You will be my Dirty little sceret

Liam is not as innocent as he looks.


4. let me explain

"Fine but you have two minutes Payne"

" I was taking picturs with some fans and then your sister showed up. She pushed me up against the wall. She grabbed my hand and put it by her breast. then the made me squeeze it. the she started to go in my pants and that is when I left."

I said trying not to cry I felt so ashamed.


"Really Amy you had to do it again?! You don't even like one direction you hate them!"

"Yah you know what I am just gonna live without Ricky I love him and he left me for my best friend !"

"that doesn't mean you have to go and try to get the guy I like!"

"Fine you can have him!" she stormed off in anger

"Liam.." she started "Liam I am so sorry. I should of be.."

I cut her off by crashing my lips onto hers.


"I don't want everyone to think I am a player so you will be my dirty little secret"

"that's perfect for me "

We danced all night long then finally we had to go. What can I say with three words. Oh yah BEST NIGHT EVER!

"So Liam looks like someone found a  few lady friends" Haryy winked at me.

"Yah mate the first one was using me though but Abbey she is amazing"

"Correction mate its amaZAYN!"

"There you go again Zayn wth your name in a word like it is such a big deal."

"it is mate we are all stars"


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