Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


18. You're what now?

Emily's P.O.V.


"Flight 369 to London, England, is now boarding," A monotone voice said over the PA.

 'This is it,' I thought. 'My once in a lifetime chance. Moving to London to live with Liam. And Niall. Curse my brother and living with my boyfriend!'

 I got up after my little rant inside my head and walked over to the place were you go onto the thing that attaches to the plane. I forget what it's called! I showed my ticket and Passport that was a total bitch to get. The flight attendant, (Whom, may I add, was a male, of course) scanned my ticket while checking me out. 

  "What's a pretty little lady like you travelling to London by herself? And how would she like some very sexy company?" He asked. I looked around to see if there were any children. I gave him the finger and added, "Wait. Never mind  You're so cocky and arrogant even you wouldn't want to do that to yourself!" 

  "Oh come on baby! I just wanna little fun!"

  "I have a boyfriend, you bastard!" With that I walked to the plane. I found my seat, put my bag in the overhead compartment and pulled my iPhone and earbuds out of my bag. I need my music. Otherwise, the 10 hour flight turns into what feels like forever. 


          9 1/2 hours later

 I guess insulting a cocky flight attendant tired me out because the next thing I knew I was being woken up because the plane was landed. I grabbed my bag and realized I was one of the last on the plane. I walked out of the plane and all I heard was British accents. I was used to Irish, seeing as I grew up with Niall and my parents were Irish, but so many British accents was new. I was used to 4, being around 1D a lot. But that was the lads. Not so many people that live in this over populated country. 

  It took forever but I finally found the luggage claim. I had most of my big things shipped over so I had my backpack, purse and a medium sized suitcase. I started looking around for Liam. He was supposed to pick me up. And I'd drop my luggage and stat to run over and everything would go in slow-mo and it would be just like the movies. All though I knew Liam was picking me up, that wouldn't happen. I'm not one to draw attention to myself. 

  I was still looking for Liam when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and there stood Liam. I dropped my luggage but no running was needed. 

  "Hi there," He said. "How was your flight? Do you have everything? Are you-"

  "Just shut up and kiss me already," I whispered. He leaned down as I was only 5'5" even in 2 inch high-heeled boots. He quickly closed the small gap between us. I still got the butterflies in my stomach. 

  "PDA PEOPLE! YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AIRPORT FOR GODS SAKE!" Louis yelled. I pulled away and turned my head to find Louis. I saw him and the rest of the lads with Madi. I stepped away from Liam and grabbed his hand. I pulled him over to the rest of the lads and Madi. 

  "EMILY!" Madi yelled.

  "MADI!" I yelled back. I let go of Liam's hand and me and Madi started running in sow-mo towards each other. We hugged each other like our lives depended on it. 

  "Ok, Ok, enough of the hoemance! I need my hug!" Louis exclaimed I sighed and gave Louis a hug.

  "Forgetting your brother, I see," Niall said.

  "I could never forget you, Ni! Not with your face plastered all over the place!" I gave him a hug and was going to give Zayn a hug when I saw him and Madi making out. 

  "So you yell at me and Liam but not them! You're such a nice friend, Lou." I pouted.

  "Well we have a good excuse, thank you very much." 

  "It better be good or I'll give you all, but Liam and Niall, a smack upside the head!"

  "Oh, it's good!" Louis said. "A good excuse for why we hear their names being yelled each and every night."

  "You guys really have sex every night?"

  "Not all nights," Madi said.

  "And suddenly I'm glad I still lived in Montreal."

  "If it weren't for the band, I would've moved in with you a long time ago."

  "But if it weren't for the band, you guys wouldn't know me and Madi. Or each other. But then again, that would still mean less noise. So maybe, if you weren't in the band, it would be better."

  "Ok! We get it! We have sex too much! Can we move away from that subject and on to our excuse?" 

  "Fine, but  we will go back to that subject if the excuse is stupid, or not good enough!"

  "Ok. Well, I'm pregnant."  

  "You're what now?"

  "I'm having a baby."  

  "Get out."


  "You're a disgrace to the family and don't deserve any support."

  "But I'm only 18!!" (A/N: I don't remember how old I said they were, so I'm making them Madi 18, turning 19, and Emily 19 turning 20, like Niall and Liam. So Niall and Liam: 19 turning 20. Zayn: 20 already. Louis: 21 turning 22. Harry: 19.)

  "Go take your whore of a boyfriend and get out of my life," I said, trying not to laugh. The boys were staring at us like we were crazy. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I started laughing so hard I actually cried. The boys just shook their heads and we walked out to the limo. I was definitely not expecting a limo. I didn't mind though. I'm not complaining about a limo. The limo stopped about 45 minutes of talking later. Liam started getting out so I figured we were here. I looked around. It looked pretty private. Trees and a gate surrounding around the whole property.

  "Only rich and famous people live here. It's actually more homey than you would think," Liam said, watching the amazed look on my face. Everyone else slowly filed out. Madi and Zayn took the longest, because they were, of course, making out.

  They all helped take my stuff to Liam's apartment. They just dropped my stuff in my room and went back to their rooms. I wondered what Madi and Zayn were going do to. Sarcasm intended. We all knew what they were going to do. I just wanted to rest, but, since both of their rooms are so close to mine, I'm not sleeping for another 5 hours at the least. 

 Since I knew I wouldn't be able to stand those un-humanly sounds that came from their rooms, I went to the kitchen, the place farthest away from them. I was guessing no one else was going to bother us, since they would either be out, or listening to something, with headphones and the volume cranked. I walked into the kitchen and saw Liam making some tea.

  "What was that?" I looked at him confused. "With Madi at the airport and the you called Zayn a whore."

  "Oh that! We said that we would do that when one of us got pregnant. Every single time too. But don't expect it to happen too much with me. This body is not carrying anymore than 3 children in it's lifetime."

  "And I wouldn't do that to you. 3 children at most. That's perfect. I really don't know how people deal with more than 3."

  "I don't either." At this point in time, Liam grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. Not even 3 seconds later, I felt his lips on mine. I still felt the same spark I felt in Toronto, 6 months ago. I can't believe it was 6 months since that amazing day. He pulled away, our foreheads still touching.

  "I love you, Emily Rachel Horan."

  "I love you, too, Liam James Payne."

  "Well isn't that sweet. When's the wedding?" Someone asked. Irish accent that's too feminine to be Niall. I looked over and it was Maura.

  "Maura!" I yelled, breaking away from Liam and running over to her.

  "Do you not remember, I'm your mum."

  "But I'm not used to calling you that!"  

  "I'm just joking. Although I still am your mum." 

  "Hello Maura."

  "Liam. So nice to see you!"

  "Looking for Niall."

  "Yes. I have some news."

  "Good or bad?" I asked.

  "Amazing. But we need Niall first."

  "I recommend you let us get him. You don't want to go up there." 

  "ZAYN!" Madi yelled.

  "I feel so bad for you guys. Living with them."

  "It's already annoying and I've been here for 20 minutes!" 

  "It's only been 5 for me and I can't even stand it."

  "I'll go get Niall," Liam said. He went upstairs to go get Niall. 

  "Do you want anything?"

  "No thanks." 

  "Ok. I'll get the those two to quiet down. For our sake and the neighbors' sake."

  "Flats are sound proof."

  "Oh I know. But did you hear them? I wouldn't be surprised if they rose people from the dead!" Maura, or mum, laughed and I went upstairs to stop them. I knocked on the door and yelled, "YO LOVEBIRDS! STOP WITH THE SEX! WE HAVE COMPANY! AKA MY MUM! SO SHUT UP, TAKE A SHOWER, NO SEX INVOLVED, GET DRESSED AND GO TO THE KITCHEN!" 

 I heard a groan and hoped it was just because their sex was over. 

 Back in the kitchen, Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry were down there talking with Maura.

  "Did they actually stop?"

  "Listen for yourself." 

  "Sounds like it!"

  "Now let's hope they don't start up in the shower!"

  30 minutes later, down the stairs they walked.

  "Maura!" Zayn yelled.

  "Hello, lovebirds!"

  "Madi, not the best first impression on my mum."

  "She heard that?"

  "We always hear it!" Louis said. 


  "Well, on with the news!"

  "Yes mum?" Niall asked.

  "They would've liked to be here, but they had things to take care of. Things about the news."

  "What is it?"

  "Niall, you're going to be an uncle!"


  "Denise is pregnant, you idiot!" I slapped the back of his head.

  "You're not wrong!"

  "I'm gonna be an aunt! I'm so excited!" I squealed. Nothing could ruin my day.

   Ding Dong

  "I'll get it!" I yelled. I walked to the door to answer it. I was expecting someone else, like Eleanor, a mailman, even Taylor Swift! But not who it was.

  "Hello, Emily. Or should I say ex-future Mrs. Turris." 

  "Hello, Kyle."



I've been busy, sick or lazy. Or had school. But I updated! And I personally think this chapter's pretty damn good! Well now, to think of how to play the rest of this out. I'll think of something!

-Emily HoranStylesMalikPayneTomlinsonMursSheeranBieberCrosbySeguin 

P.s Crosby and Seguin are the last name of 2 Hockey Players. I'm too lazy to list any other names off. My last name would be huge if I did, though.

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