Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


11. Chapter 11


I was beyond nervous. We sat quietly in the large conference room. It was located on the top floor of the building and had a one huge window the allowed you to view all of London. We weren’t able to see out the walls were covered with black and white paintings and the door was stainless steel. Paige, Catherine, and I had been waiting to meet our clients for a good twenty minutes now. Paige was nervously taping on the table; Catherine sat in complete silence staring at her phone.  I looked out the window, we were completely unsure of what to expect from our clients. Then door then shot open and we were greeted by loud talking and laughing, then it stopped.

“Surprise!” five familiar boys emerged from behind the management group and engulfed us in a hug.

“You guys are our clients?” Catherine asked still hugging Niall. It had only been two days since they saw each other and they acted as if it had been two years.

“Yeah babe! Once you told us about your business Lou looked into it and she remembered your work so we asked her to hire you.”

“Wait really? So were going on tour with you!” Paige said in pure excitement.

“Yes and we share a bus!” Lou exclaimed.

“Mairead, how excited are you!” Zayn asked me pulling me aside from the screaming group. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was feeling, I was so happy I would be with him but I feel awkward being with him 24/7 and him not having a break from me .

“I’m so excited! But won’t you be sick of me after the tour?” I said teasing him hoping he realized that I’m being serious.

“If I didn’t want to spend every minute of my day with you then why would I beg Lou to pressure you into taking the job?” my heart melted I couldn’t take this boy he was too sweet I could have kissed him right their but with all my might I restrained myself. Since we picked them up from the airport he’s made me fall even more in love with him each day I spent with him. I looked up at him and rolled my eyes and flashed him a huge grin.

“She didn’t pressure us!” I said trying to keep my mind off of attacking him right then and there.

“She brought Lux to the meeting didn’t she? I know all your weaknesses, I told her if she brought her you wouldn’t be able to say no.” he said in cocky tone.

“Oh really you all of them? How exactly?”

“When you got shit faced the night of prom you spilt everything out, I wasn’t exactly hammered at that point.”

“Zayn! That was two years ago,” I couldn’t believe he actually remembered us getting wasted, did I really tell him everything? What if I told him I loved him, if he knows then it’s obviously he doesn’t feel the same way?  I started to get all red and hot thinking about this. “Ugh what um else did I tell you?”

“That’s for me to know. Are you okay you don’t look to good?”


“Yeah I’m great just really excited, to go on tour with my best friend.” I said giving him a fake smile.

“Me too I’ll help you pack tonight. I’m already packed, plus you’ll be all alone tonight, I promised you I’m not leaving you alone remember? Niall and Lou are taking the girls out on dates.”

I couldn’t say no, he was basically telling me he was coming over and the fact that he remembered all the promises and secrets I told him was actually really sweet and caring.

“Sure, but you bring the food, since your practically forcing yourself over. We still haven’t stocked the fridge.”

“Of course! Dinosaur chicken nuggets and macaroni?” he asked, he remembered my favorite meal I couldn’t believe it. Today was just full of surprises.

“Marry me! How on earth do you remember everything?”

“Mairead, Zayn would you mind joining us in the wardrobe department?” Lou asked interrupting our conversation; we didn’t even notice that everyone had left. We nodded in agreement and followed her.

“Maybe later,” he said with a wink,” and I remember everything, I’m a good listener.”

Catherine, Paige, and I were shown all the makeup, hair products, and clothes we would be able to us on tour and asked us to demonstrate on the boys how we would style them for  a concert so management could approve them. I went to the clothes and picked out the outfits from the vast variety of clothing options that lay in front of me. I quickly picked out the first five outfits, it was pretty easy I asked them what they felt comfortable wearing and what they liked the most. Once we figured out their preferred style I had to find the clothes and a color scheme that matched them all. Niall was to wear a Red polo shirt matched with tan kakis and white Nike high tops.

“So Niall, where are you and Louis taking Catherine and Paige?” I asked as he changed behind a screen in the fitting room.

“Well we’re torn between two places; the boardwalk or a nice restaurant then a movie. What should we do? We wanted to do this together because we don’t want to mess up.” he asked me, I could tell he was nervous.

“You two must really like them,” He came out and nodded in agreement. ”Why don’t you take Catherine to the boardwalk and Lou takes Paige to the restaurant and then meet up at the movies?”

“That sounds good, give us some time alone and then like a double date. Mairead you’re a genius,” he said hugging me and pulling on his shoes, “I’m really excited to have you all on tour with us. So what are your plans tonight?”

“I know I am,” I said rolling my eyes, “Well I was planning to just start packing and ordering in but Zayn said he would come over and help me.” He raised his eyebrows at me.

“So just packing?” he said with a devious grin I was confused at what he was trying to get at.  

“Yeah? Why?”

“Nothing, I look good don’t I?” he said doing a twirl in his new outfit.

“Oh shut up and send the next victim in, and go and get your hair and makeup done.”

“Yes ma’am” he said with a salute and walked out and sent Liam in.       

Liam was paired with a button down plaid, blue, red, white, and grey shirt and kakis and red Nike high tops.

“Liam so I was taking to Andy this morning on the phone, he said he would be in London looking at flats, since we’re going to be away for a few months Cat, Paige and I figured that he could flat sit and stay there while he looked for an apartment. So could you ask him if he would want to?

“Yeah sure of course, that’s really nice of you, I’ll call him as soon as we’re done. He actually was coming to stay at my house this weekend to spend some time together before I left. So can he come over tonight to check it out if he says yes, but I know he will?”

“Sure, of course. I’ll be home.”

Harry was the hardest to dress, he insisted on going naked, but I figured management would have a problem with it. So I dressed him in kakis, white converse, a white scoop-neck t-shirt and a navy blue blazer. Lou was the easiest, he helped me pick out the clothes instead of having me just do it, he did a good job too. One problem was getting pants to fit his rather large ass. But once we found a pair he was nicely dressed in red cut offs, a white and blue stripped short sleeve shirt and white converse.

“Thanks for helping us decide where to take them. Just keep it a secret.” He said giving me a smile as he came out of the changing room to show me his outfit.

“Not a problem, this will them with their outfits later.” He rolled his eyes and exited the room and sent Zayn in. He was a huge pain in my ass. He couldn’t decide on what to wear, I’m guessing it was a bad idea of letting him pick out the clothes.

“Zayn, for god’s sake just give me a hint on what you like.” I shouted, I have been in the wardrobe department for three hours now and I was starving.

“I can’t decide, it’s so hard there are so many choices!” he shouted back.

“That’s it sit down on that couch over there and don’t move.” I said pointing to the couch all the way across the room. He did as I said while I went through the racks. After twenty minutes of searching I found a white button down shirt with a red stripe going down the side of the buttons and a pair or kakis and black nike high tops and threw him the clothes.

“Try these on so I can see what they look like on you.” I said sitting down on the couch. He stood up and stated taking off his shirt. “The changing station is over there.” I pointed to the screen that stood on the opposite end of the room.

“Oh right.” He said blushing and walked over. A few minutes later he came out. I asked him all the same questions I asked all the other boys.

“It looks good it’s just that there is something missing it feels like.” I said.

“Wait I got it,” he marched over the rack of jackets and pulled out a blue, white and red varsity jacket.  “I was always jealous of yours, and we can customize it with my name on it.” He put on the jacket and buttoned the top button only.

“You were jealous of my varsity jacket? You’re so strange and yeah we can do that I’ll send it over to the head of wardrobe to customize it. You do know that there are six other buttons right?”

“I know I just like it buttoned like this.”

“Fine, let’s go.” We both exited the styling room and went to hair and makeup. Lou sat in Paige’s chair while his hair was getting done and Liam was in Catherine’s. Cat was giving him a haircut, you could see his long wavy locks fall to the floor with each cut.

“Vat are youh dohing with Leumms hair Cat?” Zayn yelled in a strange voice.

“He wanted it trimmed and that’s what I’m doing. What took you two so long?” she asked with raised eye brows.

“Well princess Zayn over here couldn’t decide on what he liked the best.” I said in an annoyed tone and stood behind one of the chairs to do Zayns hair. But he jumped on Louis who was now sitting on the couch waiting for the other boys to finish. Zayn attacked him giving him love bites on his neck.

“Zayn can you stop being so homosexual for ten minutes while Mairead can do your hair?” Paige called, she knew I was tired and hungry.

“Why Paige are you jealous of Louis falling for me?” he questioned as he stood up and walked over to my chair and sat down. I decided that I would shave down his sides to give him a more prominent quiff, then before which was pretty long all around. But the first ten minutes were hell. Zayn saw me pull out the electric shaver and flipped a shit. Paul and the five boys had to help hold him down on the chair and Paige held his head still while Catherine video tapped it. It was probably the funniest things I’ve ever seen happen to him and I wanted to keep it forever. Once I shaved down the sides and gave a small trip to the top of his head and blow dried it up he was able to sit still without the restraints. Once I was done he hopped off the seat and ran to the mirror.

“Mairead I swear to god if my hair is god I’m going to,” he yelled in a harsh tone, “oh wait I actually like this.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“You look sexy Zayn.” Harry commented.

“Babe , I know.” He replied.

We showed management the final product and they approved I would need to be back at ten tomorrow to pick out more out fits for tour. Once we arrived home I was the first in the shower since I knew Cat and Paige were going to take forever in there so I took a quick ten minute shower, threw on grey yoga pants and a white tank top. I went into Catherine’s room and perched myself at the end of her bed, and watched as the two mad women ran throughout the house trying to find clothes to wear. 

“What should I wear Mairead? Paige get in the shower so I can get in we only have two hours.”

                “Stop stressing you’ll be fine wear something casual, nothing to fancy.”

                “Wait you know where we’re going?” Cat asked.

                 “Yes they told me, and no I will not tell you.” I said as I stood up and walked over to her closet. “Here wear this.” I threw on her bed a black tank top, scarf, ripped jeans, a white button down sweater and red converse. I went into Paige’s room and grabbed a pair of dark wash jeans, a white cotton button down shirt that tied at the bottom and Jeffrey Campbell Lita Brown platform ankle boots, and also some jewelry ( Cat gave me a look as if I was crazy.

                “You want me to wear that?!” she said I her nerves were taking over her, I mean I did know where she was going on a date I might as well dress her for it.

                “You asked me to help you Cath and I did. Now I’m going to be in the kitchen. If you need me, don’t call me.” I teased and walked out.

                  I went into the kitchen and my first reaction was to open the fridge and eat a shit load of food. But I all I saw was a pitcher of water, various bottles of beer and hard liquor. The door bell rang and it was the mail man dropping off a very large box. I opened it to find that Cat’s parents had shipped over a house warming gift, a huge set of: pots, pans, knives, utensils, plates, bowls, various types of spoons, jar’s, food containers, serving dishes, butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, and much, much more. I slid the huge box into the kitchen and sat down on the sofa in the living room. I stared at the TV that set mounted on the wall. But I forgot we didn’t connect it to our cable yet and had to make an appointment for the cable guy to come and do it. Fuck that shit. I went back into the kitchen and decided to unpack the huge box, it would probably take me a couple of hours anyway. I could hear Cat and Paige scrambling and knocking things over so I put my iPod in and ear phones. I reorganized the kitchen and was almost done unpacking the boxes, I was so relaxed; between me jamming to my iPod and cleaning it really helped me from all the stress the boys put me in today. I was dancing like a mad man and singing at the top of my lungs. My shuffle was being a beast and playing all the songs I liked which put me in a better mood. One big room full of bad bitches, I heard the chorus of Gucci Gucci and started full out jamming I rapped that whole song while putting away the dishes in the cabinets I thought it was pretty impressive. I looked at the clock and wondered why no one was here yet, it was five forty and their date was at six. Oh well. Five minutes later I was on the floor belting out Heartbeat by Enrique Iglesias ft Nicole Scherzinger. Bleeding Love came on next, of course I started singing that. Then I heard noises and screaming so I unplugged one of my ear phones.

                   “Make her stop I like that song!” I turned around and saw six boys looking at me over the kitchen isle. Liam had his ears covered and yelling at me to stop while the rest just laughed.

                “You. Are. Terrible.” Harry said between laughs.

                “I know, what are you all doing here?” I asked.

                “Well Andy and I are to tour the flat, before he flat sits.” Liam said.

                “I came along with them, were going clubbing.” Harry said.

                “Liam Payne goes clubbing? What about Caroline Har, you haven’t said much about her?”

                “Yes I do go clubbing, I do have a wild side, you should come and see this in action!” Liam said as he swayed his hips in a grinding motion but failed.

                “Caroline and I broke up, there wasn’t much going on, she said I was too immature and our relationship was strictly physical. But I’m back in the game now don’t worry.” Harry said proudly.

                “Wow Harry, and its fine Liam, Zayn and I have plans, and I’m way too tired. Andy I’ll give you a tour real fast and a spare I have.”

                “Alright, thanks so much its really nice of you guys, but would you mind if my mate Maz stayed with me he’s moving into the flat with me?” Andy asked innocently and followed me up stairs.

                “Sure, just promise me you don’t break anything and I won’t find any dead hookers when we get back.” I said half joking.

                “Please, I street dance for a living and do twitcams. I have no social life.” He laughed.

                After a full tour we made our way back to the kitchen. It was already six fifteen and Cat and Paige were still getting ready. I called them and they asked for five more minutes. We sat at the kitchen island talking and waiting. Louis and Niall stood nervously; I heard the door open and the sound of heels hitting the floor. Just as I thought. They listened to me and wore what I picked out for them.

                “Hi Paige, you look beautiful babe.” Lou said leaning down to kiss her cheek.

                “Thanks, you don’t look to bad yourself Louis.” she smiled.

                Niall’s jaw physically dropped and he politely kissed Cat on her cheek and coiled his arm around her waist.

                “You look amazing Cat.” She smiled in response.

                “Yes Catherine, I just love your outfits where on earth did you get this brilliant epiphany to wear such a lovely outfit.” I said in heavy sarcasm. Zayn knew what was going on and laughed at me. Niall ushered them towards the door and Liam, Harry, and Andy left the flat first.

                “Fuck off Mair!” Cat joked.

                “Keep it classy guys, wrap it before you pack it, no glove no love!” I called back at her.

                “Hey Mair, do you want us to pick you and Zayn up anything? Some snacks, drinks, condoms?” Paige joked.

                “Guys remember, Don’t be silly, protect your willy.” Zayn said as he joined in on the fun.

                The couples finally left and Zayn and I left to cook dinner. It was weird being alone together we have been constantly surrounded by people the last few weeks that we forgot what it felt like to be alone. After dinner we went up to my room and began to pack.

                “I can’t believe I just unpacked everything and I’m packing it up again.” I said in frustration.

                “You get used to it.” He said as he jumped on my bed and opened up my computer. “I’m making you a twitter. You have no say.” Once he set me up he thought it was a good idea to start a twit cam. A few minutes later he announced on twitter that he and his best friend were going to do a twit cam. I was still packing when he started it.

                “Vas Happenin everybody?!” he said into the computer. Within five minutes there were eight hundred and more people watching it.  He sat answering questions and smiling at the screen.

                “Say hi to my best friend Mairead!” he said turning the camera to me. I waved and continued to pack I was nearly done. Once I had finished I felt hungry again and remembered I had strawberries and nutella in the fridge. I put my packed bags by the door and went to go downstairs to the fridge.

                “Where are you going?”

                “Getting some food.”

                “Food?! You just had ten chicken nuggets and a huge bowl of macaroni and cheese.” Zayn said in shock.

                “Sue me.” I said dryly.

                “If you see her eat, she is a bottomless pit.” I heard Zayn say to the camera and went to retrieve my food. I got back and lay next to him on the bed. It felt so good after my long day.            

                “Mairead, people on the internet are asking to be your friend. Everyone go follow her I just made her a twitter, I’ll put up her twitter now, ok I did it. Yes I know she’s an egg. We’ll fix that right now.” He said into the camera as I dipped and piled the strawberries and nutella in to my mouth.

                “Take a picture for your twitter so people can find you. We’re going to pause the twit cam and start it back up in a few.” Zayn said and logged off. He brought up photo booth and got close to me and began snapping pictures. Once we took a couple dozen we picked one that wasn’t so bad. He opened it in picnik and began to change the effects. He sat there in full focus and I couldn’t help but laugh. He started the twit cam again and we were flooded with more questions. Zayn went to grab one of my strawberries but I quickly took the chocolate covered fruit and smashed it into his cheek causing him to drop his mouth and look at me in astonishment.

                “You really want to go there?” he questioned and before I knew it he dunked his finger into the Nutella and smeared it on my cheek. He locked me into a hold with his legs and arms, not letting me move free.

                “If you guys can trend, Mairead is a chocolate covered mess and this twit cam reaches one thousand viewers I’ll lick the chocolate off her face.” I tried to protest and wiggle my way out. But in thirteen minutes the number one world trend was #Maireadisachocolatecoveredmess and the second one was #lickitoffMalik, and he did as he was promised I felt his wet tongue lick my face.

                “Zayn your so gross, ew stop.” I said between laughs, as disgusting as it was it was also hilarious that two thousand people were watching him lick chocolate off my face. We continued the twit cam until eleven o’clock and then stopped it; Cat and Paige were still out. I felt my eyes drift off as Zayn put a movie into my laptop for us to watch.

                “You know you can go to sleep, I don’t mind waiting for them.” He said, he could tell I was tired. I quickly dove under the covers and snuggled close to him taking in his body heat. For a July night I was still cold. With that I slowly drifted off to sleep. 

Zayn’s P.O.V

                In the short two years that I’ve known Mairead I learned three things about her sleeping habits. One, you should never ever deprive her of her sleep, two she has to be touching something or holding something when she sleeps and three, once she is asleep you can’t move her; or else all hell breaks loose; I have witnessed that. Once while I was staying over at Aaron’s Mairead and Cat fell asleep on the couch while they were watching a movie; Catherine was completely passed out while Mairead was holding on to Aaron’s pillow passed out. He wiggled the pillow from her and woke he up, between the two of them I swore that world war three was about to break out. It was bad. We now know to leave them alone while they are asleep, whatever the circumstances. After I told her to go to sleep she immediately drifted off, I figured I would just watch a movie until Lou and Niall came back and then we’ll just leave. By one thirty they were home, you could hear giggling, heals clomping against the hard wood floor and loud talking. I looked over at Mairead hoping that she wouldn’t wake up. She shifted to the movement and ended up with her arm around my stomach. Shit. Good job guys. I heard footsteps approaching her room.

                “Guys shut up.” I said in a loud whisper.

                “Shit Zayn, sorry. Hehe looky here guys.” Niall slurred as he rested his clearly drunken body against the door frame. Awesome, they got the leprechaun drunk.

                “Why are you drunk?” I’m pretty sure you can’t get wasted at a carnival and a movie.

                “Well,” Lou joined in and you could tell he was drunk as well by the way he pointed his index finger while he was talking, “After the movie it was only ten, so we decided to go to the new pub that opened down the street.” Cat and Paige came into the room as well.

                “We have two guests beds down stairs, if you two wanted to stay?” Paige offered.

                “What about your room?” Lou asked pulling her close and kissing her.

                “Cat I wanna cuddle with you!” Niall giggled.

                “Can you please take this downstairs and shut up?!” I whispered harshly again.

                “Fine,” Cat said rolling her eyes, “You better not move, remember what happened last time?” she said and they all walked back down stairs.

                I carefully extended my arm and placed her laptop on the bedside table. I slowly shifted below the covers more to get more comfortable. I successfully did it without waking her up. This was the second time we “slept together” it was merely just sharing a bed, but ever since the day after graduation and our fight I wanted to go back to just cuddling in bed with her. I looked down at my chest to see her head comfortably leaning against the side of my chest and her arm draped around my waist. I wish I could do this every day. I still needed to figure out a way I was going to tell her I loved her. I can’t take it anymore. This right here, what we’re doing now I could do every day for the rest of my life. I started to really think of a plan. I stared up at the ceiling and thought, my eyes started to get heavy and feel asleep planning the perfect first date.

                I woke up and felt confused, because I normally was blinded by the sun or woken up by a loud alarm clock at this time. I looked at the side table next to me and read the clock; eleven forty five in the morning. I got out of bed and walked out the door. It took me a minute to realize where I was then I proceeded down the stair case. I found Niall, Lou, and Cat all seated at the island table while Paige was at the counter cooking something.

                “Well hello there sleeping beauty!” Lou said patting my shoulder as  I took a seat next to him.

                “How’s it feel waking up alone?” Niall said with a smirk.

                “Your used to it, why don’t you tell me?” I teased back.

                “Not anymore.” He said putting his arm around Cat’s waist and dragging her chair closer to his.

                “Mairead went to the wardrobe department at ten she just texted me and told me she’s on her way home now.” Paige said sliding me a plate of pancakes and bacon.

                “Thanks, what do we have going on today?” I asked the two boys.

                “Nothing we have today and Sunday off then were off to Paris first thing Monday morning.” Niall informed me.

                “Great, I’m just going to spend the next few days eating and sleeping.” I replied. It wasn’t a lie those were really my plans the next two days.

                “Woah, slow down there Mr. social.” Cat mocked with heavy sarcasm. I stuck my tongue at her in response. Mairead walked through the door and made a bee line right to the kitchen, not bothering to say hi to anyone and grab the nearest plate and pile on six pancakes and five pieces of bacon.

                “Well hi, how are you? Good morning Paige and everyone how did you sleep, and may I have some pancakes?” Paige said to her sarcastically.

                “Are you just swallowing those?” Lou asked staring at her while she continued to shove them into her mouth and remain silent.

                “Would it kill you to breath between bites?” Cat asked.

                “Well I didn’t have time for breakfasts because I woke up late and then I had to listen to models complain about how many calories are in damn cucumbers.” She started to become irked very quickly, “Do you know how many calories are in a cucumber? Ten. Ten fucking calories are in a god damn cucumber. I had to listen to that discussion for an hour. Oh then I was repeatedly asked how many calories were in water. Yes water. They kept on asking me if I was sure water didn’t contain any calories.”

                “Dumb bitches.” Paige responded.

                “All I wanted to do was get in there and get all the clothes I needed for the tour and get out, I could have done it within fifty minutes, but no; I get damn tooth picks coming in and trying to hold a conversation with me. Like no! You’re a size zero, five ten, and gorgeous, I don’t want to talk to you. God why can’t people just leave me alone.” She complained.

                “Word G Men.” Cat said agreeing with her, causing Niall and Lou to give her a weird stare. Mairead dropped her plate in the sink and ran up stairs and was back within a minute dresses in sweats and Adidas slides. She grabbed her keys and wallet from the dish that lay by the fridge and walked towards the door.     

                “Where are you going now?” Paige asked.

                “Taco bell.” She said and opened the door.

                “Can you pick me up a-“ Niall started to say and was cut off by the door.

                “I think I’m going to head out and go home. I’m really tired.” I said looking at Lou and Niall to see if they were joining me.

                “Yeah I think we should go too, we still need to pack.” Lou said and kissed Paige good bye and gathered his things from last night.

                “I’ll talk to you later babe.” Niall said and gave Cat a goodbye kiss.

                We hailed a cab and were driven to our flat. As soon as I got home I went back into bed and fell asleep, the next two days I only got out of bed to go to the bathroom, get more movies, or to eat. It was so nice I finally had a chance to catch up on all my much needed sleep since our last tour.

Monday came and we were all ready to start the tour. The band went a day earlier to go set up. Our first stop was Paris, our first concert was August 4th and it was at Zénith de Dijon, a open concert venue, you could see the Eiffel tower from the stadium. I couldn’t wait. The train ride was long, Mairead, Harry and Liam sat next to Lou and played with baby Lux, while Cat and Niall sat next to each other and talked about something and Lou and Paige were doing the same in their own booth of the train. Two hours later we arrived in Pairs. Our belongings were dropped off at the hotel we were to be staying at and we were off to our first interview. Paige, Cat and Mairead did a good job, with this being their first day on the job. The only problem was Harry, he would keep messing up his hair after Paige would do it. After the sixth time she gave up. The interview went good, the same thing as always but the girls made it more fun. They would throw us funny faces during serious questions and Paul even joined in on the fun. God I love that man. By the end of the night and three interviews later we were done and we all headed off to our rooms.  In two days we were to be playing our first concert to kick off the tour and I would be making a life changing decision. Then next day we went to the venue to rehearse we already knew what we were doing since we just finished the same tour in America, so all we were doing was refreshing. The concert came and I got an adrenaline rush. I love performing its so much fun. Once the concert was over and everyone had left we went back stage to celebrate. The boy, Paige, Cat Mairead and I all stayed later for my surprise. I looked at Liam and he knew what to do. He and Harry excused themselves and did the job I asked them to do.

“Why don’t we go clubbing tonight?” Lou asked. The girls nodded in agreement, they all knew what was going on except Mairead; and I wanted to keep it that way. They headed off into the dressing rooms to get changed and as soon as they left Liam and Harry came back.

“We’re good to go, did they go get changed yet?” Harry said panting; he must have ran here to get back in time.  

“Yeah, they should be out in a twenty, we have some time, I’m going to go get changed.” I said and headed to the other side of the stage where my station was located. Ten minutes later I came back to see Cat and Paige with the boys.

“Mairead just went to the bathroom and will be out any minute.” Paige informed me.

“Alright were good to go, are you ready for this Zayn?” Niall asked.

“Yes. Get in your spots I think I hear her.”           

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