Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


21. Epilogue

After that moment, they went off to the interview. They asked about the news, the normal things. Anything new, about their love lives, the tour. Zayn, of course, was excited to finally announce that Madi was pregnant. Niall and Liam were a little more reluctant to share the news about the falling out, that was still ongoing. They did tell, but only because Louis basically threatened to chop off their balls if they didn’t do anything. They made up, and Niall let Liam date Emily.

  Later that night, at the o2 arena, Louis let the boys in on a secret. He was proposing to Eleanor, that night, at the concert, in front of all the fans. The boys were so excited, they almost let it slip. Niall and Liam almost told Emily, Zayn Madi, and Harry Instagram. They were lucky they remembered that it was a surprise, or the whole world would know before Eleanor.




“Before we continue on,” Louis started, “I have something very important Eleanor and I wish to share with you. Eleanor?” He looked out to the wings, and saw Eleanor shaking her head. He motioned for her to join him and Emily finally gave her a push onto the stage. She walked over, cheeks rosy red, and stood next to Louis.

“What news?” She asked.

  He got down on one knee, took out a diamond ring that was probably more expensive than Louis himself, and said, “Eleanor, will you marry-“

  Eleanor cut him off before he could even finish. “YES!”

Some fans booed, as they would’ve been Larry shippers, but most cheered for the beloved couple.




  They celebrated well that night, with drinks all around. They made every newspaper and blog that night. Not for just the proposal, though.

  In the mists of the celebration, there was trouble brewing between Niall, Liam, and Emily. Louis proposing jumpstarted Liam and Liam thought it would be good to ask Emily’s parents before popping the question himself. Of course, they told Greg, who then thought it would be good to tell Niall, who still didn’t know about Emily and Liam “getting back together” after he told them to break up.

  They got into a bit of a fight at the bar, with Liam and Niall being kicked out. They ended up fighting out in the street in front of fans and paparazzi, so they made a few headlines as well. No one knew why, except Liam and Niall, that is. Not even Emily knew why. The boys wouldn’t say anything either. They didn’t even talk, except to smash-talk the other. Emily did get the boys to explain, but they ended up fighting again. Although, they didn’t say the whole truth, but Niall almost did. He didn’t care about letting it slip. He hated Liam and Emily anyways. Not the actual people, but the couple.




“Why the hell are you two at each other’s throats today?” Emily demanded. “Why the sudden hatred for each other?”

“It’s all Liam’s fault! He told me about what he wanted to do—“ Louis cut him off by duct taping his mouth.

“It’s not my fault! I told your parents something, they told Greg, and Greg told Niall, who got mad at me! I swear I did nothing! I didn’t even want to fight him, but he threatened to ship you to Antarctica. I knew he meant business. He wouldn’t joke about that,” Liam explained.

“That still doesn’t answer my question! Why did he get mad at you?! That’s all I wanted to know!” Emily freaked.

“I’ll tell you why.” Liam got out of the chair, and got down on one knee, in front of Emily. “HE got mad at me, for being a gentleman and asking your parents for their blessing.” Emily awed instantly inside her head. ‘So chivalry isn’t dead,’ she thought. “I know we haven’t been going out for as long as Louis and Eleanor or anything, but I swear on One Direction- no, us, that I love you and will for ever and always.”

“Why did you say us?”

“Because there’s nothing I believe in more than our love. So, Emily Rachel Horan. Do  you mind changing your last name to Payne?”

“No,” She said. Liam’s heart sank. “I wouldn’t mind at all. So yes, I will marry you.” Liam’s heart rose again. He grabbed the ring and slid it on her finger. He stood up and kissed her. Just a quick peck. He then leaned his forehead down to touch hers.

“Emily Rachel Payne. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? No pun intended.” She laughed at his bad joke, but then realized she would make the same joke.

“I love you, so much, batman.”

“I can’t be batman.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re too beautiful to be Robin,” he replied, with a big grin on his face.

“Then who are you?”

“I’m Liam James Payne. And I’m no superhero. I’m a robber, because I stole your heart.”

“Just kiss me.”




So they made the headlines for the second night in a row, but for a good reason again. They ended up going out that night. Niall included in the festivities, much to Emily’s surprise.

They made enough toasts to last a lifetime that night. Mostly for the happy couples, but also for their success in One Direction, which would be over soon. With two weddings in the near future, and a mini Zayn or Madi arriving soon, they thought it would be for the best. But only until they were married and mini Malik was here. Then they would go on like they never stopped.




“I can’t believe what happened last night!” Emily said to Liam, who was lying next to her in their king sized bed. “Ariella Carmen Malik was born, Niall came out, and you finished your album!”

“I think the most shocking, yet utterly predictable thing was Niall. I mean, why else would he not want us together? He was jealous of you!”

“Just like Alec. Jealous of Clary because Jace loves her, and not him.”

“And Ariella was born. That was pretty amazing.”

“Of course it was! My best friend is a mom! And your best mate is a dad!”

“It’s so weird. That’s the dude that bought his own house just so he could spray paint it!”

“And Madi’s the girl that snuck into a liquor store and stole 6 6-packs of beer!”

“She did that?”

“Hell yeah! It was funny too!”

“But can you believe we’re getting married in two months?”

“Why do we have to wait?” Emily asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Why wait two months to get married when we can go elope right now.”

“Are you serious?”

“You want to get married; I want to get married, why not? I don’t care about the dress or the gifts. I care about marrying the love of my life.”

“Where are we gonna go at this time of night?”

“Vegas,” was all Emily said.

“You pack, I’ll get the tickets,” Liam instructed.




That night, they did go to Vegas to elope. They sent Niall a quick text saying that they were going to Vegas last minute, and Emily dropped a hint at her future name change.




“We have a problem!” Niall exclaimed over the phone.

“No problems below 8,” Madi said.

“Liam and Emily went to Vegas!”

“That’s a 7. They probably just went for the casinos!”

“To elope,” Niall added.

“That’s a 10!” Zayn said.

“So what are we gonna do?”

“Well are you sure that’s what they’re doing?” Madi asked.

“Emily texted me saying, and I quote, ‘Hey Niall. Liam and I are on our way to Vegas with one less Horan and one more Payne.’ I think that counts as eloping!”

“Well what are we going to do?!” Madi started freaking out.

“We figure out when they’re coming back, and throw them a surprise party! I’ll figure this all out, you worry about Ariella.”

  Niall quickly called Harry and Louis and explained the situation. They came over quickly to help plan, while Niall told his family and Liam’s family. By the time the party was planned, and Niall was done with the endless phone calls to distant cousins and dying great-grandparents, it was leaked onto Twitter. Someone probably let it slip up and it just started trending.

“Oh shit!” Niall said when he saw the trend. The top worldwide trend was #CongratsMrandMrsPayne, and everything like that. There were even some photos, photo shopped, of course.

“Niall! Breath!” Harry told him. “Just calm down!”

“Why should I? I just accepted my best mate and sister and now this is trending all over the world!”

“Calm down Niall! You’ll be fine!”

“I will be, but what will they do when they find out?! I’m freaking out here Harry! Freaking out!” Niall wouldn’t shut up, so Harry did something he never thought he would have the courage to do. Harry Styles kissed the love of his life, Niall Horan, straight on the lips.

“Niall. Just shut up.”

“What was that?” Niall asked.

“Look, Niall. I love you! I have since I figured out that I’m Bi. I love you, Niall James Horan.”

“I don’t know about love, but I sure as heck like you, like a boyfriend, Harry Edward Styles.”

  Louis decided that that was the perfect time to walk in.

“Woah! What’s going on here?” Niall pulled away, cheeks red.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to kiss my boyfriend in private,” Harry said. Louis put his hands up as if he were surrendering, and backed out of the room.

“Boyfriend?” Niall asked.

“Niall, will you go out with me?” Harry asked, cutting Niall off from asking any more questions.

“Yes,” Niall said. “I would love to be your boyfriend.”




 So that night, multiple things happened that would be a major shock to Directioners when they got back together. Narry was real, Liam and Emily eloped, and Ariella’s first outing was to a party stocked full of alcohol.

 When Liam and Emily got home, a party was the last thing they expected. Especially one with baby Ariella and a Narry make-out session. But that wasn’t even that unexpected. They knew they would do something, and Niall and Harry making out was the first thing that came to their mind when they thought about before entering their humble abode.




  “They’re coming! Hide!” Louis whisper/yelled to the party guests as the newlyweds came up to the door. Louis hid by the door, with everyone else behind the couch or in the kitchen. He could faintly hear them talking.

“So are you going to carry me over the threshold or have there been enough clichés tonight?” Emily asked.

“I think carrying you can work,” Liam answered. They opened the door, and Louis ran to the couch, surprisingly unnoticed. When the lights turned on, they all jumped up, minus Niall and Harry, as they were making out.

“I KNEW IT!” Emily yelled.

“About the party?” Louis asked.

“No. That’s a surprise. But Niall and Harry. I knew that would happen!”

“Well they said that they were dating…” Louis trailed off.


“Yeah. I walked in on them kissing and Harry said that he wanted to kiss his boyfriend in private or something.”

“Nice!” Emily said. After talking a little longer, they started going around, congratulations being thrown around like lyrics stuck in your head.

“So you and Harry,” Emily said to Niall, walking up behind him.

“What- huh?” Niall jumped up, turning around when he landed. “What about me and Harry?”

“You’re a thing!”

“Since tonight.”

“That’s so sweet. I’m happy for you Niall.”

“Thanks Em. Now go enjoy your party.”




And she did. The party of her and Liam, that is. They enjoyed it so much, that nine months later, baby Payne was born.




“What’s his name?” Niall asked, walking straight into the room. “What is my nephew’s name?”

“Leo Niall Matthew Payne,” Emily said.

“He’s so cute!” Niall exclaimed.

“Takes after his father,” Emily said. “Now I provided you with a nephew, where’s mine?”

“Unless mom or Anne has something to explain, that’s not gonna happen.”

“You can adopt, or get a surrogate,” Liam suggested.

“Well we’re not even married! And we won’t be unless they make a new law!”

“If they don’t make one themselves, go make it yourself. Go and fight for equality in Britain. Go fight for your right to love! This isn’t the Clave. They’re more willing to things than the Clave.”

“You’re right. I can go down there myself!”

  Just then, the news started to blare from the TV.

Breaking news. A new law has just passed, and after much protest, Gay marriage is now legal in the United Kingdom,” the news reporter said.

“Or not,” Niall said.

“Niall. Now’s your chance. Go propose and marry Harry.”

“Ok. I’ll go do that right now.” He started walking quickly out of the room.

“GET ME SOME NIECES AND NEPHEWS ALONG THE WAY!” Emily yelled after him. He just laughed.




That night, Niall did propose. He and Harry got married a few months later, when they were sure they could be married. Along the way, they did get some nieces and nephews along the way. They adopted Caleb, a 7 year old boy, and did take their advice on a surrogate. Emily quickly agreed. She wanted a niece or nephew, and this would help. Nine months later, she had a little girl, just for Niall and Harry. They name her Clarissa Rachel Horan-Styles, in honor of Emily.

After having her own niece, Emily had another boy. This time named William James, in honor of Niall. They thought two was enough, but at 35, with Leo 15 and William 13, they had a girl this time. Named Ariella Mae, in honor of Ariella, who had died in a car crash at 1 year old.

Madi and Zayn were devastated at the loss of their daughter. They never had any more children. The pain was too much. They did love their “nieces and nephews” like their own. Especially Ariella.

Eleanor and Louis got married shortly after Liam and Emily. They had one beautiful daughter, whom they named Adelaide Charlotte Tomlinson. They wanted another kid, but they just couldn’t. So they turned to adoption instead. They adopted the son that Louis had always wanted. A sassy, dramatic, son. He was 5 when they adopted him, but he never had a name, so they called him Theo Justin.

But just because it looks like a happy ending, doesn’t mean it was. Madi died of cancer at 55, with Zayn passing of a heart attack a few months after. And when they had formed the band back up, the fans had moved on. The true fans had stayed, but the others had moved on. They understood, and knew that they had had a good run, but their time was up.

  Liam and Emily died at the age of 96, in each other’s arms. They had had so many good times, and so many bad ones. But Liam still sang the song that represented them, even as they died.

So this is what it feels like, being at the right place, the right time.”

“Love is hard, but it is love,” Emily said quietly, as they took their last breath together, in the arms of their loved ones. 


So that's it. This book is officially over. Thanks for reading. I might go back and edit the spelling and grammar mistakes, but right now it's 11:15 and I need to get up a 7 for school tomorrow. I hope you liked this. Thanks for reading.

- Emily aka NutellaAddict

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