A Heart for a Heart

Theresa Newman has always dreamed of meeting her all time favorite idols, the boy band know as One Direction. Unfortunately for her she is abuse daily by her all the time drunk step-father who beats her several times a day. Besides being forced to work by her step father, she has issues at school as well. They all know she lives with her drunk step father, but not that she is beat. He is the target of the school when it comes to ridicule. She struggles though life with out a soul to trust, until the day where her life flips up side down when she meats what she thinks to be the love of her life. On her way home from her miserable school and falls into the arms of Louis Tomlinson. He makes it his promise to protect her. Will she live to see the day where life is a positive thing. Or will she die under the control of her school and step-father. Please read to find out!! Promise to update when I can!!!


10. Stop Harry!!


WARNING: Descriptive Bad Scene 14+ please

Harrys POV
Im officially pissed at Louis. How could he be so clueless? If only she knew the way i felt about her. Im honestly depressed and I have no idea what to do other than to go to the club and get myself drunk out lf everything. The day was just different. I wasnt myself. 
I drove to the club late at night after all the lads were asleep. I arrived there and immediatly took my place at the bar and got many many large shots of the strongest alcohol possible. I had a few girls grind up against me but they werent Tee so is didnt matter a shit to me. I was so drunk at the end of that little trip i was suprised i made it home alive and unarrested. My brain had so many crazy things running through it. I got home then layed in bed. After a while i was restless so i got up to find something to occupy myself with
I Was sleeping safely with Louis arm wralled around my waist when i hesrd a great amount of noise going on down stairs. I know i probably should go see what it is but what can i say. Im a very curious person. As i make my way down the stairs I noticed Harry layed back on the couch with a beer in his hand "Psss Harry," i wispered ," its like 3 in the morning what are you doing awake down here" "ivveee benn waitingg forrr youu," harry said with a strong alcoholic breath. I began to back away. Harry could get very scary when he was drunk. But he quickly sprang up and made his way swiftly towards me. Now i was running toards the stairs when he grabbed my hair and dragged me onto the porch. "What the hell are you doing harry! You are drunk!" He said nothing he threw me into the corner of the porch and began to grab at my shirt. "Harry stop!" I was crying now full out. Harry was like my best friend why was he doing this! He began to rip off my shirt. I was very self contious not to mention. I never felt like the skinniest person ever. Now i was sitting before him in my bra and pj shorts. He went strait for the shorts. Against harry i was powerless. I could not escape his tight grip as he began to tug on my shorts. He had by then gaged me with my own shirt so i had no use of screaming for help. He got my shorts off and began to look at my bra hungerly. He traced the outline of my bra with his finger as i sat there is tears. He began to poke right where the nipple was beneath my bra then he had his full hands around my breats. He was feeling them hard too. He then began to dig his hand under the bra and peel it off so my breasts were fully exposed. I then just sat there in full out tears and turned my head. I knew there was nothing i could do at this point so i just let it go painfully. He had one hand cupped around my breast while he hungerly sucked on the other one. Then he was biting my nipple and squeezing the other one. I felt so weak. 
I wasnt fully scared until he trailed his hand down to my pantie line. He once again traced the edge then made his fingers down to my pussy. He began to rub and rub. Then soon enough he was inside the panties rubbing at my clit. He then pulled down my panties all the way and began to bring his face right down to my pussy. He immediatly began to eat it. He got his toung as far in as it could go. Then he began to flick his toung at my clit. In normal sex this would be the shit but this was rape and it was a very painful pleasure. And i was still crying hard. He didnt wait at all for him to grab his dick from his pants and slam the huge dry dick into me. I screamed in intense pain and tryed to scream louder and louder "HARRY STOP YOU ARE HURTING ME" thats when he stopped short. Looked at me with a worried look and a single tear and without saying a word he quickly got up and ran back insde. I sat there in tears as i quickly redressed myself and ran inside. Of course the dry dick hurt. But what hurt most of all is that he was like a brother. He was my best friend and he rapped me. I ran back into louis room and quickly climbed back into bed. I didnt want to tell anyone what had happened. I was way too embarassed. I was lucky that no one heard us. But now how was i supposed to live around harry? I was so pissed at him and hurt at the same time

Harrys POV
God dammit you dick! What have you done! You fucking dumbshit! Why did you rape her! You hurt the girl you love most and now she will never forgive you! Not to mention now the boys will be pissed as well! Louis is going to commit murder on me. I cant live with myself anymore. I cant just talk to her. Im fucking retarded. I have ruined my life and hers. You are a fucking ass harry

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