I Will Always Love You

Baileys life was perfect. That is until her mom died. What does her stepdad do? She meets a guy. But what will happen?


8. The Doctor

Bailey's POV
We were on our way to the doctor for my ankle. It hurt so bad. But all I could think about was the look on the boys' face. I was embarrassed. We got to the doctor and got my X-rays. I was in a wheel chair. Niall kept looking at me. "Thank you" I said managing to get out. "Your welcome." He said with that caring voice of his. "So what did the doctor say?" I asked. " well you are getting a cast on and going to be on crutches. But it will be fine cause I can carry you." He said with a smile. "No Niall. I couldn't. You've already been really nice it's fine I'll just use crutches. It'll be fine." I said. "I said no. I'll carry you. I want to carry you. Crutches are just a pain." He said. "But you are think I'm a pain by carrying me all the time." I said arguing. "Nope. I'm carrying you. And that's final. " he said with a smirk. I smiled. The doctor came in and put me in a hot pink cast. It hurt so bad as they put it on. It hurt my ankle so bad. I just held on to Niall the whole time. I cried and cried. Finally the pain eased. I let go. He just smiled and said "are you ready?" I nodded my was yes wiping away the tears and grabbed my crutches. "Nope! I'm carrying you!" Niall said. "But-" I got interrupted by Niall. " I said no I carrying you." He gave me a smile and picked me up bridal style. I thought I felt something for him. No bailey. You don't know him hardly. Snap out of it! You don't know if he feels the same way.

Niall's POV
I refused to let her use the crutches. She was so cute. I just wanted to cuddle with her. But I don't think she feels the same way. I barely know her. How did she not have a boyfriend? I mean. She's beautiful. My thoughts got interrupted by the sound of a stomach growling. It want mine. We were already in the car. I looked over at Bailey who was holding her stomach. "Hungry?" I asked. She smiled and said "little bit." We got to McDonald's. Dang this girl could eat. She had a chicken nugget 10 piece meal, snack rap, cheeseburger, and a Oreo mcflurry. I was surprised. I ended up ordering the same thing for me though. We went to a park and ate.
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