I Will Always Love You

Baileys life was perfect. That is until her mom died. What does her stepdad do? She meets a guy. But what will happen?


7. Oww!

Baileys POV
I got up forgetting everything that happened the night before. I sat up and saw Niall peak his head around the door. I didn't know where I was until he peaked through. "Good morning." He said. "Morning I said in my morning voice. "How'd you sleep?" He asked. "Well. After what happened last night it was okay." I said. I started to get up out of bed when I noticed my ankle was bright red and swollen. I touched it. The pain hurt so bad I let a tear fall. I guess Niall noticed I was crying because he came over and wiped my tears away. "You need to get that checked out. I'll take you." He said sweetly. "Okay as I looked into his blue eyes. They were so beautiful. He picked me up and took me to the bathroom and started to run bath water. He got me my clothes and sat them in there. He told me where everything was. I got in trying not to put pressure on my foot. I sat there washing my hair and and body. I let the water go out of the tub and got dried off. I sat on the toilet to get dressed cause I couldn't put pressure on my foot. I put on jean short short and and I a One Direction shirt. Of course he would pick that short out. I laughed at it. I brushed my hair out and dried with a hair dryer. I let my hair down with the curls. I opened the door with Niall waiting in the hallway. He saw me and picked me up bridal style.

Niall's POV
She opened the bathroom door and I couldn't help but go over to her and pick her up. I carried her down stairs. She smelled so good with her perfume. I recognized it from somewhere. "What perfume do you have on?" I had to ask. She blushed. "Umm. Well. Justin Bieber's new perfume Girlfriend. " she said. I smiled. "Well I like it. " I said. She smiled. I kissed her on the cheek but this time she didn't move away. We walked down stairs when I saw the boys staring at me. They looked confused. I saw Bailey start to panic. I could feel her start to breathe harder and harder. "Oh no." I heard her whisper under her breath. "It's okay. They won't hurt you. They're the rest of my band. " I said. She looked at me with worried eyes. The boys followed us to the living room without saying a word. "Guys. This is Bailey. She isn't good around people. I'll tell you more when she's ready for me to tell you." I said. I looked at her and she leaned in and whispered in my ear, " it's okay go ahead and tell them. " I looked at the guys. "I found her last night running for her life and tears streaming down her face. She was limping. I slowed down but she kept running. She looked at me and stopped running. She still kept walking and crying but when I said wait up she screamed no Lloyd leave me alone. She started running again and ran into a park. I caught up to her and brought her here. I woke to her screaming last night with the door locked. He was in there. The guy she was running from. I don't know who-" I was cut of. "My stepdad. My mom is gone. Long gone. Never coming back again. Dead. " bailey said. A tear fell from her face. I wiped the tear away. "It'll be okay. As I was saying I got the ladder and went to her window. That's when I saw. I saw. Her step dad beating her and raping her. I called the police and they arrested him. " I got finished saying. I saw the boys staring at us. "But why are carrying her Niall?" Harry asked. "She hurt her ankle last night running. I think." I said. "I jumped out of my window while he was at the door. I landed on my ankle. " she said. We all looked at her. She started crying. "Okay c'mon. I think it's time to get your ankle checked out. " I said. I picked her up and saw the boys gasp as they saw her ankle. All red and swollen. It looked horrible. "We'll be back guys." I said walking out the door.
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