A Heart for a Heart

Theresa Newman has always dreamed of meeting her all time favorite idols, the boy band know as One Direction. Unfortunately for her she is abuse daily by her all the time drunk step-father who beats her several times a day. Besides being forced to work by her step father, she has issues at school as well. They all know she lives with her drunk step father, but not that she is beat. He is the target of the school when it comes to ridicule. She struggles though life with out a soul to trust, until the day where her life flips up side down when she meats what she thinks to be the love of her life. On her way home from her miserable school and falls into the arms of Louis Tomlinson. He makes it his promise to protect her. Will she live to see the day where life is a positive thing. Or will she die under the control of her school and step-father. Please read to find out!! Promise to update when I can!!!


12. Picnic

Louis POV

I had noticed some weird things going on between Harry and Tee lately. I wasn't too concerned however because I knew if something was wrong she would always tell me. She is my baby and I love spoiling her so once again I have something very special planned for us for the afternoon. Unfortunately it was for sad reasons. The new tour was going to begin soon and I had not received any confirmation stating she would be able to come. It broke my heart to think of leaving her for so long. But it was my job and my fans are very important to me.

The boys (except for Harry for some reason) went ahead of me to help set up everything. I had found a very beautiful scenery by a small pond where there were wonderful willow trees which would separate us from the rest of the world. Niall and Zayn string little lantern lights in the tree branches while Liam placed hundreds of floating candles throughout the pond. In the center of the scene was a classic blanket with a basket of food. I had told her I would pick her up for dinner at 6 and I had not a single minute to think or I would be late.


I was happy to hear the evening would be casual so I wore some dark wash jeans, combat boots and a light blue jacket. I didn't bother so much with my hair. I was perfectly comfortable with Louis. He picked my up right at 6 as he said. "Ma Lady" he said curly helping me into the car. We drove in a comfortable silence all the way too a spot I was very familiar with. A single year she's from my eye. Not of sadness but simply from memories of the place. "Darling what's wrongness?" Asked Louis very concerned. "Memories, peaceful memories. My grandfather used to take me here when I was a little girl. You see that old swing stuck high in the tree. It was mine and it blew up there in a storm. We would come here and swing and skip stones and he would tell me story's of the fairies that lived in the Willow branches." I told my story with a smile. I chose not to morn over the fact that it was all over. I wanted to be happy I was alive to remember it. "That's so sweet" said Louis in such a soothing voice. We walked to a beautiful picnic set up for us. "How beautiful!" I said with a giggle. He was just too good to me

OMG I'm back!!!!!!!!!! I've missed u all!! I'm back for a whole now and I'm gonna keep writing for u all!! I would love any random comments suggestions or opinions on it all!! Love U babes stay perfect!! XXX

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