Bleeding Love

Mairead moves to England with her aunt, uncle ,and cousin after a traumatic incident. Her cousin Aaron introduces Mairead to his best friend Zayn and they instantly feel a connection but is afraid to say anything about it.


10. Chapter 10


The car ride was overall long and tiring. I sat in the back of our SUV between Zayn and Harry, in front of us was Paige, Louis and Liam, and Catherine was driving and Niall sat next to her. Paul drove behind us with the boy’s and some of our luggage. We decided that it would be a good idea to leave really early to beat the traffic and the fans. At six thirty we were all piled in the car and the directions were put into the GPS.  I’m surprised Catherine was able to function this early but she was eating her breakfast and had a huge cup of coffee next to her, so I figured that she would be good for the next two hours.  I was just hoping we wouldn’t get caught in traffic. The moment we started moving the car fell silent again and everyone was fast asleep, except Niall who stayed awake to keep Catherine company while driving.  I started to day dream since I couldn’t fall asleep because it was still very cold in the car and the heat hadn’t kicked in yet. I couldn’t get over the fact that it was the middle of July and it was at forty degrees when we woke up. I snapped out of my day dream when I felt some one pull on my waist and snuggled me close into their chest.

“Come here, you’re shivering.” He said. I knew it was Zayn, I could smell his Gucci cologne.

“Are you sure you’re like squished in the corner, you don’t need my fat ass squishing you      anymore.” I said as I started to pull away. It was true, since Harry spread out due to his enormous statue and I did gain some weight since college but mainly because of stress. I wished I still had my athletic body. I don’t understand how Cath and Paige managed to maintain their bodies, they both were taller than me, curvy, and flat stomachs, but me over here gains a cup size and an jean size and some flabby abs . It’s not fair.  I’m making it my top priority to find a gym as soon as we move in.

“No I’m actually very comfortable; shut up your ass is very nice, not fat. And you’re cuddly, like a personal tiny teddy bear.”

“She’s mine.”   Paige said tiredly, I could tell she was smiling. I forgot there were other people in the car because it was so silent and because Zayn was talking to me, he always seemed to have that affect on me. He made me forget there were other people or things going on.

I just continued to lay on him my head tucked under his chin and my hand on his chest, and he embraced me in a hug. It was a little awkward since we had seatbelts on but it was still comfortable.

“You should wake her”

“No, you do it.”

“I don’t know maybe give her one more hour.”

“It’s four in the afternoon!”

“Shit she’s moving.”

“Mairead.”  Someone softly called my name, it sounded like Harry, then I heard the soft strumming of guitar strings.

“It’s time to get up in the morning, er I mean afternoon” sang Niall, I kept my eyes closed hoping it was just a dream or they would go away.

“In the afternoon.” Louis cooed then followed by Liam.

“In the afternoon”     

“We’ve got Nando’s  lunch for you.” Niall sang again, it looks like it wasn’t a dream.

“Just for you.” Liam sang, causing me to burry my head into the pillow.

“Or we could get you any other brand.” Lou  was singing  louder now.

“We’re driving  two miles to get it.”  Niall sang, I could feel him getting closer.

“ So you better get up and eat it.”

“You don’t want to be a selfish, lazy, girl, Mairead.” They all sang and stopped, I relaxed a bit before I was disturbed by them screaming and jumping on the bed.





 Then I felt five huge bodies fall on the mattress causing me to be flung three feet in the air.

“I’M UP.” I screamed, “Wait, where am I?”

“Woah, did you see how high she bounced?!” Harry yelled.

“You’re at our flat love!”Louis replied.

“Why?” where had Cat and Paige gone, I thought.

 “Well you see love, while we were on our vast and exciting journey you were conked out here on our boy Zayn. “

“You weren’t waking up in the car, so we figured we would just have you sleep here, Cat said you still haven’t completely caught up on you r jet lag from the Bahamas.” Niall said.

“Paige and Cat are at your flat now, were going to pick up some dinner for them and we’ll drive up back as well.”

“How did I get in here?” I said still a little dazzy from my long nap.

“You’re macho man over here carried you in.”Liam teased pointing to Zayn.

“Thanks boo.” I said.

“No problem babe,” he winked.  I realized that I was still in my sweats and t-shirt from bed last night.

“Ew, I feel so gross, I need to go home and shower.”  I had an OCD about showering, I had to do it at least twice a day.

“Why don’t you shower here?” Louis asked, “Well the girls probably haven’t unpacked everything and it might be a while until they get to those boxes. Last time I talked to Paige they were just finishing the living room and kitchen boxes.”

 “Sure I’ll be really quick, shit I feel bad leaving them there with all the unpacking. “ thank god when we went to the flat after we bought it we already painted and put the big items in so when we came back from vacation all we needed to do was unpack all the boxes the movers left.

“It’s down the hall and it the right, oh here I’ll grab you some clothes. “ Zayn said and ruffling through a draw in the bedroom; from the huge length mirror, the amount of hair products, and the earrings on the bed side table, it must have been his room.  He handed me a pair of red boxer shorts and a black v-neck.

“Sorry, I don’t have any um regular shorts, and it’s too warm out for sweatpants, you’ll die ahah.” He said awkwardly and running a hand through his quiff.

“it’s fine, why don’t you guys pick up the food and by the time I’m done we can go straight to our flat?”

“Sounds great! What do you want? We’re going to a pizzeria.”

“Pepperoni, please.” I said and closed the bathroom door and pealed my gross sweats off and stepped into the shower.  After a good half hour shower I finally felt nice and clean, but I forgot about my underwear and bra. Shit. I’ll just go commando and Zayn’s shirt seems loose enough. God let’s hope. It’s smells just like him, I think I’ll be stealing this one. I threw my hair into a high messy bun and padded down the hallway, I could hear voices in the kitchen.

“There she is, ready to get going?” Liam asked getting up and grabbing the pizza boxes.


                We got in what seemed like Harry’s range rover and drove to our flat. I carefully studied the drive for the future.

                “You know, I’ve never seen your hair natural.” Zayn said who sat behind me.

                “Yes you have, when we went to the beach, last summer.” I took it down  from my messy bun, my hair was still wet and i could feel the curly waves start to form.

                “leave it down I like it like that.” He said, I was a little confused but I just went with it.   

                “Ooooh I wanna go to the beach!” Louis piped in, “let’s go tomorrow , it should be nice out! We can go after our meeting with management.”

                “Sure, we have a few things to do tomorrow any way.” 

                We arrived at the flat and Cat and Paige opened the door for us and took the pizza into the kitchen.

                “Nice of you to join us Mair.” Cat said sarcastically.

                “I could feel you missed me too much Cath, so I decided to come back, for your sakes of course.”

                “Sure you did sweetie.”

“Sorry for leaving you with all the boxes, I’ll finish them.”

“We didn’t get much done munchkin. We kind of got distracted.” Paige said as she took a seat on the hard wood floor next to Louis and handed him his slice of pizza.

“Sorry but were going to need to eat on the floor tonight guys.”

“it’s fine Paige!” Lou said giving her a bright smile.

“So we were talking about going to the beach tomorrow? You guys in?” Niall asked.

“ Yeah, sure but we got  a potential client this afternoon and we have a  meeting at nine tomorrow morning. So why don’t we go around twelve?” Cat said as she sat next to Niall in our circle on the floor.

“I’ll bring the sun block!” Niall shouted.

After a few pizza boxes and jokes later it started to get late and the boys headed home. Cat and Paige immediately went to bed and I stayed up, I was totally awake due to my eight hour nap. So I began to unpack the boxes that lay all over the flat. By one in the morning I had gotten the rest of the living room set up, kitchen cabinets were fully stocked with equipment, bathrooms were done, and my room was almost done. I then decided to go to bed and finish it tomorrow.

My alarm sounded for seven thirty and I got both girls up so we could be ready for our meeting at nine. We all took showers and did our hair and makeup, next step was deciding what to wear. Cat wore a white sun dress with a sweat heart neckline, thick straps, and crisscross cutouts in the back, with that had tiny red flower pattern throughout the dress, along with brown gladiator sandals and a brown bag.  Paige wore a light pink romper with black floral all over it and strappy gladiator sandals, and finally I wore a white strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline. I attached a small brown belt at my waist and threw on brown wedges. We left by eight ten and arrived at the café where we were meeting   Lou, our client.  We made sure we had our resume and our profile with pictures with the work we’ve done.

“Catherine? Paige?” a woman called behind us. We turned around to see a woman with a baby attached to her hip.  “I’m Lou we spoke on the phone. You must be Mairead.”

“Yes, Hi how are you.” I said extending my hand towards her then bending down eye level with her daughter, “Hi gorgeous, what’s your name?”

“This is Lux she’s my six month old daughter.” Lou said and sat down next to me at our table.

“So I’ve seen your work and I may say, I’m very impressed. I was actually at the London fashion week when you were, amazing job girls.” She said and readjusted Lux who was trying to climb over her mother’s shoulder. She caught my eye and extended her arms out to me and cried when Lou was trying to hold her back.

“I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be it’s fine, want me to take her? I love babies.”

 “Sure if you don’t mind.”  I took Lux from her and she immediately stopped crying and sat still.

“So as I was saying, the company I work for needs people with your expertise, and was hoping to get you before anyone else can, they actually came to us yesterday and told us they wanted you,  also you would be entitled to be traveling with us for six months, flights and hotels will be paid for. I would tell you the clients but for professional reasons I can’t, but trust me I think it would be an amazing opportunity as a makeup artist myself.”

 We all looked at each other and could tell this was a good client and it would be a good start.

“Yes, we’ll take it.” Catherine said to her.  

“Fantastic, I’ll call you guys as soon as I find out our schedule I promise, you won’t be disappointed when you meet the clients.” She said, we continued to talk with Lou she was really sweet and so was Lux. It was almost noon and Lou had to leave so we said goodbye and left. We packed our swim suits before we left and kept them in the car and figured we would change at the beach and called the boy to tell them we were on our way, they were already half way there and would pick up food. 

Zayn’s P.O.V

                “Chips, salsa, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, forks, knives, ketchup, mustard,” Liam said as he placed the food on the counter.

                “Here’s more chips, pretzels, cheese munchies, hula hoops, hot salsa, mild salsa.” As Niall added to the pile of food.

                “Wait here’s some iced tea and water.” harry said as he placed two gallon pitchers on the counter, the poor clerk was trying to keep up with us but was failing miserably.

                “We’ve got the beer and vodka!” Lou shouted from down the aisle as him and I carried the alcohol to the check out.

                “Is that it?” asked the exhausted clerk.

                “Yes I think so.” Lou said as he showed the man his ID and paid for the food.

                “You’d think we’d be going for a week not a day!” Niall said as he climbed into Harry’s car.

                “Niall you eat as much food as someone would in a week.” Liam replied, and he was right that boy could pack away food like no one’s business.

                “Yeah buddieee!” he exclaimed in a huge smile.

                 I pulled Liam aside from the car and said to him “I Think I’m going tell her tonight Liam.” After hours of practicing it in front of my mirror I think I was ready. I was going to wait until the sun was setting and we were getting ready to leave, that way of she does reject me I can just go hide in the car and avoid any more awkwardness.

                “It’s about time mate I can’t listen to you saying I love you to your mirror at three in the morning. It’s seriously affecting my sleep. Oh and Andy called he’s going to meet us up there.”

                “Awesome, he’s a good laugh.” I replied, Andy was Liam’s best friend from Wolverhampton. He’s a street dancer and one of the funniest people I’ve met.  

The beach was only half an hour from the store we stopped at and the girls called Niall while we were there saying they were an hour away so we would have time to set up and get changed before they came. Once we arrived we spotted only a few people here, which was unusual since normally everyone was down the beach for the summer; but this meant that we had less of a chance to get mobbed. We unpacked and chose the perfect spot, we placed down the towels, and umbrella, the food we kept in the cooler and we then went back to the car to grab our clothes to change. Just as we approached the car we saw a familiar black SUV pull up next to us.

“Hi Paige! Here let me get that for you.” Lou said as he rushed over to the door and opened it and took her bag from her hand.

“Hey Cat what’s the craic? Here let me take that? How was your day?” Niall said doing the same for Catherine as Mairead stopped the car and got out.

“I didn’t even stop the car, can you just keep it in your pants long enough for me to put the vehicle in park!”  She teased causing all their faces to go red and then walked off to the changing rooms.

  “Hi Mairead,” Harry greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

  “Hi love how was the meeting?” Liam asked greeting her with a kiss as well.

  “It was great we got it! She was really impressed with our work, and was really hoping we would accept. She’s going to contact us sometime this week with our schedule. We still don’t know who we will be working for just that they’re good clients.”

“That’s great I’m glad to hear that!” he said as he, harry, and I helped her with the beach bags.

“Thanks for introducing me to this lovely girl Liam. Hi my name is Andy, Liam’s friend.” Andy said extending a hand.

“Mairead, nice to meet you.”

“Oi this is the one I’ve heard lots about, You know when I come to see the boys all Zayn here always talks about Is the times you two had together. You didn’t say she was this hot Zayn? How come keeping her for yourself mate?” he teased.

“hahahah, I like this guy.” She laughed.

“Wait your from America? Where?” he flirted with her I was starting to get pissed off at him Harry and Liam could tell, I didn’t tell Andy about what I had planned so I was hoping Liam would step in.

“I’m from jersey/New York I moved and commuted for high school.”

“Oh cool, I love New York I always wanted to go.”

“Hey Andy can you help me get some bags out of our car?” Liam interjected.

“Sure mate, I’ll be back in a flash.” He winked and walked over to the other car.

We stayed and chatted while we waited for Liam and Andy to get back.

“ANDY YOU DICK!” we heard Liam shout, and then he walked over to Mairead’s car with the bags. Andy gave me a head nod and understood what I was trying to accomplish today.

“Did I just hear Liam James Payne use profanity the same man who flipped out when we went dress shopping?” Mairead said in astonishment.

“Yes, your corrupting me Mairead you and your profanity and your above the knee dresses.”

“Hahah I’m going to fucking corrupt you Liam I can bet you that.” She said with an evil smirk.

“Here well bring your bags out to the car.” Harry suggested.      

 She opened the back row and fished out the bags that were on the floor, I leaned through the open window staring at her, “You look very pretty.” I said in a low and deep and gravelly voice, not even realizing I said it out loud; I was thinking it I didn’t mean to say it. She was wearing a white strapless dress that fell to her knees high heels that made her a few inches taller and her hair was down and curled just like the first day I saw her, except she was a lot tanner. ­­Shit I sound like a pedophile, why did I have to say it so creepy. Harry, Liam, and Andy stood there trying to mask their laughs. They knew what I was trying to do. I was completely failing and making a total ass of myself.

“Thanks, Um Zayn do you want a cough drop, you sound like your throat is getting soar?” she said as she pushed her sunglasses on top of her head and looked up at me.

“Ehem ugh no,” I said as I pretended to clear my throat,” I’m good just a tickle.”

“Okay, which way are they changing rooms?” she asked and I pointed her into the area of the shack.

“I’ll meet you by our set up, I just need to grab a few things.”  Mairead nodded in reply.

“Shit, crap, fuck.” I cursed in embarrassment. As soon as she was out of ear shot the boys finally unleashed the laughs they were holding in.

“Oh my god that was classic.” Harry said between gasps. “You might as well have told her you have candy in your van.” 

“I can’t breathe! Do you want a cough drop.” Liam said in hysterics.

“Can we please go get changed.” I asked walking away from them and they followed but still laughing. I was never going to live this down.

By the time we got back from changing we saw three bodies laid out on our blankets, it was amazing how much quicker the girls changed then us. They were all face up trying to tan while taking a nap. Catherine was in a Light blue strapless bikini that had a twisted top, he bottoms matched. Paige wore a red bikini and the top was a big bow that wrapped around her chest. I could tell Louis loved it by the way he was staring and Mairead was in a top like Catherine only hers was neon green and she wore black bottoms. We looked at the girls for a few moments before we came up with a plan. Niall grabbed Catherine and Louis grabbed Paige and ran them bridal style down into the ocean and jumped in with them. I surprised Mairead and threw her over my shoulder and ran to the water and was in knee deep before I tried to throw her in since I wasn’t going in. I was still afraid of the water. I think she knew I was still afraid so she wrapped her arms around my waist so I couldn’t throw her in.

“Still afraid Malik?” she said from behind me.

“no,” I lied, “ugh maybe a little.”

“I never finished our lessons. Come on it’s fine, the water isn’t that rough. “

“Fine.” She let go of my waist and I threw her in. she responded by jumping on my back with her cold wet body.

“Trying to escape? Get in the water Captain Nemo.” She said still on my back holding firmly on to my neck.  I trudged into the water, knee deep, thigh deep, waist deep, now it was a few inches above my belly button.  She jumped off my back and stood in front of me, the water hit just below her bikini top. I could hear splashing coming towards us.

“Zayn what are you doing, you can’t swim!” Niall yelled, Catherine was on his back like Mairead was before and Paige and Louis joined us It looked like they just finished a chicken fight because Paige was also on his back.

“Go away I’m giving him his lessons!” Mairead yelled at them with a grin.

“Come plays with us we’re starting a new game of chicken fight. Niall and I are the champs so far.”

“We played one game that doesn’t make you champions!” Lou protested.

“Give us an hour and we’ll play.” She negotiated with them.

“fine.” They moaned.

“Hey Mairead don’t forget to give him mouth to mouth.” Paige called back.

“Fuck off poo bear.” She teased back.

We first practiced floating to get me comfortable she held my back up effortlessly while we just talked about everything that we’ve missed in each other’s lives. I know it sounds crazy I mean we’ve only known each other for eighteen months but I never met anyone like her she was crazy, and funny , she made me insane, she was smart, athletic, she knew how to push my buttons and she would just to get a kick out of it, besides Aaron she was really my best friend.

“So how are your parents doing.” I asked her. She smile immediately changed.

“You mean are they still controlling ass holes who think that the choices I’m making are completely insane and I’m throwing my life away? Then yes they’re just grand.” She said with a sarcastic smile. I could see the tears forming in her eyes. Shit. Nice job Zayn. I tried to get up from my floating position but ended up almost drowning myself and splashing around like a fish out of water. By the time I got up she was laughing and crying.

“Shh come here, don’t worry about what they say.” I wrapped her wet body in a hug and let her cry, I’ve never seen her really cry before I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. “You’re doing amazing, they don’t know shit. You know someone really smart told me that were young, let them say what they want, they don’t know shit.” I looked at her and smiled he responded in a laughing smile as he wiped away her tears.

“Who said that?”

“You loser.” I stared at her still in a hug, I noticed her eyes which were normally hazel with a lot of green and blue specks turned to bright green and blue when she cried, the brown totally disappeared.

“I don’t me to ruin this moment but um, your eyes look really pretty when you cry.” She smiled and lightly hit me on the shoulder.

“What are you trying to say Malik? You like seeing me cry?” she teased.

“No its just that I wouldn’t mind if you needed someone to talk to or feel like venting to.”

“Thanks.” She stood up on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek. ”Now wanna go kick their asses at this chicken fight.”

“Of course!” with that we sprinted through the water, of course with me falling and drowning every two seconds, to our group.

It was already seven o’clock and the sun was getting ready to set, I was going to do it. After a full day of playing in the water and tanning we were all sun burnt and tired but I was still a little wired since I was so nervous about what I was about to do. Catherine and Niall went off to the board walk and Paige and Louis went collecting shells on the beach, but Mairead was nowhere to be seen. She then walked back up from the water and lay down on her towel.

                “Where’d you go?” Harry asked.

                “Oh just to wash out all the sand from my bikini.”

                “Want some food?” Liam offered her.

                “Of course. I love how Paige and cat leave me and don’t even tell me they’re off.”   

“Its okay they’re with their lovers haha”

As soon as I was about to get up the courage to ask her to come on a walk with me I was interrupted by three teenage girls.

“Hi, um we’re um, sorry to bother you, we know it’s your day off could we have a few pictures?” said one of them awkwardly, they must have been at least thirteen years old.

“Of course babe!” Liam said. He look the camera from her and Mairead politely stood up and offered to take it while Harry, Liam, and I stood next to the girls.

“Thank you so much! How are you enjoying your days off?” one asked.

“Great we’re loving it! We finally get to catch up with our families and friends.” Harry answered them.

“Who’s this?” one asked pointing to Mairead.

“This is Mairead, my best friend.” I said proudly.

“Can we have a picture with you ?” they shyly asked her.

“Why would you want a picture with me?” she asked with a huge smile. These were her first encounter with fans and so far she was doing good.

“Aren’t you a model?” they asked her and Mairead busted out laughing.

“I love you guys hahaha of course you can have a picture, a model, I’m not model, guys I’m five feet and I eat like a pig. I could never be a model, you’re too nice.” she chatted with them for a few minutes and then before they left they asked her for a twitter.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a twitter.”

“WHAT?!” Harry, Liam, Andy , and I shouted in awe.

“I just haven’t gotten around to it I’m sorry.” She said defensively.

“Here we’ll take your twitters and were going to go home and either tonight or tomorrow were making Mairead a twitter and you three will be her first fan followers.” They laughed and gave us their twitters and peacefully left. It was fans like them you wished for everyday.

“You don’t have a twitter, Mairead we can never be!” Andy shouted.  

“Mairead, do you-“ I was cut off my screaming girls running up the beach calling Mairead’s name.

“Mairead oh my god guess what?!?!” Catherine shouted.

“Meppppp, Mairead ahhh, crap, Mairead guess what just happened?!” Paige said running to her and falling down a few times.

“What, what is the matter with you two?” she said in complete shock.

“Niall Asked me out!”

“Louis asked me out!” the girls both screamed

Mairead laid still on the towel propped herself up and looked at them through her sun glasses.

“So their balls finally dropped?” she asked, you could hear the other guys laughing. She stood up and embraced them in a hug.

“what?” they asked confused

“I’m so happy for you too.”

Niall and Louis finally caught up to them and they guys congratulated them.

“Hey Niall, Lou can I talk to you for a second?” Mairead asked sweetly and guided the boys away from the group.

“ Zayn are you still going to do it?” Harry whispered to me.

“I want it to be special, I don’t want it to seem like I’m just asking her out because Lou and Niall just did I want it to be completely spectacular and I want her to be surprised.”

“Good Idea I was going to suggest that.”

Mairead came back from her talk with Niall and Louis; and they looked mortified. I have never seen the boys so scared in my life. Cat and Paige seemed to pick up on it.

“Mair, What did you do? Niall are you okay.” Catherine asked hugging him.

“Oh nothing, just a quick chat, our little secret, right boys?” she said with a devious little grin on her face. I was scared for them.


“of course.”

“Right Mairead.”

“Secret is safe with us.” they replied rapidly. After that situation we packed up our bags and drove home. Niall and Lou were obnoxiously glued to their phones texting their new girlfriends. I could see them smiling at every text. I was truly happy for them, their good girls. We arrived home and we immediately passed out. We had a management meeting tomorrow at nine followed by a radio interview, then a set list meeting, and then a venue meeting. We wouldn’t be home until, if we were lucky, midnight tomorrow. Then the next day, Friday we would be meeting our new styling crew and then come Monday we would be off on the road again, this time our European tour, were just going to a few areas around England and then a few in Ireland we would be done by end of December we would be done with it. The tour didn’t just consist of concerts, but also radio interviews, TV interviews, magazine interviews, photo shoots, endorsement adverts, CD signings, book signings , charity events, red carpets, private concerts, private interviews, meet and greets, and finally the concerts. We would probably end up staying in an area for a good week and a half to two weeks in each city and a few days of rest. It was really going to take us the five months even though it sounds like we have a lot of time. I was actually excited and couldn’t wait.  



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