’ll just watch a movie first then after you’re done it’ll probably be four. I have time.”

                                                                ~                              ~                              ~

                I should have made her shower first. It was six fifty and we were still at the Tomlinson’s. I sat patiently waiting for her. Cat, Niall, Paige, and Lou sat on the couches waiting for their Chinese take away.

                “What time are your reservations at?” Lou asked.


                “it’s six fifty.” Paige reminded me.

                “know that.”

                “MAIR GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE YOU NEED TO GO.” Catherine shouted.

                “I’m coming now.” Three minutes later she descended from her room wearing dark wash jeans, a strapless aqua shirt and brown heels. She also had on an elephant necklace, gold studs and the bracelet I gave her ( I was dressed in a white button down shirt and dark jeans and black boots.

                “Paul’s waiting we gotta go.” I said as I ushered her out the door as quickly as I could.

                “Bye have fun.” The others called back.

We arrived at the restaurant to find only a few people dining here. We were immediately seated and served. I was impressed she didn’t spill or knock anything over. We had a really nice time and no distractions. As we were about to leave Paul texted me and told me that girls had seen him and the van and are blocking it in, it would take a good ten minutes to get cops here to get the girls away from the car, so he said to find a way out and find a place to hide; once we did we were to call him.

I knew it was too good to be true.

                “Mairead, babe. We have a situation.” I paused and she signaled me to continue. “The girls found us. We need to find a place to hide.”

                 “Alright, do you have any ideas?”

                “Nope but we need to leave before they make their way in.” I threw down the money for the bill on the table and took Mairead’s had and led her through the restaurant. I saw the back door was blocked by girl’s backs and the front was a mob of girls trying to push their way in. we made our way to the kitchen and through it, running past kitchen staff who were cursing at us and telling us to leave.  We finally made it out into a small ally and we walked to the end to see we were at least twenty feet behind the girl’s backs. We started power walking down the street without attracting any attention to our selves. We looked back and I think a girl saw me.


                I quickly ran us into a nearby store not even looking at what the shop was. It was Mothercare. A maternity and baby store.

This night cannot get any better.

                “What are we doing in here Zayn?”

                “It was the first store and I highly doubt they would find us in here.”

                “Excuse me but can I help you two with anything.” A woman behind the counter said. 

                “No we’re just waiting for a friend to pick us up. do you mind if we wait in here it’s a bit chilly outside?”

                “No not at all.” She said with a smile and returned to the catalog.

                “Oh my gosh look at this little dress.” Mairead said as she held up a small white dress and a matching white sun hat.

                “It’s adorable. I need to call Paul tell him where we are.” She nodded and continued to look at the clothes.

                Half an hour later Paul came and picked us up, and brought us back to the house.

“How’d it go?” harry asked.

“Emmm-“I was about to say horrible. Because it basically was, we had a nice meal, were attacked by fan girls, then I brought my girlfriend of one month into a maternity shop. Not exactly the ideal first date.

                “Perfect, it was fun.” Mairead said.

                “That’s good. Don’t forget we need to be up early tomorrow, we have an interview with Alan Carr tomorrow night and it’ll be a day of driving.”

                “Great! I think I’m going to bed I’m pretty tired.” Mairead said as she pulled off her heels and turned to me.

                “You don’t have to say it was good I know it was a shitty date, it was ruined.”

                “No it wasn’t it was fun. More exciting ahahah. Goodnight.” She said and kissed me and walked down the hall to her room.

                The next day consisted of packing up our stuff from the Tomlinson’s and saying goodbye. Once we did we were back on the road and headed toward the Alan Carr studios. Once we arrived we went into hair and makeup. The show was to begin at ten and end at eleven. We were ready to go on, the girls sat in the front of the audience so they could come on during commercial breaks to touch up our makeup. We finally got going and the questions asked by Alan were definitely interesting. I loved his show because he didn’t care about the questions he asked and just did it. He nailed Harry for the Caroline rumors and the girl from the What Makes You Beautiful video. I was asked to make a sketch of him. I thought everything was going smoothly; Alan was asking us about the upcoming album and then all hell broke loose.

                “Well Zayn we have some breaking news here. You were seen last night at a very nice restaurant.” I looked up from my sketch and looked at the screen behind him that displayed a clear picture of Mairead and I running through the kitchen of the restaurant. “is that your lovely stylist we seen in the picture?”

                “Um.. yeah.” I said shyly my face was getting red.

                “A little excited to get out of there mate? Are you two an item?” aw shit I thought, if we just come out with it now then maybe Harry will go out with another cougar or a boy this time and everything will blow over.     

                “Um ahha yes we’re together.” Then the camera pointed at her and she shyly waved and her face became a bright red.

                “Tell them the story, how you two met.” Lou insisted who was tipsy off of the champagne Alan served us. “It’s adorable it really is.”

                “Why don’t we have her come up here with you and you both can tell it.”

Oh  Christ. This can’t go well.      

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