Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


13. #watchyourback

Emily's P.O.V.

"Emily! Wake up!"

"NO! I don't wanna!"

"Ok. LOUIS! GET IN HERE!" Liam screamed.

"I'm up!" I really don't feel like getting woken up by Louis. Heaven knows what he would do. It's Louis the oldest and most immature. It's acutally kinda funny.

"NEVERMIND!" Liam yelled back.




"Emily! Go get ready. We have an interview in 2 hours!"

"Fine! I'll go get ready!" I got up and shooed Liam out. I jumped into the shower. I got out and decieded what to wear. Because it's about 25 degrees out I decieded on white jean shorts, a pink flowy button up shirt and brown TOMS. I slightly curled my hair and but on my makeup. I got out of the bathroom and went to find Liam. I went over to his room and knocked. Niall answered.

"Hey Niall. Is Liam here?"

"Yep. COme on in!"



"I'm hungry."

"You are definatley related to Niall. How did you guys meet anyways?"

"We were what. 6?"


"I had just moved from Dublin and didn't know anyone. It was the first day of school. I was sitting on a swing just minding my buisness and Niall came and sat next to me. I was eating my cookies and he asked me for one. He said his mom forgot to back his lunch. I had a pretty big lunch so I gave him half of my ham sandwhich, a granola bar and a thing of animal cracker. He finally noticed I had cookies and tried to steal one. We ran around and he tackled me. He grabbed my cookies but I tackled him and grabbed my cookie. No one and I mean NO ONE steals my cookies and gets away with it. It was funny. After that we had a brotherly-sisterly bond. We went to each other with all of our problems. School, breakups, friends. Everything. I was even the first one he told when he tried out for the X-Factor. I was first. Not even his mom knew before me."

"Oh wow. Long story," Liam said.

"Yep!" I replied popping the 'p'.

"I'm hungry!" Niall complained.

"No! Since when?" I replied with a LOT of sarcasm in voice. I was the queen of sarcasm. If it was a job, I'd be the best there is.

"Really? Sarcasm?"

"Yep! Tht's one of the many services I offer."

"Really?" Liam asked.

"Yep! Well I'm hungry to so let's go!"

"What about Louis and Harry?" Zayn asked.

"He lives!"

"I wish I didn't but with you guys being loud........." Zayn said.

"Well let's go get them up!" Niall said.

"Well Harry because Louis, as Emily knows, is already up."

"Well I have an idea for Harry."

"What is it?"

"You'll find out soon enough."

"Oh really? So you won't even tell your boyfriend?" Liam said. It still didn't feel right calling Liam Payne my boyfriend. This was always in my wildest dreams. I think Madi was still having trouble calling Zayn her boyfriend.



"Ok. Fine. Somebody get me my makeup bag."

"Really? This isn't gonna wake him up."

"Who said it was gonna wake him up?"

"Oh and can somebody get me a bucket of warm water?"

"What ya gonna do with that?"

"You'll see." I replied. Madi came back with my makeup and Niall with a bucket of warm water. We walked quietly (with the help of Louis) into Harry's room. Lucky for me his hand was hanging off the side. I got out my makeup and started putting it on. I made it look like I did it blindfolded to be funny. When I was done I stuck his hand in the water.

"How did we end up in a hot-tub?" Harry murmered in his sleep. I finally took the water and dumped it on Harry's head after taking a picture with the make-up on.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Harry screamed.

"Haha! Oh....... My....... GOSH!!! You look...... so funny!" I said inbetween laughs. Everyone else was on the floor. I snapped a picture and posted it on twitter.

This is what happens when I wake you up! @Harry_Styles

I refreshed my twitter and saw harry had replied.

@Emilyhoran11 I am SO getting you back! #watchyourback

"Really? Why are you trending the fact that you want revenge?"

"Cuz I Feel like it!"

"Watch your back Haz. I will prank you before you get revenge on me!"


"CAn we go? I'm hungry!"

"Ok. Let's go Niall!" We went to go get breakfast to get Niall to shut up. When we were done we went back to the hotel to go to an interview. Madi and I got backstage with the guys and and just sat. I didn't think we're going on stage. Or that's what I thoguht.

"So boys. What's this about #watchyourback? Why did you start trending it?"

"Well Emily played a prank on Harry and she took a picture and posted it on twitter and Harry wants revenge so he started #watchyourback. It's acutally pretty funny." Liam said.

"Most people know what happened but for everyone else what happened."

"Well the best way is to show the picture. Is that alright?" Niall said.

"Of course!" They should the picture and all the boys except Harry started cracking up. Harry was still embaressed. It was funny.

"Why don't we get Emily out here?"

"Whynot?" Somebody came back to get me. They go Madi too. There wasn't enough room for all of us so i sat on Liam and Madi sat on Zayn.

"So Emily. What;s it like Dating Liam and being Niall's sister?"

"It's pretty amazing because Niall was always like my brother and Liam is the most amazing guy I ever met. And I know have a new best friend. Sorry Madi."

"Who is your new best friend?"


"Really Lou? You acutally think your a swag masta? That is Justin Bieber thank you very much!"

"No! I am the Swag Masta from Doncasta! That means I am the swaggiest person from Doncaster." Louis explained.

"Sure. But Justin Bieber is still the swaggiest person in the world."

"Interseting fact that when Niall-"

"Louis! Shut up!"

"Everyone already knows Niall! Anyways, When Niall met Justin Bieber, Liam had to take him out of the studio so he could fanboy!"

"What's fanboy?"

"It's the guy version of fangirl!"

"Ok then. On a different note how many of you are single?"

"Me!" Niall said.

"Same as Niall!" Harry replied.

"Not for long Niall." I whispered in Liam's ear.


"Yes Lou?"

"What did you say to Liam?"


"Sure. I know ya did!"





"Yes!" I said.

"No! Frig!"

"See! I didn't!"

"We saw you Em! Me and Zayn with our own eyes!" Madi said.

"Fine. I did. But I'm not saying what I said to him!"




'FINE! Niall said he was single and I said not for long. Happy Louis?"

"yes! Very much so!"

"What are you talking about? You know I can't find the right girl! Remember all the school dances? Everyone! and I mean EVERYONE was dancing but me and you. I didnt dance with you cuz you were like m sister."

"Yoou don't know what I'm thinking Niall. Believe me."

"Ok then!" We finished the interview and went back to the hotel. We sat around doing nothing.

"What are we gonna do tomorrw?" Madi asked.

'Why don't we go to Canada's Wonderland?"

"Sure! We need to get up early so we can get in and so it doesn't take to long to get there!"

"So it's settled! We are going to Canada's Wonderland tomorrow!" With that we finished talking and started watching tv. It was about 10:30 and only Niall, Louis, Zayn, Madi and I were still up. I was on the couch in between Niall and louis and Zayn and Madi were snogging. I had js=ust noticed and told Louis.

"Oh get a room!" Louis said.

"This is my room!" Madi replied.

"Fine! Emily, Niall, let's go to my room! Oh and don't swallow each other!" Louis yelled as we went across the hall.

"Really Lou?"


"Whatever. I jsut hope they don't take to long. I am tired and want to sleep! But I don't wanna go to my room if they're still making out!"

"Sleep in my room with Liam. He is your boyfriend."

"I would but he isn't up!"

"You'll be surprised."

"Ok. Niall let me into your room."

"Ok." We went over to Nialls room. Liam was there watching tv.

"Hey! Can I sleep here? Madi and Zayn are being annoying."

"As in they need a room?"

"Yep! So we let them have ours."

"Yes you can sleep with me."


"Well you are my girlfriend."

"True." I curled up next to Liam still wearing my clothes. I was to lazy to change. I fell asleep cuddled in Liams arms. It just felt so right.


Sorry. It was a filler chapter! Kinda boring! The next will be mmore exciting because they're going to an amusmant park. Nothing's boring there. Keep favouriting it!


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