You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


12. The words that made my heart jump

"erm.......... sure." he said looking a little scared.

"im sorry" I said.

"it wasn't just harry's fault it was mine and there is no one I would rather be with than with you.  even though we just started dating orr did. I felt a spark between us that I have never felt bofore. im really glad to say this because you mean everything to me and I really screwed up. liam will you take me back?"

"Abbey Miller. I can always take you back. before  you I had nothing to live for. your my everything and I think I love you."

"Liam Payne I think I have loved you for a while."

"well Abbey would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend and this time nothing and no one will get in the way."

"yes. I will."

I think my eyes were allowing a few tears to slip away. but I didn't care I was the happiest girl but I need to go talk to harry make sure I can get it through his thick curls that I just want to be friends. nothing more. nothing less. I told liam and he gripped my hand a little tighter I gave him the look that said t will be okay. I walked up the stairs and slowly made my way to  harry's room.

I knocked and he said come in. he was lying in his bed with the covers wrapped around him and he was watching a movie. I didn't get to see his face. I sat down on the side of the bed. and I moved his messed up curls out of his face and his eyes were blood red and tear stains on his cheeks. I played with hid hair thrn I managed to say smething. "Harry are you okay?" I asked still brushing his hair back. "No, im not, I really fell for you abbey but your with liam" "harry I really like you but I think it would be best if we were friends just friends."

"okay I understand, can I  do something before you go?" he said sitting up.

"you can do anything you want as long as its not illegal."

I knew where this was going. I was going to let him do it one last time. I wanted to make him hapy in some way.

he leand in our faces where a cementer part. he then did what I saw coming. we kissed. I felt sparks but not as much as I did with Liam.

  I got up and smiled and said bye. he pulled me back and whispered in my ear "one day you will be mine," this boy seriously did not get word out of why I came in here. I walked out and saw liam in his room I came in and was about to lay down on the bed when he gabbed me and pulled me close t him. my head was bassicly in his neck. "Liam hun, I cant breathe" I said he let me go an I got comfy and intertwined our hands together. "Abbey. your my everything" "I know your my everything too" we then watched some movie I didn't know the name of it but we fell asleep with our hands intertwined. I just wanted to ly there forever.

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