Right Place, Right Time {Liam Payne (Completed)}

Emily was working late when she ran into her old best friend from Ireland. She was really happy to have him back. Then she got a letter. Her "Mom" had died. She found comfort in her new found brother and best friend, Niall Horan. Now add in her other best friend, and the rest of 1D on tour, and what do you get? Humor, drama, and major romance.

©NutellaAddict 2013


22. Bonus Chapter!

“GOAL!” Emily yelled, jumping up from her spot on the couch. The 34-year-old looked up from her iPad to see her family looking at her like she was crazy, which would have been pretty accurate if it was 14 years earlier. “What?”

“You good?” her husband, Liam, asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You screamed,” he said like it was the most obvious thing ever said.

“I screamed because my team is winning.”

“The game’s on and you didn’t tell me?!” Madi exclaimed, walking through Emily’s front door.

“Well you weren’t answering your phone! And plus it’s only on my iPad, because England is stupid and doesn’t believe in Bell satellite with TSN in HD!” Emily complained.

“So who they playin’?” Madi asked.

“Boston.” She scowled.

“What’s the score?” Madi went and sat down beside Emily after taking off her boots, jacket and scarf. “Hi William, Leo, Liam,” she acknowledged them.

“Hey aunt Madi,” Leo said.

“Hi Leo.”

“Hi aunt Madi,” William said.

“Hello Jem,” Madi replied. When William was in his third year of school, there were 2 other William’s in his class, and he needed something to go by. So when he asked his mum for a nickname, she thought long and hard, which was only 5 minutes. She came up with Jem, because it reminded her of her book. There was a character named James, but he went as Jem to most people, so it made sense. The nickname stuck, and now that’s what people normally call him, even his friends.

“So who’s playing?” Leo asked, even though he didn’t care.

“Ottawa and Boston,” Emily replied.

“Where’s Zayn?” Liam asked.

“He’s with his dad.”

“How is his dad?”

“Not well, really. He’s forgetting who is who. He called Zayn Doniya yesterday. For someone who’s very forgetful, he’s quite funny.” Zayn’s dad was diagnosed with Dementia a year ago, and had been going downhill since. He was forgetting names easily, getting confused quickly, and just wasn’t well.

“Well back to the game!” Emily said. “Can someone go get the connecter for me?” Leo gratefully walked to the office, happy to get away from such sad talk. If he had to be friends with any of his uncles’ or aunts’ parents, he would choose Yaser. Not many people could say that they knew Zayn Malik’s dad. But then again, not many people could say that they’re Uncles are Harry and Niall Styles-Horan, and not many people could say their dad is Liam Payne.

  Leo came back with the connecter for the iPad, so they could watch the game on the TV. He passed it to his mum and sat down on the computer chair in the corner.

“Mum?” William asked.


“Do you know how to play this?”

“Hockey?” William nodded. “Yes and no. I know how to, but I can’t really play it without getting hit in the face.”

  Madi started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Liam asked.

“When we were in school,” she started to say between laughs, “your mum couldn’t play hockey without getting hit in the face or checked to the ground within the first 30 seconds!”

  Liam burst out laughing and fell to the ground from the arm of the couch. William quietly snickered next to Madi, who was snorting like a pig. Leo was still sitting in the chair, but he wasn’t laughing like everyone else. He was just sitting there like the Mona Lisa, with no smile on his face. Even Emily was laughing, and it was aimed at her and her non-existent hand-eye-foot coordination.

  When everyone had calmed down, they started to watch the game that was now showing on their 60 inch flat screen TV.

“What’s the purpose of this game?” Leo asked. “It seems pretty boring.”

“Boring? Oh dear, my son’s gone against his mother!” Emily exclaimed dramatically. “Hockey is not boring, my dear Leo. It is the best sport to have ever been played.”

“Hey! Football is good too!”

“Soccer sucks!” Madi said. “HOCKEY ALL THE WAY, BITCHES!”

“Calm down now, aunt Madi!” William said.

“Sorry there Jem,” she apologised.

“I have to agree with Leo here,” Liam said. “There’s basically no point to this game!”

“Well I’m with Madi. Hockey is the best sport ever!”

“Mom, aunt Madi, I’m sorry to say….” He trailed off. “But I completely agree with you! Hockey is pretty cool! It’s not like this football crap we have here!”

“OK! Time for a trip!” Emily said.

“Where to?” Leo asked. “Milan? Paris? Malibu?”

“No, No, and No. We, my dear hockey haters and lovers, are going to Ottawa.”

  Madi jumped up and screamed, then sat back down, frowning. “I’m not going, am I?”

“Sorry Mads. But these boys need to get some fresh Canadian air in their lungs, Tim Horton’s in their stomachs, and ice on their clothes. Now if you excuse me, I need to go and buy some tickets.”

“Not so fast!” Liam called out.

“Don’t say we’re not going on this trip! You need to see what I call my country!”

“Your country’s Ireland…” Leo said.

“Technically, it is Ireland. But Canada grew on me, and I miss it. I haven’t been there since last year.”

“Well Malibu grew on me and we haven’t been there since I was ten.”

“Malibu is a stupid surf town. Canada is an extraordinary country with culture, religion, and finger-licking good food!”

“Actually,” Liam said, drawing the attention back to him, “its baby-making time!”

“TMI, dad! I’m going to go drown my sorrows in my phone!” said Leo as he walked away.

“I swear that is not our kid! I thought we raised him better than this.” Emily pouted.

“Me too. But the second wasn’t so bad. Why don’t we try for a third?”

  She walked right up to him, quickly noticing William walking away, shaking his head, and Madi too drawn to the game to pay attention to them. She quickly put her forehead on his, noses touching.

“How about… no.”

“Please?” Liam pulled the puppy-dog eyes that could make ice melt.

“But then the kids won’t be surprised when we tell them! Plus, I feel like I’m getting a little old for a newborn.”

“Well then forgetting the baby, and just do the making part.”

That, sounds like a plan.”




“You all packed?” Emily asked her youngest son.

“Had to sit on my suitcase to close it, but I’m packed.”

“Good. Go put it in the boot. Tell your dad I’ll be down in a second.” William quickly half-saluted her and dragged his suitcase out the door. He dragged his suitcase down the front steps to their perfect front lawn. Emily made sure that they were all busy before she ran to the bathroom. She locked the door and opened the cabinet under the sink and reached to the back and pulled out what she was looking for. 10 minutes, 5 texts, and 2 calls later, Emily had to face the truth. She, Emily Rachel Payne, née Horan, was pregnant for the third time in 15 years. She wiped her tears, threw out her trash, and ran down to the car parked in the driveway.

“What took you so long?” Liam asked when she got down.

“I did a last minute check to be sure I didn’t forget anything!” She lied. Liam looked unsure but went along with it. She got into the left side and kept her mouth shut for the rest of the ride.




“Why did you really make us wait 10 minutes?” Liam pulled her back away from the kids on their way to the terminal.

“Promise you won’t make a big deal about it?” She asked.

“I promise.”

She leaned in close to his ear, and whispered, “I’m…. not telling you anything yet.”

“C’mon! Just a hint?”

“Not yet. I’ll tell you when we land in Ottawa. Or sometime after that.”

“So you’re gonna make me wait 6 hours?”

“At least.” Liam groaned as Emily smirked. “We should probably go. I think the kids think we stopped to make out or something.”

“No point in lying,” Liam said.

“Nope! Let’s go!” Emily pulled him along, Liam still begging to know what only Emily knew.




 “Will you tell me now?” Liam asked.

“Nope,” Emily said. They had just gotten to their hotel in Ottawa, and Liam had been begging since they landed.

“Please?!” He got down on his knees.

“Look who’s opposite today!” Madi said through Skype. She had called 30 seconds before, and Emily quickly hit answer before Liam could notice.

“Hi Madi!” Liam said, standing up.

“So what does he want to know?” Madi asked.

“She doesn’t know either?”

“No one knows but me.”

“So tell us!” Madi and Liam exclaimed.

“You really want to know?”


“I’m pregnant.”

Liam jumped up and screamed like a girl who just got One Direction tickets. He hugged Emily like a girl would hug her parents, and kissed her lips, like the girl would do to her poster.

“Hey, mom?” William asked, walking in. “When are we going to see the game?”

“Tonight, we’re going to the Canadian Tire Centre, and then we’re going to Pittsburgh to see another game in 3 days.”


“I need to see my other team! Plus, I know someone who knows someone who knows Veronique who is married to the goalie of the Penguins, and Madi’s mom’s cousin’s cousin knows Taylor Crosby, who is Sidney Crosby’s little sister. So I have very complicated connections. Plus, they had a charity event and I paid $40,000 to spend the day with Sidney Crosby…”

“Great! Now what was dad screaming about?” William asked.

“I’m pregnant.”

“Cool. I’ll go tell Leo the plans.”

“He didn’t seem excited,” Madi noted.

“He is. Trust me.”




“Hey Leo!”


“So we’re going to a game tonight, then staying here three days, then going to Pittsburgh for another game, and Mom’s pregnant.”


“Did you pay attention in health class?”


“Well then you know what I mean by “mom’s pregnant” Leo!”

“Isn’t she getting old for this?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?! I get that you don’t like hockey, but you don’t have to be a snob and ask to go to Malibu, and you don’ have to insult our mother! You know she had us early, and her age is normal for people having their first kid, not third.”

“I’m sorry, OK?! I’m having a jackass time here! Everyone at school either loathes me or wants to do me, just for being a celebrity’s kid! I never know if a girl loves me or wants to date me or if she just wants attention and money! I feel like I don’t belong and sometimes I think of running away!”

“I’m sorry Leo. I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“Look, I’m sorry for blowing up on you, but I’m stressed, and just want to have a girlfriend that loves me for me, and not looks, money, and attention.”

“You’ll find her. She might be right under your nose, you never know.” Just then, someone knocked on their door. Leo opened it to find a girl that was short enough to be just under his nose.

“Hi, are you Leo Payne?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You dropped your wallet in the lobby.”

“Thanks.” The girl smiled and walked away, looking at the ground.

“Wait! What’s your name?”

“I’m Tessa.”

‘I think I’m in love,’ Leo thought.

“Coup de foudre,” Tessa said.


“You said that you thought that you were in love, and in French, its coup de foudre. Love at first sight.”

“Can I get your number?”




“I don’t want to leave,” Leo complained three days later.

“Why not?” Liam asked his eldest son.

“Aw! C’est le coup de foudre! Je dois skyper Madi!” Emily said, making Skype a new verb. She opened her phone and pulled up Skype.

“MADI! Leo est dans le coup de foudre!”

“Vraimant? AWW! C’est meuilleur de toi et Liam!”

“What are they saying?” William asked.

“Who knows?”

“Tessa does.”

“If you are really gonna miss her that much, go and kiss her right now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive,” Liam said. “Now go.”

Leo ran out and down the hall to Tessa’s room. He knocked quickly, not stopping.


“Tessa. I’m leaving today. So before I go -“ Leo said. He then cut off and just kissed her. He pulled away, embarrassed. “I’m sorry.”

Tessa kissed him in reply. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“Then come with me. We’re going to Pittsburgh, and my parents might let you come with us. Especially if they know how much I love you. So will you please come with me?”

“I love you too.”




9 months later, after their big excursion throughout the Hockey parts of North America, Tessa moved over to England with Leo, and lived with Leo and Liam and Emily and William, as her parents didn't care, and Emily gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom they named Ariella, in honor of Madi’s dead baby. Tessa and Leo got married only a few months later, at only 16. It really was love at first sight. William ended up creating a Hockey team in London, with them going to tournaments every now and then in Canada.




“That was awesome, William! I’m so proud of you!” Emily gave her son an awkward hug, with Ariella in her arms. He had just walked out of the locker room after playing a game against the best team in that part of Canada.

“Hey, mom?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Can we maybe go to Pittsburgh sometime?”

“Why?” She had no problem with it, and didn’t even really care why, but she was curious.

“I met this girl, and she likes the Penguins, and I want to take her to a game soon.” He blushed, cheeks turning red.

“If there’s a game coming up, then I don’t see why not. I might even be able to get a meet up with the team, especially now that they know me.”

“I checked, and there’s a game Wednesday. Can we go then?” He looked at her with the same eyes that Liam would always give her when he wanted something.

“I don’t see why not. You call your dad and tell them to meet us in Pittsburgh Tuesday and talk to that girl, and I’ll get the game and the hotel settled. Ok?” William nodded and grabbed his phone from his pocket.

“Hey, dad? We’re staying here for a little but longer. Well, we’re going to Pittsburgh. Mum wants you guys to meet us there Tuesday, and we’re going to a game Wednesday.” He paused as his dad replied. “Great. See you Tuesday.”

“Hotel and plane booked, tickets bought, team ready to meet us Wednesday before the game. Dad knows?”

“Yeah, and he’ll be here Tuesday. Now, I need to call Ella.”




William’s idea to win over the girl worked. Ella ended up falling head over heels for him, him doing the same. Ella still had to get an education, so she couldn’t leave Halifax, but they promised to always keep in contact some way every day. Texting, calling, video chat, email, Twitter, Instagram, and everything in between.

Each and every break that they had, up until William turned 16 and had graduated–which was three years later– they met up in either England or Canada. When William finished school, he moved to Halifax to be with Ella until she graduated, and they would move on from there.

Emily and Liam would constantly visit their son, when Liam wasn’t busy working. One Direction was still around, but weren’t as big. They mostly just fooled around and ate when they were working. Ariella would constantly go with her parents to visit Will, as he wanted to see his little sister grow up.

When Ella was 18, 5 years after William and her had first met and gone to the Pittsburgh game, they moved back to England and both studied at Manchester. William had proposed during their second year of Uni, but waited until after they graduated and had jobs with a steady income to get married. They wed at the age of 29, with Emily at 50, compared to her first son’s wedding, where she was 35.

Their wedding started a chain reaction, with Clarissa getting married a month later, and Adelaide three weeks after that. With Ariella 16 and in love, she took after her eldest brother, and got married to another Canadian hockey lover.




“There’s such a trend with us,” Emily started off her speech. “My husband married me, a partial Canadian hockey lover, with Leo, William, and Ariella following in our footsteps, them marrying a Canadian as well. I knew that Liam was influential, just not that much. But even if she married a dumb American, or a genius British person, if my baby’s happy, I’m happy. But I won’t be if she gets knocked up at 16, even if she is married. Just a warning, Josh.” She quickly finished and passed the microphone to her eldest son. Everyone gave the same warning, especially Liam.

When it was time for the bride and the groom to dance, Liam and Emily talked off to the side, not bothering to dance, as they had danced enough in their lifetime.

“Can you believe that our little girl is married? She’s no longer a Payne. She’s a Crosby. Her father-in-law is Sidney Crosby. I’m not even upset that she’s married, it’s more the fact that she married into a Hockey family and I married into a crazy one!” Emily babbled on.

“Don’t worry about her. She married into a crazy one too.” They glanced at their daughter’s groom’s family. They were drinking up a storm with Niall and Harry.

“I’m just glad that she’s happy and in love, even at 16.”

“For her, this is her right place, and this is her right time.”


That took forever. I feel like it went everywhere and was of no importance, but I had fun writing it. I hope you guys like. This should be the last chapter, unless I surprise myself again.


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