You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


9. some nights



" or............................. you can sleep over here!" Louis screamed hoping up and down waiting for my answer.

"Ok fine let me just text Liza that i wont be home tonight"

ME:Hey bby i wont be home tonight im  going to be hanging out with some new firends of mine ok?

Liza: Ok me and Trey will have the house to ourselves. ok :)

Me: ok be safe use condoms!

Liza: yeah yeah bye

Me: biya

"Soooo let have us a sleep over!" i screamed.

so me and Louis had a lot in common we both love to pull pranks and do wacky things.

"Hey Lou " i elbowed him pointing at harry who was snoring so loud and fast a sleep aww how cute. not. "Lets get him!" Louis screamed we decided to draw a mustche on his face and color his eyes with blcak circles! then we put a pie in his hand and whip cream on top. i took an air horn and blasted it in his hear and then he smashed his face. of corse we took pictures and took a video. then harry got up and stared at me for a sec lou already left the and was probably half way across the border. "You better run little girl" harry said getting up and chasing me i ran as fast as i could and then ii went upstairs i was completely lost " oh look the little girl has nowhere to run or hide" he grind that evil grin. just then i he grabbed me and tickled me to the floor. oh curse my stupid tickle spot. once he stopped tickling me we stared into eachothers eyes and he leanded in closer and so did i. he kissed me and then i got up. i laughed an awkward laugh. then i saw a pair of eyes through the door way. "Louis you know i see you right?" i asked. "I saw abbey kiss harry." he screamed. just then Liam walked in. "You kissed harry? io thought we had a thing?" liam asked "You and liam had a thing i thought you guys were just friends?" he asked. Liam please just im sorry it was a mistake please." i cried. "i Think it would be best for everyone if you just leave." he said.

"Liam pleas i- i" he cut me off "Just leave!!!!" he screamed i ran out of that house crying what the hell just happened back there? i walked in the cold night and found a comfy park bench to rest on. i couldnt go home right now because knowing liza she will probably be woth trey right now. i want them to have some alone time.

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