You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


2. party!


"Hey Liam" Louis said as he barged through the door all of thm marching in one line. I swear these boys can be bloody idiots sometimes but I love them anyways.

"hey Lou"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Harry shouted.

"Thanks hazza but its not that happy"

"cmon mate we wil get you a new girlfriend" niall said

"ok lets giv it a go." I said we all walked out of the hotel and went to the club.i was hopping on getting drunk tonight but im the only responsible one. as we got in there I saw a lot of fans inside I took a lot of pictures and now it was time to party. I saw this one girl she was wearing a neon blue dress and was wearing high heels. she was beautiful. I started to walk of to her when all these fans came up to me they seemed drunk.

"hey babe where do you think your going " she said pushing me against the wall and grabbing my hand and putting it on her chest right above her breast.

"you can go down lower if you want" she said and she was amazing. I was drunk so I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I went down lower and stopped there in her bra.

"squeeze it now!" she said

I obeyed the command and she let out a moan.

I moved her against the wall now. our faces were so close and then it happened we kissed.

"my turn" she put her finger through my hair and then on to my chest then to my pants she started to but her hand down in my trousers and then she stoped.

"ok that's enough I said pushing her away


"no no buts what am I doing I don't like you that way"

"ok " she sniffeld and ran toward her freinds

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