I Will Always Love You

Baileys life was perfect. That is until her mom died. What does her stepdad do? She meets a guy. But what will happen?


16. I do

Baileys POV
I was in bed when Niall's mom came in pulling me out of bed. "Get up. It's the big day! C'mon! The people should be here any minute!" She said. I got up. The door bell rang. The people were there. I got my makeup done first. I had long dark eye lashes, white eye shadow, and a light pink lip stick.
"Beautiful" his mom said. I smiled at her. "What does you dress look like?" The hair dresser asked. I smiled and came down wearing my dress. It was a long white strapless dress that had jewels on the chest then stopped. It had a few jewels on the side and that's it. I sat down in the chair and Niall's mom gave them the vail. I got up and went to the mirror. I looked beautiful. I gasped. My hair was down to the right side curled. It had beads in it. I put my high heels on. Silver high heels. "Bailey. It's time to go. The transportation is here. " I walked to the door. "It's beautiful. " I said in amazement. It was a helicopter decorated like a carriage. We got in the helicopter and 20 minutes later landed on the beach. I heard Niall's mom get out and go to her seat. The music started. I walked down the isle. Smiling as holding back the tears. Everyone stood and looked at me. They gasped. They all smiled at me. I got to the middle of the isle when Niall turned to look at me. He was so handsome. He smiled ear to ear at me. He took my hand and we looked at the priest. We gave each other our rings and then it was time for the vows. "Niall Horan. I love you so much. I promise I would never do anything to hurt you. I will always be by your side." I started to tear up. "There isn't a time where I wouldn't be by you. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you. You're the only one I want to be with." I said.

Niall's POV
She looked so beautiful. I couldn't help but stare. She cried while saying her vows. My turn. Oh boy. " Bailey. I love you. I knew from the day I saw you running that you were the one. When you said we were done I broke. I thought I couldn't go on. I love you. When I got the courage to come see you I died seeing you being hurt by him. It killed me. That's why I ran into the bus. I knew god gave me a second chance when you took me back. I knew I couldn't mess it up. I promise I will always love you and not do anything to harm you. You are my anything. I'd give up my life for you. I love you." " Bailey. Do you take Niall to be your husband?" The priest said. "I do" her voice in a teary but happy voice. "And Niall do you take Bailey to be your wife?" He asked me. "I do." I smiled looking into her eyes. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride. " the priest said. I held Baileys hips and kissed her. I felt like the world was gone. She pulled away and we smiled as we took each others hand. We walked towards the dock where the boat was. We got in it to go to the reception party.
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