I Will Always Love You

Baileys life was perfect. That is until her mom died. What does her stepdad do? She meets a guy. But what will happen?


9. Tour

Niall's POV
We got back and Paul was there talking to the boys. I walked in carrying Bailey. He looked at me and didn't seem happy. I took Bailey to her room and sat her down. "I'll be right back " I said. "Okay. " she said hesitating. I walked down stairs to talk to Paul.

Baileys POV
I heard the boys and their manager I guess talking. I got my crutches and opened the door slightly to hear them better. "I don't care Niall! She has to go!" At that I closed the door as a tear fell down my face. I picked up all of my stuff and walked to the window. Luckily the ladder Niall used was still there from last night. I threw my crutches out the window. Along with the wrest of my stuff. I climbed out the window. I put my bag on my back and got my crutches. I started crying. Tears streaming down my face. I started to walk. I got to the park that Niall found me at and it started to rain. I got over to the swings and sat down pouring the tears.

Niall's POV
Paul finally left after saying she had to go. I kept refusing. Finally he said she could come on your with us. I was so happy.
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