Not Today, Tomlinson

Christine Dior, 17 years old, dancer, and scholar. All she wants to do, is finish high school, and become a proffesional dancer. That is all she ever wanted. No boys, no money, just a dancer. Pointe, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary is her strongest. Her mortal enemy, then becomes her best friend. Will they become more than that?


2. Best Friend? Since When?


I waited and waited for a response from my brother. The 10 minute break I gave the girls was over, so I just had to wait for him to reply.


"Okay girls! Pair up with a another girl, and practice every single thing that I taught you from the moment that you first walked in that door! You can go outside if it gets to crowded in here!"

The girls got into their pairs, and started dancing and showing each other what they could do. I noticed one girl out of the corner of my eye, who had no partner. 

"April, what's wrong?" I asked her. "Everybody has a partner, and nobody likes me." A tear rolled down her cheek, but I quickly wiped it away. "April, why would nobody like you? You are a tremendous dancer! So, I will be your partner!" Her eyes lit up! "Really?!!" She asked with so much excitement. "Yeah! Of course! Lets get started!" We walked over to the bar, and she showed me her first, second, third, fourth, and fifth ballet positions. I let her do her own thing for a few minutes so I can check on the other girls. They were doing great without any help. I ran over to my stuff to see if my brother texted me back. He did!


"From: Mathew. Well sis, they are the biggest boy band in the world, and one of them used to be your best friend ;) " It took me, well, about a good hour to finally figure out who it was, One Direction.

My best friend, yeah, he auditioned for the x-factor, he made it through, then he forgot about me. I called him one day, and we got into a huge fight. So, really, he is my "ex" best friend. We haven't talked for almost 2 years. The friend? Louis Tomlinson. The goofy, smart, kevin loving boy. We were the best of friends. 


"To: Mathew. He isn't even my best friend anymore mat. Remember the fight? Another devastation in my life? Yeah, of course you do. Have fun flying them. -_-" I replyed, and then threw my phone into my bag with such frustration. The girls looked at me with a "what's wrong" look on their face. 


"Get back to practicing girls! I will be calling you in front of the class to see what you know!" I needed to get all of my feelings out. "I will be back in a few minutes girls! April is in charge!" I said as I ran out of the room with my phone. I went to the bathroom. I just sat there and slid my back down the wall, crying, endless tears. Louis, he was my only friend. He was my best friend. But that fight, I said things I didn't mean. I wish that I could get another chance to talk to him. I am sure that he will never want to see or talk to me ever again. We knew each other since we were both in diapers. The tumbling two! But no, all of it is ruined. 

I sat there for 5 more minutes just holding my phone hugging my knees, just crying all of my feelings out. 


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