You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


10. my turn to say sorry

I went on twitter and looked at liams tweets. i saw a couple and i think they were about me. the said:

"hurt because i liked you but then my mate takes you away and u let him"

"why did i trust you everytime i get into a relationship he takes the girl away #StaySingle"

 i closed my eyes and let a tear slip out. i felt my phone vibrate and then when i looked up it was an unknown number. it said ""just give him space he will calm down. love yah." i staredat it who was it.

"umm who is this" i asked over my text line.

"why its your prank buddy. now come on i am going to play with you at the park" he said

me: ok then how did you know that im at the park

Louis ,: i could see you through my window now turn around

me: ok

 i turned around and saw Louis standing there. i smiled at him.

"Hiya" i said laughing at the awkwardness in the air.

":hey girl hey." he said back he ran towards the swing set and i ran after him.

"push me lou" i screamed like a little kid.

"Ok ! you have to push me after!" he said

"Fine!" i said he got up and started to push me as i went higher and higher i lost my grip on the swing and the next theingt i new i was on the ground. i felt my arm and my foot start to hurt. Louis ran and scooped me up from the ground and i startd to cry into his chest. "Hey its okay i will t ake you to the Hospital ok?:" he said "okay,." i siad back i was in so muvh pain. we arrived to thwe hospital and all i her louis say is "im sorry im so so so soryy" over and over gain. "Louis i will be fine stop " jjust then the doctor walked i n. "good news it just a broken foot." the doctor said

. "What about my arm?" i asked looking up at him. "Oh yeah that is the bone being split into two parts and we are gonna have to do surgery if it does not heal in a week. so untill then your gonna have your arm in a brace and you will be able to do stuff but not a lot." "Ok" i nodded my head trying to keep up with the doctor. "So your going to be seen by the nurse and she will give you your crutches and your arm brace."he said getting up and walking out. "Abbey i am so so soooooooooooo sorry." Lou said for the millionth time. "Lou for the last time its ok! it was an accident." i said  patting his shoulder. "Ok but just stay with me and the boys tonight. That way we can watch the Lion king all of tem !" he screamed. soon the nurse came in and she gave me the crutches and showed me how to walk with them, but i already knew how. then she told me too wear the brace only when i am awake and take it off when im a sleep then she told me to ice my arm when i am resting. then she left and we were free to go. finally! "Alright now im going to think of ways to appologize to Liam and explain things to harry. I texted Niall to tell him what happednd.

Me:Hey niall im on my way home from the hospital i took a pretty bad fall and broke my leg and sprained my arm really bad might have to have surgery.

Niall: awwwww im sorry hey have you seen Lou he isnt in the house?

me: Yeah he actually helped me hurt myself lol i was asking him to push me on the swing then he pushed me to high and i lost my grip and i fell on my leg and my arm.

Niall: OMG! I am so sorry Let NINNI help you out.

Me: aww thanks Ni your the best im coming over tonight ok?

Niall:Okay i will tell the boys everything well that is if zayn can stop looking in a mirror.

Me: lol im pulling up to the drive way.

Niall:Ok i just told them.


i sat in the car for a minuete tryiing to rest my eyes knowing Lou will keep me up all nigh. then i felt my phone vibrate.

Zayn: Hey i herd about your leg come on in we are all waiting

we? i though to myself.

me: ok

 i used my crutches and squinted a little bit when my arm had to put to much pressure on my crutch. i walked in and everyones jaw dropped what was wrong? i quickly wne t over to liam and asked if we could talk. it was my turn to apppoligise .

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