Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


12. Haters gonna Hate

Emily's P.O.V.

I woke up to my phone going off. It was only 9 am. Why must they wake me? I need my sleep unless you wanna try and control me. When I'm tired I am as cranky as a bear with no honey. yes I know bears don't eat honey but Winnie teh Pooh is a bear and he eats honey and I like Pooh Bear. I looked at my iPhone. 10 messages. 5 from Liam, 2 from Niall and 3 from Louis. Liam just wanted me to wake up. Niall said he was hungry and Louis was being Louis. Then my phone started blasting my ringtone. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. I LOVE that song! I was surprised Madi wasn't up when I got the texts. She would definatley be up now. i answered my phone.


"Hey babe! Do you wanna go to the beach today?"

"What beach? I know it's summer but Lake Ontario is probably not the warmest right now. Unless it's gonna be 30 out."

"Well it's your lucky day. It is supposed to be............ 32!"

"HOLY CRAP! I know Toronto gets warm but I didn't think we would get that today!"

"Well we are. Come on. Wake up Madi. We are ALL going to beach. Got it?"

"Yes! See ya soon!" I hung up. "Madi! WAKE UP!"

"What why? And as you can see I am awake!"

"Just making sure! If you didn't here me talking to Liam you don't know that we are going to the beach today."

"But isn't it gonna be cold?"

"Not is it's 32 out!"

"WHAT! I thought I would NEVER be in Toronto for that kind of weather."

"Well we are so we are going to the beach! Go get ready!" I ran to the bathroom. I jumped into the shower right after I quickly grabbed my towel. I was in and out in 3 minutes. New record. I took out my Hair Dryer and quickly dried my hair. Before I went to the bathroom I grabbed my bikini. I slipped it on and got out.

"Took long enough." Madi said.

"I was only 5 minutes." I said.

"Well I will be faster."

"Fine. I bet you 10 bucks I'm faster!" I said.

"Oh it's on like Donkey Kong."

"Hey! You can't say that! That is property of liam and his girlfriend."

"Oh really?"


"Ok. I will still beat you!" she said while running to the bathroom. I kept watch on the time. 6 minutes later she apperaed.





"Ok." I took the 10 bucks. 2 minutes later we had on regular clothes ontop of our bikinis. We went over and knocked on Liams door. Zayn answered.


"Zayn shut up!" I said.


Liam walked over to the door. "Hey babe."


"Ready to go to the beach?" Liam asked.


"SOmeone go get Harry and Louis." Liam said.

"I'll go!" I went over and knocked at the door. Louis answered.

"You ready to go to the beach?" I asked.

"Hell YEAH!"

"Get Harry and we'll go!"


"COming Mother!"

"How amny times have I told you I am your father! Do I look like a girl?"

"When you wear make-up yes!" Harry answered.


"I'm going! Calm your hormones!"

"Just go!" I said. "I wanna go swimming!"

"Fine." I could still here Louis mumble under his breath. "Let's have kids he said. It'll be fun he said."

"Louis what teh hell are you saying?"

"What? Nothing! Hey! I vote after Toronto we go to L.A. We can visit Josh."



"WHAT?" I took all my strength to not freak out. I LOVE Josh Hutcherson! Especially when he's Peeta in The Hunger games! BEST MOVIE EVER!

"OMG!" Madi exclaimed.

"Emily? Hello?" Liam said.

"Oh what? Sorry. Don't mean to fangirl but I kinda sorta like Josh Hutcherson. Well acutally LOVE him!"

"What about me?" Liam said.

"I mean in the fangirl way! Like Right now I am acutally using all my strength to not fangirl. Josh Hutcherson is my favourite actor and it also doesn't help the fact that One Direction knows him and that I am Dating Liam Freaking Payne and am the sister or Niall freaking Horan!"

"Wow. That's a lot of energy in a tiny girl."

"Hey! I am not! I am 5' 5". I know people older and shorter then me!"

"Whatever you say bestie!" Louis said.

"Louis? What about me? I thoguht I was your bestie!"

"No. You are my brother. Emily is my bestie!"

"Which is better?"


"HEY!" I said.


"Can we go? I'm STARVING!"

"When are you not?"

"Point taken. But seriously let's go!"

"Ok. Let's go!" We went to the elevators. We got down to the lobby and went to Tim Hortons for breakfast. Niall being the fattie he is got 3 muffins and 2 breakfats sandwhichs. Everyone else (Excluding me) got 1 sandwhich. I got 2. But what do you expect? I'm the sister of Niall Horan! We fianlly left for the beach. When we got there we laid down our towels.

"Louis! Last one in bus the winner a milkshake!"

"Oh it's on!" EWe both ran. Since I was the best on the cross country and track and field in High School I won.

"Louis! You owe me a LARGE milkshake!"


"To bad!" Then he came and threw me in the water.

"Damn you Lou!"

"Your welcome!" He said has he ran back to shore.


"I'll talk it as one!"

I sat in the water for a little longer. Then i realized I didn't have the energy to get up so I called Liam.


"Why me?"

"Cause you're nice and won't throw me in the water! "

"FINE!" He ran to come and get me. He got to me and picked me up. He leaned in. I know it sounds really cliche but I felt sparks and thought I heard fireworks.

"OH GET A ROOM!" Niall yelled. We stopped and I looked at him.

"Just wait till I say that to you!"


"Maybe I can!"


"Sure! I seriously think he's gonna die alone."

"Not nesisarily."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Do you possibly know someone who can stand his eating, smells and love him for him? Not because he's in One Direction?"

"Maybe. I have a friend in Gatineau. She loves food almost as much as Niall. She has 3 brothers so she's used to stink and I'm pretty sure should wouldn't freak out and die if she met you. She might freak out but she wouldd get over it."

"Perfect! Invite her to Toronto! We still have 5 days till we need to go back."


"Oh make sure you don't tell Niall." Liam said.

"My lips are sealed." We walked back to the beach. Madi was tanning (Naughty naughty girl! I told a million times that tanning is bad for you!), Niall was eating (what else?), Zayn was being vain (that's Zayn for ya!) and Louis and Harry were running around like mainiacs (What else does Louis do?). All of a sudden there was a lot of flashes and screams.

"CRAP!" Liam said.

"What's so bad about them? Don't let them ruin your day. We'll all go and you can like sign stuff."


"I'll get everyone." I just told Niall and Zayn, woke up Madi and tehn had to get Louis and Harry. "LOUIS! HARRY! COME OVEER HERE!"




"Go get your shoes on. We are gonna go sign some autographs!"

"With or without shirts?" Liam asked.

"Um...... Without."


"Unless you don't wanna. But I know I don't mind."

"Oh get a room!" Harry said.

"Says you!"

"Really? Must you say that?"

"Hey. Everyone here knows about you. We know things you would never dream of sharing!"


"YEP!" I said popping the p.

"LET"S GO!" We headed to where all the fans are. Everyone screamed louder. I had no idea they were that loud. This was technically a beach that you have to pay to get onto so fans couldn't go. We all went around to the fans. I went with Liam and Madi with Zayn of course. Then the guys went on their own when we were fine by ourselves. Well I was with Madi. Then some girls called us over.

"Can we get your autograph?"

"Um Sure!"

We signed something for the girls.

"Anything else?"


"Stay away from Zayn and Liam. They're ours! Your just some sluts they hired. I'm sure they would never love whores like you!"

"Yeah. I bet what they said about you being Niall's sister was a lie too. You probably paid them to think that. You're such a bitch!"

Just then Liam and Zayn came over. I guess they heard.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing other then that we're so happy for tehm!"

"I know that's not what you said!"

"We know you called them sluts! If anything you're the slut! Now get out of here!"

They ran away and I hope they would never come back.

'Wow. Haters gonna hate."

"Yep. Haters gonna hate!" I said.

Just another bump in the road of life. I'll get used to it. I hope.


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