I Will Always Love You

Baileys life was perfect. That is until her mom died. What does her stepdad do? She meets a guy. But what will happen?


1. Get Back Here!

Baileys POV
"Bailey get in here now!" I heard my step dad screaming at me as my eyes started to tear up. I knew what was going to happen. It has been happening almost every night since mom died. I didn't know where my dad was. He was gone since my birth. I walked into Lloyd's bedroom where he was in his boxers with a knife. He pointed to the bed. I knew what I had to do. I got on the bed and laid down and started to undress. Finally someone knocked on the door. "Stay right here or else!" Lloyd yelled. I felt tears down my cheeks realizing this is my chance to leave. When I knew he was down stairs I ended up getting up and running to my room without Lloyd hearing me. I shut my door quietly and locked it. I heard the front door shut. I started to panic grabbing my bag I had already packed. I opened my window when I heard Lloyd scream my name. I got scared and jumped out my window. I couldn't get up. I was laying there in tears. My ankle hurt so bad. I didn't say anything except let a few tears out. Finally Lloyd busted down my down and looked out the window. "There you are you filthy little bastard!" He yelled. I knew I had to get away as soon as possible. " NO! Leave me alone!" I screamed. I got the strength to get up and run.
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