Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


16. Truth or Dare!!!!

Hey guys! Sorry about not updating! Been kinda busy. Been on my iPod. On Wattpad. Listening to DNA and Wings by Little Mix. Good songs. You should listen to them if you haven't before. DNA is basically a creepy love song. Wings is basically about not listening to hate which doesn't apply to fangirls but whatevs. And Louis is 21 and Zayn's 20! Hazza's b-day is soon! He's gonna be 19! ERMAHGERD! OH MON DIEU! Sorry. I learned ermahgerd form a friend and oh mon dieu is french for oh my god. That's right. I now french. But that makes sense because I'm in french immersion so I basically always speak french. and I live in a 75% english 25% french country a.k.a. Canada. That's why I'm awesome and can add stuff about this AmaZayn country. And if you're Canadian and reading this you should comment. I need my fellow Canadians! J'ai besoin mon autre Canadiens! Sorry! french mode! But seriously comment if you're canadaian. That's all!




Emily's P.O.V

"Emily! Wake up!" Someone said while shaking me. I didn't want to get up.

"I'll go get a bucket of water!" A very familliar Irish accent said. I shot up really quickly.

"I'M UP! No need for water Niall!"

"Oh! You take the fun out of things! How are you my sister?"

"HEy! I do not! I just don't want to get soaked!"

"You're still no fun!"

"Niall! Go get ready!"

"I guess you are perfect for Liam!"

"Oh just go get ready!"

"Fine then! Be that way!"

"Drop the aditude or you're not getting food on the plane!"

"You can't do that! it's cruelty!"

"Just go!"



"Ok. I'm going!" He FINALLY left. I grabbed some clothes and headed for the shower. I decided that because we were going on a plane I would were navy blue capris, a red and white striped shirt and navy blue TOMS. I guess Louis has rubbed off on me! I decied to just put my hair into a ponytail so I brushed it back and wore a white headband. I put on a bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss. I walked out of the bathroom to find Liam shirtless on the bed. I started fangirling in my head. I acutally saw Liam Payne shirtless. This can't be happening. This must be a realistic dream. Very realistic.

"Like what you see?" Liam asked.

"What? Oh sorry. And you just sounded a lot like Harry!"

"Well I guess we need to spend more time together!"

"I wish but you know the guys. Louis will say we made babies and Niall will freak otu because his sister  who is 1 year younger is alone with you. Although he should know you are responcible!"


"Well before Louis gets any ideas we should go to breakfast!"

"I don't even get a kiss?"

"Ok. You're hanging with Niall and Zayn from now on!"

"Can I still have a kiss?"

"Fine!" I gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"What was that?"

"You didn't say how long!"

"Ok. Kiss me for at least 5 seconds!"

"No! You have cooties!"

Hey! I do not!"

"Fine!" I can't believe I give in so easily. It started off as 5 seconds but kept going. We were in a heated make-out session when someone, (I'm guessing Louis and Niall form the reactions) walked in.



"Oh shut up! Especially you Niall! I know all your dirty little secrets!"

"No you don't!"

I do so! Did I ever tell you I'm like a ninja? I have major skills!"

"Sure! Just don't do that again!"

'Guess you're never gonna be an uncle!"

"Hey! I have Greg!"

"You so know he's good with the ladys!"


"So can I ever kiss my boyfriend again?"

"I suppose! But only in private!"

"This is kinda my room!"

"Fine then!"

"We should go get breakfast now!" I said after Niall left. Liam got ready in 5 minutes. We went down to the Lobby to go get breakfast. When we got down there we saw and heard Louis right away. We walked over to the table. He was in the middle of telling a very interesting story from when he was 10. He noticed me and Liam were at the table after 5 minutes.

"Finally! I hope you didn't make me an uncle yet!"

"Louis! Shut Up!"

"Fine then!"

"For once can we not torture the girlfriends?"

"We don't torchure Madi!"

"yes you do Louis!'

"Little Miss. Smartypants over here is lieing!"

"Let's just eat our breakfast and then head to the airport!" I said. I was really getting sick of all this banter!

"Yes! Someone who let's me eat!"

"Just eat your food Niall!" Everyone finally started eating. I ate quickly because I still had to pack. Liam and madi came with me. Louis said to Madi to make sure he doesn't become an uncle yet. Louis will NOT get that out of his head! We got up to our room and I started packing. It took about 10 minutes. I had to get Liam to sit on my suitcase. I had a lot. What can I say? I'm a girl! Everyone else came up and finished packing except Zayn. 

"Zayn! Hurry up!" I said. He really does take forever. He's also very vain.

"I'm coming!" He replied.

'You said that 20 minutes ago! We have to go so we don't miss our plane!" I said.

"I agree with Emily! I wanna go see Josh!" Louis exclaimed.

"Yeah! So Do I! I Haven't seen him in forever!" Niall said.

"You saw him at the premiere of the Hunger Games!" Liam said.  

"I don't care! That was like, 3 months ago! That's a while to me!" Louis exclaimed.

"I just wanna see the sexy actor who played my all time favourite character- besides Katniss- in The Hunger Games!"

"Wait. Did you just call him sexy?" Louis asked.

"This is what I thought before I met you!"

"Oh really now?" Niall replied.

"Yes. Can a girl dream?"

"Nope!" Louis replied popping the 'p'.

"Let's just go! Madi! Ya comin' or what?"

"I'm right here."

"Wait what? I thought you and Zayn were gettin it on!"


"I agree with Emmy-bear!"

"New nickname?" I asked Louis.


"Well I was not!"

"How do you explain your hair?"

"Shut up!"

"Ya know I'm just teasin ya!"

"Whatever! Just shut up! We really are gonna miss our flight."

"Not when you have a private jet!" Louis exclaimed.

"What?" I asked.

"We, are, going, on, a, private, jet!"

"I'm not an idiot I'm just excited!"

"Sure!" Louis replied.

"Can we go now?"


"FINALLY!" I exclaimed. Everyone was finally ready. I really wanted to go to L.A. I've always wanted to go there! We got to the airport. It looked busy but then again this is Toronto. The biggest city in Canada. The Greater Toronto Area has a bigger population then all the Atlantic Canadian provinces!

"I'm hungry!" Niall complained when we were past security.  He probably already complained but it was a masacre of fans.

"No duh bro! When are you not?" I said.

"Says you!"

"Oh just shut up!" I said.

"Please! No arguing! I'm not being stuck on a plane with you two fighting!"

"Oh calm down! It's only about........... 5 hours. Its not that bad! Try sitting on a plane for 4 hours and then have an hour until you're on a plane for another 2! that trip was fun but my butt was really sore!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Eh?" asked Niall.

"You did not just try to be a stereotypical Canadaian! Oh and I flew from Calgary to Ottawa then Ottawa to Halifax. Not that much fun."

"I did and that would suck!" Niall replied. Just then they made the announcement for our flight.

"Let's go!" Madi said.

"Finally! Oh and Madi, Zayn, no makeing out or anything." I say. I really don't want to see my best friend and my boyfriends best friend making out. Not the most pleasent thing.

"Says you!"

"Yeah sure. I make out with my boyfriend. From time to time! Not every waking second!" I said and burst out laughing. So did Madi. The boys looked at us funny.

"Inside joke. Don't ask. But let's go to L.A! I want warm and sunny weather where I can surf!" I said walking onto the plane.

"You know how to surf?You said you've never been to Calafornia and I don't think you can surf in Ireland or Montreal," Liam said.

"You are wrong my friend. It's cold but you can surf on the St.Laurence River. I just wanna surf somehwere warm for once."

"Really? You can surf on a river? And you only care about L.A. because of the surfing?" Niall asked.

"OK. Maybe not just surfing. Maybe I like some actors and singers who live in L.A."

"Who??" Louis asked pestering me. We were already on the plane. Since it was a private Jet it was pretty nice.

"Let's paly truth or dare!" Louis said.

"Fine. Madi you gonna play or continue to snog Zayn?"

"Hey! Watch it!"

"Oh just come play now! Let's do this!" I screamed. Madi and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

'How many inside jokes do you have?" Louis asked.

"Ummmm........... About 10? Maybe 20," I said.

"How do you get all of them?" asked Liam.

"Movies. Books. Life expeirience involving Madi's brother and parents."

"Do we want to know?"

"Nope!" Madi said.

"Let's do this!" Louis yelled. we burst out laughing.

"Ok. Emily. Truth or Dare." Louis asked evily.


"Why do you burst out laughing when someone says 'let's do this'?" Louis asked.



 "YAY! Ok so it was after school. We were going to Madi's house We walked in and found Madi's brother making out with soem girl. They were almost ready to get a room if you know what I mean. Me and Madi looked at each other and screamed out, and I quote, 'LET'S DO THIS'! It was acutally really funny," I explained.

"Oh..... Your turn Em!" Louis said.

"Did you see her, you know," Harry started.

"Pervert! My turn! Harry!"


"I dare you to........," I started. I had to think. I thoguht of Larry Stylnson. "but your face in Louis' butt!"

"OK! Louis!" Harry said. He acutally out his face in Louis' butt. Pretty funny chiz is you ask me.

"Ok! Madi! Truth or dare?" Harry asked.


"Ok. Kiss Me and Niall and say who's a better kisser."

"No thanks! I'm not kissing a perverted boy and my best friends brother. Well Niall wouldn'tbe so bad but not in front of my boyfriend!"

"Too bad!"

"Fine! But it means absouletly nothing. I swear it!" Madi said. She sat beside Harry. They kissed for about 5 seconds and they both pulled away. Then it was Niall. They did the same as Harry. Zayn looked like he was gonna explode.

"So who wwas a better kisser?" asked Harry.

"Um........ Niall. But Zayn's still the best."

"WHAT! I AM THE BEST KISSER HERE!" Harry complained.

"Sure Harry. I think Liam is."

"You're only saying that 'cause he's your boyfriend!"

"Maybe. Maybe not."

"Whatever. Let's just continue!" Louis exclaimed. We continued until we got to L.A. We finally got off the plane. As soon as we got outside we were mobbed by fans and papparazzi. We got into the van and went to the hotel.

"What are we doing now?" I asked.

"What do you want to do?" Liam asked.

"Meet celebritys or go to the beach," I said.

"Well we can go to the beach tomorrow because we only just got here. So what celebrities?"

"I don't know. Who lives in L.A./ Hollywood/Malibu?"

"Josh, Katy Perry, Big Time Rush, Jennifer Lawerence, Logan Lerman-" Liam started. I cut him off.

"Ariana Grande?"

"Um.... yes."

" Ok we have to see all of those people. Pwease Leeyum!" I begged.

"Fine. First, Josh. Then Jennifer. Then Big Time Rush. Logan Lerman and finally Ariana Grande," Liam said.

"YES! TEAM PEENIS EVERLARK!" Everyone stared at me. "What? It's a name. It's not like I came up with it!"

"Whatever. Let's go!"

"Let me call them first. Then we'll go. OK? OK!" Liam said.

"OK LiLi."

"New nickname?" He asked..

"YUP!" I said.

"IT'S A PARTY IN THE U.S.A.!" Niall screamed.


"Why are you belting otu random songs?" Madi asked.

"It's fun! Don't judge us!" I replied.

"Plus it's fun to sing totally of key!" Niall added. Liam came back in.

"Let's go meet some famous people!" he said.

"let's go!" I said. I really wanted to meet my favourite Famous people!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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