Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


9. Live While We're Young

Liams'  P.O.V.

I woke upto my alarm. It said it was about 9:30. We decieded to Go to East Toronto because Emily was going there. I just relized that we had about 1 week left. I got up and went to see if anyone else was up. Only Louis, Harry and Emily were up. I looked into Emilys' sparkling blue eyes. I just relized now that I LIKE LIKE her. I doubt she felt the same way as me. I decieded to go get everyone else up. We went down to the lobby for breakfast. We ate and then went to Emilys' room to ssee when they were leaving. Thye said in about 30 minutes. we went upstairs to pack. We were ready in 10 minutes. We decieded to do a TwitCam. we all tweeted the link.

"We will let you guys ask some questions." I said.

After answering many questiobs it was time to go. We got in the van and headed for Toronto.

Emilys' P.O.V.

I woke up at 9:25. I went out to see if anyone else was up. Louis and Harry. 5 minutes later Liam walked out. I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. I thought he would never like me like that. Ever since I knew about One Direction I thought Liam was the one but he would never meet me. Then i thought he would never feel the same way. This sucks. Even if he did like me if we ended up going out but that made us hate each other then would it do to the band? I thought it was best to keep it to myself. Not even tell Madi. Liam got everyone up and tehn we wennt to breakfast.  1 hour later we were packed and headed off to Toronto. I couldn't wait. We  got into teh van and headed to Toronto. Liam and Harry are in the front and Madi and Zayn were inthe middle and Niall, Louis and I were in teh back. Louis was being his normal loud self. We saw Madi and Zayn tslking. It looked like they REALLY liked each other.

"AWWWW! Look at teh two lovebirds." Louis said.

"Louis, Shut up!" Zayn  replied.

"Come on. We know you LOVE each other!" Louis replied.

"Seriously Lou, SHUT UP!" Madi said.

"LIAM!!!!! MADI AND ZAYN ARE BEING MEAN!" Louis complained.

"Louis, I agree with Madi and Zayn. Shut up!" Liam said


"Lou, just SHUT UP!"

"Fine. I'll talk to people who care about me! Hey Niall. Hey Emily."


"I vote we pull a prank on Zayn and Madi." Louis whispered.

"What would we do?" I asked.

"When they go to kiss I'll yell IT'S KEVIN! I SEE KEVIN! annd then Niall can YELL KEVIN COME HERE! and you, Emily can be like HE'S WITH ANOTHER BIRD! LOOK AT THE LOVE BIRDS! THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE SEAT!"

'That works. But why don't we start saying that when we think they're going to kiss. So when they're like 6 inchs away we start and we yell loud and fast."

"Ok. Let's do it!"

"Why don't we get Harry and Liam?" I can text harry. He can tell Liam."


"Hey guuys! I think they're going into kiss now! No time for Harry! Lou, go go go!" I yelled.




"THEY'RE IN THE MIDDLE SEAT!" We all yelled.

Madi  and Zayn looked back at us and we started cracking up! It was the funiiest thing EVER! I took out my phone and tweeted: Just pranked @zaynmalik and @MadiMalik12. BEST THING EVER! Haha!

I saw Zayn typing somehting. I then saw a banner at the top of my xcreen. Zayn tweeted: @EmilyHoran11, I will get you back! Just you wait!

"Like that would ever happen! HAHA!" I said to ZZayn.

"Just watch. I will get you back!"

"Good luck. You can not prank teh prank master!"

"Oh no. I AM THE PRANK MASTER!" said Louis.

"You should've seen me and Niall when we were 8. All summer we would just keep pranking eachother. It was the best thing ever because we pranked each other about 50 times and I won 45 times."

"NO! I won 45 times!"

"No! that waas me! get your facts straight!" I said.

Madi was being quiet. Too quiet.



"You are being suspicially quiet."

"WHAT? Nooo!"


"No. I am not."

"Hey guys! DID YOU HEAR ME?" Liam said.

"No." everyone siad.

"We will be to the zoo in 5 minutes."


"Calm down Lou."

"But I wanna see kevin!"

"Ok. You can see kevin! But you have to calm down."


We got to the zoo. We ALL put on sunglasses and beanies. Good thing it was a nice day today. We went in through the gates. We decieded to go see the polar bears. There was a polar bear cub! IT WAS SO CUTE! Then we went to Indo-Malaya part. It had a rhino, birds and more! Then we went to teh African Savannah. We saw Lions, eleaphants, hippos, zebras and A LOT of birds. Every single time we would see a bird, Lou would yell

"I SEE KEVINS' LONG LOST REALTIVE!" or something along those lines. it was funny that no one noticed us until we acutally saw a pigeon that Louis said was Kevin. Then about 5 girs came up. I think 3 were together and the other 2 were just starngers to one another. Then a 6th girl came up. It was Emily.

"Hey guys! Louis? Did you acutally see Kevin?"


"No believes you because Kevin is a stuffed pigeon. Had to be said." Liam replies.

"NO! KEVIN IS REAL!" Louis exclaimed.

"Ok. Ok. We believe you."

"Do you guys wanna come with me to the carousel? It looks pretty fun!"

"I never give up a chance to go on a Carosuel." Niall said.

"LET"S GO!" Louis yelled.

"Sure. LEt's go Madi!"

"Ok. You coming Zayn?" Madi asked.

"Yep! Let;s go!"

I walked next to Madi while she held hands with Zayn. They were SO CUTE together! I had no hope with love. My only relationship ended when I caught him cheating! After that I never loved until I saw Liam on X-factor. I knew he would never feel the same way. Or did he? The way he looked at me this morning. I could see he liked someone and I was the only girl out there. We all went on the Merry-Go-Round. Me, Emily, Madi, Niall and Louis went in a basket that had a wheel that you can spin. Harry was on a cat and Liam was on a turtle and Zayn was on the Giraffe. It was really fun! It was time to go though. We had spent 4 hours there. We went to our Hotel. It was really AMAZING! The pool was really fun! It had a Waterslide! We would go down and time how long it took to get down and tehn however was the fastest won braagging rights. If it was Zayn or Madi, a kiss and bragging rights.

"I WON! 6 SECONDS! OH YEAH BABY!" I screamed. I won!

"Well I came in second! Does that get me anything?" Liam asked.

"NOPE!" I said popping the p. This was the 5 time I won. Louis won 3 times, Zayn 2 times, Madi twice, Liam 3 times, Harry 3 times and Niall 4. I was AWESOME! I loved this!

"Let's go again!"

"NO! it's not fair. You always win!" Louis complained.

"Fine. I WON!"

"No need to brag! We heard you!" Louis said.

"TO BAD! I WON I WON I WON!" I bragged.

"Oh you're gettin it now!"


"I'm good."

"No thanks."

"I'm hungry!"

"I'LL SAVE YOU! DADDY DIRECTION IS HERE!" Liam yelled. He splashed Louis until he gave up.

"Thank you Liam!"

"My name is not Liam. It is Daddy Direction! Hero of One Direction! No need to thank me."

"Well what do I owe you? You saved me form the evil hands of Louis the 'Evil' guy. I must owe yu something!"

"How about a date?"


"I take that as a yes to a date?"

"No duh!" I was SO SO SO SO happy. I had a date with the guy I liked that I thought I would never meet for 2 years! I was so happy!



"Do you know who I like?"

"No. Am I suppossed to?"

"Nope. Do you wanna know who it is?"


"I'll give you a hint. Brown Eyes. British. Brown Hair. Asked me on a date. A 'dad'. Any guesses?"



"Will Niall be okay with that?"

"Why not? I'm 19. He may be my brother but here I am an adult who does not have to have a parent to watch me! I'm technically an adult! I can drink anywhere in Canada. Not the US but then again who ever said I was going there?"

"A little of track but I know what you mean!"

"So. You and Zayn. Wanna tell me anything about that?"


"Which means..."

"Ok. I love him! He is the sweetest guy I have EVER met! he is amazing! We're going on a date tomorrow night."

"Sweet! it might be a double though. If Liam does what I think he's gonna."

"This is going to be AMAZING! You and me dating someone from One Direction and You being Niall freaking Horans' sister! Is this amazing or what?"


We went back to our rooms. I was Sharing wiht Madi, Louis and Harry had One, and Liam, Zayn and Niall had one with 3 rooms. Tomorrow is going to be good. We are going to Downtown Toronto. The Science centre, CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, and SHOPPING! Lots and lots of Shopping! Toronto is gonna be fun!  I fell asleep thinking of everything that has happened in the past week. I couldn't wait until my date! This was going to be fun!


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