Not Today, Tomlinson

Christine Dior, 17 years old, dancer, and scholar. All she wants to do, is finish high school, and become a proffesional dancer. That is all she ever wanted. No boys, no money, just a dancer. Pointe, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary is her strongest. Her mortal enemy, then becomes her best friend. Will they become more than that?


1. Smile!


Saturday morning. I woke up to an empty house, like always. My dad left me when I was 12. 1 month later, my mom did the same thing. All she left me with, was the house, and her phone. She never told me where she was going, or if she was coming back. But I took the 6 years that she hasn't come back, as a never. I swung me feet over the side of my bed. Rolling my neck around, I got off of my bed, and got ready. Every saturday, I would try to dance everywhere I got the chance to. I have a small gig every single week at the community center. I taught 12 year olds in a ballet class, then hip hop, pointe, and last lyrical and contemporary. They have the same ambition as me when I was 12. They are amazing dancers! I showered, and then went down stairs to make some breakfast. Poached eggs, a hash brown, and some orange juice. 

"EWW!" I just washed my teeth, so the taste of the orange juice wasn't pleasant. I have made that mistake every morning, ever since I was 13. I have been so ready to give up, all I have is my brother, and all he does is stay on his computer. But he does have a job, a very good one. He is a pilot, for famous people. He doesn't get a lot of calls, so he mostly stays inside his room. 

"MAT! I am leaving for the community center now! Do you want me to pick anything up on my way home?" No answer. I grabbed my bag and my dance shoes, and hopped into my car. My brother got it for me when I turned 16. He is more like a parent then my mom and dad. He gets a really large pay check, so he helps pay for everything. I use my paycheck to get essentials, like food, toiletries, and such. 

I arrived at the community center, I seen the girls already stretching. Just your normal stratle, and splits. I parked my car, grabbed my stuff, and something from the trunk. These girls work really hard, and never really get anything. So I got a recitle for them. I had the posters to give to them, so they can put them around the town. 

"Ms. Dior!" They screamed as I walked into the studio. They loved me. I was like a big sister to them, and they were my little sisters. I started them off with a few warm up exercises, and then I called them all over. 

"Girls! Can you gather over here for a second in a circle please?" They did as I said, and then I pulled out the posters. Their faces dropped in aw. One of the girls screamed as soon as I pulled them out. She ran up and gave me a gigantic hug. The other girls followed, and it turned into a huge group hug. After they calmed down a bit, I told them to continue working.


"Okay girls! If we want to make our first recitle big, we need to make this show, the best one people will ever see! Can we brainstorm some ideas of your favorite routines?"  One of the girls suggested a pointe/hip-hop routine. Another requested to do our, Put Your Graffitti On Me routine. All of the girls screamed again. They were flabergastic about that routine. They came up with some more, and I wrote them on the board. I started off the first one, we do these routines weekly, so these girls should remember them. I turned on the music.

"1, 2, 3! Point your toes Vanessa! Try to make the jumps more precise girls! SMILE!"

After that routine, it was flawless, I didn't need to clean it at all. I let them have a 10 minute break to talk, and hang out. I went to a corner, and went on my phone.

"Message from: Mat. Hey sis, I will not be home until tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU WHO I AM FLYING! Love you! Dinner is in the fridge!" "Okay, love you, be safe please! And, who are you flying?" I replied.


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