You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


8. store and party

I decided to go to the store and buy some Mazzirala sticks  craving food. and i still couldn't get my mind off Liam.  i walked down the isle when i suddenly bumped into somebody. "oh im so sorry" i said picking up the persons items that i dropped. "no its fine love my apologies" the man said. "hey Louis buddy you ready to go?" a person asked as i truned around to see who it was i was expecting a stranger but it was no stranger at all. it was liam! "Liam?" i asked. "Abby?" he asked back. "yeah its me what are you doing at a store this late at night?" i asked. "well i was getting some food im having for a party tomarrow what about you?" he asked me ."oh me i am just getting some Mozzarella sticks." i said laughing my ridiculus laugh. "hey you wanna come help us set up tomarrow?" he asked. " i don't know what time should i be there?" i asked. "lets have a sleep over" Liams friend Louis screamed in my ear.

"okay that sounds fun." i said. i got into my car and followed them to their house. when i got out of the car i heard music blasting. "looks like harrys at it again mate" Louis said laughinh. "just to warn you, you might want to cover your eyes," liam said walking in. and to his surprise it was just him and zayn dancing and niall eating. "hey liam." harry said taking a sip of beer. "hey mate." liam said sitting on the couch. i just stood there oddly and everyone was staring at Liam. "um Liam you going to introduce us to your lady friend?" Zayn asked. "OH yeah this is Abbye , Abbey this is ZAYN , NIALL, HARRY AND UH YOU KNOW LOUIS." he said. but i kinda already knew them. "uh hi guys" i offered out my hand but then they just pulled me to the ground. and they attacked me with a bear hug. i felt somebody touch my boob. " ok somebody to far there" i said out loud " sorry that was me." niall said. "its fine jut don't do it again." i said. "alright lets et to planning." harry said. so we did. We decided to go with a black and white masquerade. the party wouldnt be for  another month because thats when their album take me home is released. so i guess you can call it an over the top album release party. "Hey guys i should get going back home its getting kind of late and i dont want to walk home at 12 at night so bye guys had fun!" i said walking to the door. "WAIT!" Louis yelled blocking me from getting to the door. "Lou i have to get home." i said putting my hand on his shoulder. "Or......................................................"


hey babies I'm sorry i have not written much lately I'm sorry this isn't the longest chapter but atleast its a start. keep reading i will be on tomorrow. love you all.

~kaitie <3~

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